Matthew Parris Church of England God

Matthew Parris just wants to be loved, accepted, and buried in the CofE

Matthew Parris has written a strange a piece in the Times about the Church of England: 'Anglicanism was never really about God', he decrees, with a kind of semi-detached secular-papal journalistic infallibility. His Epistle to the Thundererarians drifts between theological…
denmark sermons law anglican extremism

Denmark clamps down on Anglican extremism

Denmark has got a big problem with extremist Anglicans – Anglicists – who are well known for preaching their fundamentalist gender equality; the uncompromising inclusion of LGBT people; and the…
Fratelli Tutti Pope Francis European Union Brexit

Pope Francis damns Brexit

Pope Francis has written another encyclical, Fratelli Tutti. It isn't a great theological tome; indeed, it could easily be a series of religio-political blogposts on current events. Much of the…