Islamic extremism

Imam Qari Asim MBE

The censorious self-righteousness of Imam Qari Asim MBE

Imam Qari Asim MBE (for services to inter-faith relations and the community in Leeds) was sacked last week by Michael Gove as a Government advisor on Islamophobia. The principal reason given was his support for the censoring of 'The Lady…
Church of the Nativity holy land

Silent Night, Holy Land

As our minds turn once again to the baby that was born in Bethlehem two millennia ago, amidst social unrest, foreign occupation, political turmoil and religious zealotry, we might reflect…
denmark sermons law anglican extremism

Denmark clamps down on Anglican extremism

Denmark has got a big problem with extremist Anglicans – Anglicists – who are well known for preaching their fundamentalist gender equality; the uncompromising inclusion of LGBT people; and the…