Brother Ivo (2015)

“Anyone who has read the Cranmer blog over the last ten years cannot fail to have been struck by the consistent quality, erudition and breadth of the thought and writing that it offers day by day, week by week, year by year…

The mark of an ‘interesting’ blog is that one regularly finds a new perspective, upon a wide choice of subjects. Cranmer delivers that in spades.. Those who have never tried to deliver such public topical commentary from an informed perspective will never appreciate the sheer effort of will power and invention necessary to sustain such a website. It is draining yet Archbishop Cranmer screws himself to the sticking-place on a sustained basis which few other equal; fewer still on a non professional basis.

At his own expense and no personal reward, ‘Cranmer’ has enriched the intellectual life of the nation. His erudition has been recognised by a variety of serious thinkers, those who agree with him and those who do not..”