Church of England mission medium is the message

Church of England contributes just 0.5% to the UK’s spiritual and religious narrative

It's a crude headline-grabbing statistic, derived from a distinctly unscientific list of apparently random figures, but by no means without a degree of truth and reliability to it. There is a short essay on the 'Save the Parish' website by…
Supper at Emmaus caravaggio

The Supper at Emmaus

Today’s Gospel reading gives me the opportunity to share with you one of my favourite paintings, that of The Supper at Emmaus, by the Italian Renaissance genius Caravaggio. It hangs…
goodbye old man

Remembrance Sunday: ‘Goodbye, Old Man’

'Goodbye, Old Man', watercolour, by Fortunino Matania (1881-1963), depicts a British soldier saying farewell to his dying horse. It was commissioned in 1916 by the Blue Cross animal welfare charity,…