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World Council of Churches must expel the Russian Orthodox Church

What kind of Christian conscience can slaughter a young mother and her three-month-old baby one day, and pop off to church, light a candle, and praise Jesus the next?

Ukrainian journalist Valerie Hlodan was only 27 years old, but with one long-range cruise missile her beautiful life was snuffed out, along with that of her daughter Kira, who had truly had no life at all, and also that of Valerie’s own mother and Kira’s grandmother, Liudmila Yavkina, 53. Three generations of wives, mothers and daughters blown to pieces in Odessa, leaving a grief-stricken husband and father, Yuriy. “My dear ones, Kingdom of Heaven! You are in our hearts!” he wrote, as laughter turn to tears, and day to lifelong night.

“Nothing is sacred,” mourned President Zelensky in his Easter address to the nation and to the world.

Nothing is sacred indeed, at least not in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Vladimir Putin stood in a place of honour in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow, on display for the whole world. Patriarch Kirill welcomed him and blessed him and declared, “Christ has risen!” Putin intoned with the congregation’s response: “Truly he is risen!”

Valerie Hlodan is dead. And so is her daughter. And so also her mother.

But that doesn’t matter to Vladimir Putin and his godfather Patriarch Kirill, because Jesus is alive. And because Jesus is alive and blesses the holy war of “metaphysical significance” against the infidels and schismatics of Ukraine, beautiful people like Valerie, Kira and Liudmila can die. You can light a candle if you want, but they don’t matter to Putin and Kirill, because Jesus is alive.

The Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church didn’t call for peace in his Easter sermon. He didn’t even call for an Easter ceasefire in the holiest of seasons. He didn’t condemn the killing of women like Valerie and Liudmila, or the slaughter of the innocents like Kira. He just blessed everyone and splashed a bit of holy water and crossed his chest and waved his flames and declared, “Christ is risen!”


The blood of innocents drips from his sanctimonious hands; hands which are clasped to the hands of evil, both locked in an embrace of heinous wickedness. If Putin is not evil and wicked, then we have lost sight of the concentration of corruption, destruction, malevolence and hate in his heart. What leader in the Church of Jesus Christ dares to desecrate the temple with such damnable and pernicious acts of devilry? What Church leader and shepherd of Christ’s flock could condone such misery and suffering? What true disciple of Jesus can remain silent in the face of mass murder?

Zelensky preached with faith and fervour: “Today gives us great hope and unwavering faith that light will overcome darkness, good will overcome evil, life will overcome death, and therefore Ukraine will surely win.” He ended with that ages-old exhortation:

And on Easter, we ask God for great grace to make our great dream come true – this is another great day – the day when great peace will come to Ukraine. And with it – eternal harmony and prosperity.

With faith and confidence in this – I congratulate all of you on Easter.

Take care of yourselves. Take care of your loved ones. Take care of Ukraine!

Christ is Risen!

He is Risen Indeed.

It was an inspirational speech, dreaming of victory, exhorting unity, justice and peace.

The World Council of Churches declares on its website: ‘Inspiring the worldwide fellowship of churches to work together for unity, justice and peace.’

The Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is a member of the World Council of Churches, even while its leader labours for division, injustice and war; blessing hatred, oppression and bloodshed. The Acting General Secretary of the WCC, the Rev’d Prof Ioan Saucahas, has written twice to Kirill, imploring him to speak out against the war. On 2nd March he wrote:

In these times of hopelessness, many look to you as the one who could bring a sign of hope for a peaceful solution. I write to Your Holiness as acting general secretary of the WCC but also as an Orthodox priest. Please, raise up your voice and speak on behalf of the suffering brothers and sisters, most of whom are also faithful members of our Orthodox Church.


He wrote again on 19th April:

I am aware that it is not in your power and authority to stop the war or to influence those who have such powers of decisions. But the faithful are waiting for a comforting word from Your Holiness. They think that if you come out with a public statement and request, as the spiritual father of so many millions of Orthodox in both Russia and Ukraine, that might have an impact.


Patriarch Kirill is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a false prophet, and a whited sepulchre. He sits in Christ’s seat with his flowing tassels and silken robes, but his heart is devoid of compassion, and his mind closed to the kingdom of heaven. If the World Council of Churches is truly a union of all the churches of Christ, and if it cares at all about its global witness and the koinonia of churches, it must expel Kirill from its midst. Better to endure the temporary pain of excising a malignant tumour than have it slowly eat away at healthy organs and limbs. There can be no common life, visible unity or theological dialogue with evil. Light does not fellowship with darkness.

The Russian Orthodox Church should have its membership of the WCC suspended immediately, if only for Kirill’s failure to demand a ceasefire and safe passage for Valerie, Kira and Liudmila, and thousands more like them.

Or is the World Council of Churches still infiltrated and influenced by agents of the KGB, as may be established from a number of persuasive sources? Is it simply coincidence that Putin and Kirill are both former KGB agents (see HERE and HERE), as was Kirill’s predecessor, Alexy II (see HERE)?

Is the World Council of Churches content to be complicit in evil, and compromised by the KGB?