Lord HALL BBC diversity LGBT BAME

Diversity is deeper than BAME and LGBT: it is social, political, intellectual and philosophical

Lord Hall, the outgoing Director General of the BBC, has demanded that the Corporation improve the diversity of its staff to better reflect those who pay its TV licence. "You don't want people who all think alike," he said, "So…
Welby Anglican Communion Anglicanism

The virtuous essence of Anglicanism

"An excellent time in Jordan with the Primates (senior Archbishops) of the worldwide Anglican Communion", tweeted the Archbishop of Canterbury. "A privilege to talk, worship, pray and share. We come…
Brexit Christian

A Christian case for Brexit

If one anti-Brexit argument persists within the clergy hierarchy of the Church of England, it is that the UK's departure from the European Union is a fundamentally 'un-Christian' pursuit. The…