wrong messiah boris johnson jeremy corbyn

Waiting expectantly for the wrong messiah

We must never again have a general election during Advent: everyone is waiting expectantly for the wrong messiah. By the end of this week either Boris Johnson or Jeremy Corbyn will be the light of the nation, the glory of Britons and the hope of manifesto promises to be fulfilled. One or the other will have been raised up and given the power to put into action their grand plan to save us from the betrayal and despair of Brexit purgatory and usher in a new era of goodness and blessing. One or the other will be chosen and anointed by the Queen to preach a noble vision of national unity, bring peace and harmony to her realm, and usher in edifying policies for the wayward prodigals. And one or the other will fall well short of their hopes and promises, and doubtless be despised and rejected by the very electorate which sang ‘Hosanna’ at their coming.

The case against messiah Boris has been articulated by an eminent barrister:

Don’t vote for Boris because he’s a cheat, a racist, a fraud, a trickster and, as the Bishop of Leeds reminds us, and “amoral liar“. He’s out for no-one but himself, and concerned with nothing which does not advance the cause of Boris Johnson. He is an unprincipled charlatan, devoid of personal virtue and political coherence. You have been warned.

The case against messiah Jezza has been articulated by an obscure lecturer:

Don’t vote for Jezza because he’s a commie, an anti-Semite, a traitor, a spy and a friend of terrorists. He’s never been wrong about anything, and concerned with nothing which does not advance the cause of Karl Marx. He is dangerously principled, dedicated to mass nationalisation and economic transformation. You have been warned.

The Government shall be upon the shoulder of one of these men by the end of this week, and half the nation will have a slightly merrier Christmas, singing carols around the tree, supping mulled wine, comforted that Brexit will either be “done” (messiah Boris) or “sorted in six months” (messiah Jezza).

It is all so disconnected from the real Advent. What does Christmas have to do with partisan politics? What does Advent say to those who are waiting expectantly for a new king of promise and hope? What happens when the other side triumphs over us, and our king goes into exile. What do we do or say when our anointed king, our messiah, is mocked and scorned? How long must we wait until the promises are fulfilled and national salvation dawns?

We are looking for joy in the wrong place, and expecting peace from the wrong messiah. Our partisan politics is utterly ephemeral compared to the joy and peace which passes understanding. We find joy when we delight in the Lord. Peace will come when our horizon is lifted toward trusting and hoping in Jesus Christ. Only he can save us. Neither messiah Boris nor messiah Jezza shall fulfil all their promises, for both have renounced the covenant of truth.

Jesus the Messiah has come, and we wait expectantly for his reappearing.