kurds ethnic cleansing

Trump shames America by betraying the Kurds

The Kurds have no friends but the mountains. They helped us to defeat the ISIS/Daesh death cult, but now they are being cleansed from their ancient homeland by Turkey, where President Erdoğan says they are terrorists. As US troops were withdrawn from northeast Syria, the green light was given for the Kurds to be bombed to kingdom come. It’s not America’s problem, apparently: any ISIS/Daesh prisoners need to be dealt with by Turkey. The fact that Islamic State terrorists are escaping in droves and regrouping to wreak Allah’s vengeance isn’t America’s problem, apparently. The facts that the Kurds are being forced to align with President Assad of Syria isn’t America’s problem, apparently. The fact that Iran and Russia are being emboldened by the realignment isn’t America’s problem, apparently.

And the fact that 11-year-old Mohammed Yousef was killed by Turkish shelling, and his little sister Sara lost a leg, isn’t America’s problem either, apparently. Turkey is murdering Kurdish children:

“I left my husband behind alone and I don’t know if he is alive. What does Erdoğan want from us? I carried the dead body of my daughter and fled. What does he want?

“America sold us out to Turkey. They [Turkey] are murdering us and our children. Where are the rights of Kurdish people? Where are our rights? Aren’t we human because we are Kurds speaking Kurdish?

“Look at this! I’m carrying my daughter’s corpse. I have nowhere to go. Nowhere to live. Where will I go if they steal my homeland Kobani?… Why was Erdoğan not doing anything while ISIS was attacking Kobani and beheading our children?”

As hundreds of thousands of Kurds are displaced and death and pain pour forth, President Trump passes by on the other side of the road, deaf even to the cries and moans of Christians:

I spoke to a wounded Christian family whose neighbourhood in Qamishli was bombed three days ago.

The husband Fadi Habsuno described the moment he experienced “death while still alive” when two shells landed on his street during the Turkish army’s bombing of al-Bashiriya district.

“When the bombardment started, I had nightmares my two children would be orphaned or worse and so I took them with my wife to the safest place I could find – a friend’s house,” he says.

But it turned out the entire street was under fire.

With the shrapnel still puncturing his body, he describes how he bled for an hour as he desperately searched for his family. He says everything around him had turned to dust.

“I felt heat in my body, dizzy in my head, I remember stumbling upon the body of my dusty neighbour who had his brain outside the skull on the ground while I was looking for my wife and children.”

His wife, Juliet, was badly wounded in her back and abdomen. Her condition was still critical even after a six-hour operation.

He later found his two children cowering in a corner of the building which was partially standing and so “hugged them as if they were reborn”.

“There were no ambulances, and no means of transport,” he continues, adjusting his bandages with pain. His tears mingle with the blood dried stiff on his face. Behind him his wife’s groans fill the room.

“We no longer have anything. My house has become rubble. I lost everything I had, now Juliet and I are at the hospital and don’t know where we’re going.”

“Even the sparrows that I took care of were burned and our canary birds,” he adds, his voice trailing off.

And so the cries of the Kurds trail off, and their children will never play again. The triumph of victory over ISIS/Daesh is void: the Kurds are being sacrificed to the dead gods and cruel idols of geopolitical indifference. Where once they fought with us for liberty and justice and dreams of peace, we abandon them to be buried in their crimson shrouds in a region of death, disorder and perversion. Men, women and children damned to their own special Holocaust. It’s not America’s problem, apparently.

Nor is it ours.