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Welby vaccine masks love your neighbour

You can’t be compelled to love your neighbour

The Archbishop of Canterbury was interviewed on Times Radio by John Pienaar, who asked: "Is it the moral thing to do, Archbishop, getting your vaccination?" "Yes," the Archbishop replied, succinctly. "Tell me why," said John Pienaar, seeking spiritual enlightenment. "Because…
Brexit Christian

A Christian case for Brexit

If one anti-Brexit argument persists within the clergy hierarchy of the Church of England, it is that the UK's departure from the European Union is a fundamentally 'un-Christian' pursuit. The…
boris johnson victory greatness

And some have greatness thrust upon them.

A major advantage of First-Past-The-Post over any form of Proportional Representation is that it can deliver a strong, visionary, transformational government when one is needed. One was needed in 1979…