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Why has female-perpetrated child sexual abuse increased by 84%?

“Between 2015 and 2019, the numbers of reported cases of female-perpetrated child sexual abuse to police in England and Wales rose from 1,249 to 2,297 – an increase of 84%”, BBC News tells us. They were quoting statistics reported on BBC Radio 4’s File on 4 show, which stated: “there were over 10,400 reports of this type of abuse from 2015 to 2019 – equivalent to an average of 40 a week”.

It is of course a fraction of the child sexual abuse meted out by men: “In 2018-19, 3.8% of all child sexual abusers were female, based on police reports, Office of National Statistics data shows”, ergo 96.2% of child sexual abusers are male. But what accounts for an 84% increase of female child sexual abuse over four years? Why are women becoming more inclined toward the molestation of minors? Why are they manipulating more children into indecent exposure, sexual activities and child pornography? Why are more women resorting paedophilia and hebephilia for their own sexual gratification?

The answer isn’t to be found in complex studies of psychopathology or the interrogation of fixation, regression or recidivism: it is all about preferred pronouns. If a trans woman (that is, a biological man) rapes a child, then in law the abuse has been perpetrated by a woman.

The campaign group Fair Play for Women explains:

..the ‘sex’ disaggregated data held by the police doesn’t actually record what most people think it does. Police forces now record crimes based on self-declared gender and not birth sex. In 2019 Fair Play For Women submitted a series of Freedom of Information requests to find out how the police record the sex of a suspect when a crime is reported.

        • We found police commonly record self-declared gender identity instead of birth sex; even when the crime is rape.
        • This means suspected and convicted rapists are recorded in official statistics as female if they no longer wish to identify with their male birth sex.
        • While some police forces said they record the fact if someone identifies as transgender, this information does not appear on government crime figures, which provides only male or female options. Transgender status is stated only if the person is a victim of transgender hate crime.

Trans-woman rapists may be relatively rare, but they certainly exist:

Winter, who identifies as a female but has male anatomy, was jailed for 15 years for charges of rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm on January 15. During the sentencing at Cambridge Crown Court, Judge David Farrell described her as a dangerous individual, with a ‘clear propensity to violence’.

Note the Judge described her: Michelle Winter’s rape of a woman was apportioned to the crimes of women, despite her being in possession of a penis which was deployed in the act of rape. No doubt if the Judge had referred to her as ‘him’, he would have been guilty of misgendering her. And the BBC offers no interrogation of this statistical development: they simply report to the nation that female-perpetrated child sexual abuse to has risen by an alarming 84%. They don’t even inform us that a small increase on a small sample can result in colossal percentages: if 10 women sexually abused children in 2015 and this increased by just two each year up to 2019, you have an increase of 80% – without any statistical method of discovering if those extra two each year were trans women, because the police don’t collect that data so it doesn’t appear in Government crime figures.

And so we get the BBC’s reporting of purposeful statistical distortion which is churned by the tabloids as empirical fact: ‘Number of female paedophiles nearly DOUBLES in four years‘, shrieks the Daily Mail (throwing in ‘paedophiles’ for good alarmist measure, when there is no evidence at all that the victims were prepubescent). Fair Play for Women tweeted: ‘There are 125 legally female offenders convicted of sex crimes plus at least another 74 male-born transgender offenders. All 199 of these sex crimes would have been recorded by the police as ‘female’ despite around a third of them having been committed by male people.’

Unfortunately, this fact isn’t gaining much traction.

The curious thing is that a person’s biological sex is increasingly deemed to be an unnecessary disclosure in cases of (child) sexual abuse: the data categories are purposely blurred to make discovery impossible. And so the question of how many of these cases of female-perpetrated child sexual abuse were committed by trans women is impossible to discover.

And if you believe the question to be sociologically important or at all relevant to sex-gender research, you are the sort of extremist dogmatist who believes and spouts the biblical fundamentalist lie that ‘male and female created he them‘ (Gen 1:27).

Patently, there is no such binary polarity in creation: God is far more creative than that, isn’t she?

If there are no longer biological men and women, and we may now assert a gender and a sex by a declaration of self-identity, then we transgress a universal law of nature. A culture of gender humanity now trumps the science of sex rationality; any individual may now discern in their self-consciousness whatever identification they desire. And if you presume to be qualified to question the sole bearer of this unique subjectivity, you are a transphobic bigot with a heart of hate.