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New Zealand Catholic Bishops Conference euthanasia assisted dying

Euthanasia: New Zealand Catholic Bishops make priests complicit

Euthanasia (/Assisted Dying/Assisted Suicide) is now legal in New Zealand. If you want to die there today, there is now someone to help you along your way with all the compassion and kindness of the law. The crucial vote took…
churches closed communal worship banned

Communal worship banned in England

From 5th November, it will be illegal to gather for communal worship in England. The Government has decreed that church buildings may open for private prayer, but not for praying…
Fratelli Tutti Pope Francis European Union Brexit

Pope Francis damns Brexit

Pope Francis has written another encyclical, Fratelli Tutti. It isn't a great theological tome; indeed, it could easily be a series of religio-political blogposts on current events. Much of the…