Queen is dead queen dead
Meditation and Reflection

The Queen is dead — the longest and happiest reign in Britain’s glorious history

The Queen is dead.

The curtain has fallen on the second Great Elizabethan Age.

And we are heartbroken, overcome with grief.

Her Majesty was all and forever England; the love of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland;
the Mother of the Commonwealth of Nations, and her dominions over the seas.

We bow our heads in sorrow; our loss is all the world’s.

She was our national unity and communion of grace, forever reconciling, counselling, and radiating peace. Her presence was poetry; her goodness a shining light to the corners of the earth; her service a pattern of virtue for humble princes and the mightiest of kings.

But our holy Supreme Governor will worship among us no more.

Her heavenly smile will beam upon us no more.

Never, never, never, never, never.

But the name of the second Elizabeth will echo throughout history as the first, for her legend is also greatness, her monument living, and she was greatly loved.

Elizabeth the Faithful.

The love she made exceeded all that she ever took,
and the love she now takes far exceeds the love she makes.

May the angels lead her into paradise, and God grant her eternal rest.

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your life of devotion to Christ, your witness to the world,
and your service of dedication to us.

Queen dead platinum jubilee Queen shaking hands

Well done, thou good and faithful servant.

Long live the King!