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Sizer: Jeremy Corbyn is target of Israeli Zionist plot

While the Rev’d Dr Stephen Sizer was preparing to preach on Sunday about being a neighbour at St Mary’s, Michelmersh; and about ‘Christian Jihad‘ at St Mary’s, Broughton and All Saints, Houghton, he was delivering a slightly different sermon to his cyber-congregation on Facebook: namely that Israelis really aren’t much of a neighbour (at least the Zionist-inclined Israelis aren’t); and the obligation of Christian Jihad is to struggle against the principalities and powers which are presently plaguing Jeremy Corbyn with darkness and devils. The plethora of allegations of antisemitism against the Labour Leader are all the coordinated work of Israel, apparently; and of Israeli Zionists in particular (ie the Jews, because there aren’t many Zionist Muslims or Methodists in the current Executive). Their chosen strategy is control of the UK media – you know, just like Jews have been doing since… well, since the Protocols of the Elders of Zion expounded the entire plan: “Control of the Press, reaching from the present time into the future when the Jewish World Government shall be established.”

This is all so patently obvious that even those without little eyes can spy it: “You would have to be blind as a bat not to see their hands,” said Dr Sizer. “The repetitive articles casting the same aspersions appearing ad nauseam in the Daily Mail, Times, Evening Standard, Sun and Jewish Chronicle are either transcribed from the same press releases or were written for them.”

So Israeli Zionist Jews are writing these articles for all these British publications in a meticulously coordinated onslaught against Jeremy Corbyn to confect the impression that he has a problem with Israel, Zionists and Jews.

He does, of course, have a problem with Israel and Zionists, but he absolutely does not have a problem with Jews; only a certain sort of Jew – Zionist Jews – and that is ‘Zionist’ in the accurate political sense; not the Jerusalem-ism religious one. So Jeremy Corbyn’s problem is with political Zionists of all creeds – especially Baptist Zionists, for Christian Zionism is the most insidious theological deception of all (except, perhaps, for Jewish Zionism, but he can’t say that because it would be antisemitic, probably).

You might be a little confused by all this (..a little background info might assist..), but then you’re probably one of those blind-as-a-bat imbeciles who can’t see the hand of Israel in all these press releases for the British media. Or is it just one press release which they all then dutifully churn at the behest of their Zionist Masters who control the media? Best not to ask such dimwitted questions, lest you be lambasted for being as blind as a bat.

What is interesting about Dr Sizer’s Facebook homily is the conspiracy narrative it spawns:

And so the Zionist plot against Corbyn is one of Tory collusion with powerful Jews, who are manifestly as evil as each other. The Israeli government is guilty because Stephen Sizer discerns so: there is no evidence bar that which may be seen by those who aren’t as blind as a bat. Jeremy Corbyn throws a few rocks onto the heads of those pesky Zionists (in the accurate political sense), and the Israeli government responds with lethal bullets in the hope of permanently cleansing Corbyn from their Temple Mount. This isn’t imagined, but fact: Israeli Zionists are assassinating Jeremy Corbyn with the drip-drip-antisemitism-drip of political defamation.

“Let’s face it, when people lie about Israel, they are lying about Jews. It’s that simple,” writes Dexter Van Zile in the Jerusalem Post. “The people who tell us again and again that there is no logical unity between the Jewish state and the Jewish people are the very same ones who ask us why and how Jews can support Israel in spite of all the terrible things it supposedly does to the Palestinians.”

There is, of course, no point quoting a Christian writing in the Jerusalem Post: he’s probably matey with those Brexit villains Johnson, Gove and Duncan Smith, and so complicit in the Zionist plot against Corbyn the righteous peacemaker. So let’s ask a question (or four). How wide is the gap between Jews seeking “Control of the Press, reaching from the present time into the future when the Jewish World Government shall be established” and “Israel’s hidden hand behind the [Press] attacks on Jeremy Corbyn”? Are they not both expressions of anti-Jewish prejudice, designed to stir up anti-Jewish cultural and religious hate? Without being hasty or simplistic about the correlation between a faith and a political movement, or a people and a nation, isn’t Stephen Sizer’s decision to propagate (and fortify) this allegation evidence of his belief in the particular belligerence of Jews? Are there no good, learned and distinguished Jews in the Israeli government?

Doesn’t this “hidden hand” allegation play to the antisemitic trope of those big-nosed Jews who really rule the world? Are there no Zionist Israeli Jews who just bake bread, breed sheep, grow olives, dye wool or develop micro-chips? How does this article foster tolerance, peace and reconciliation, as Christian ministers ought? How does it exhort fraternity and neighbourliness? Doesn’t it incite suspicion of Jews and discrimination against them and those who befriend them? That may not, of course, be the intention, but it is manifestly the conspiracy-theory narrative elicited by the hostility. People read ‘Israel’ and think ‘Jews’; they read ‘Jews’ and think ‘Zionists’, and the tide of antisemitism rises, and Jewish Labour MPs who are attending their party conference are (incredibly) having to employ bodyguards for the first time.

Or was that security requirement made at the behest of the Israeli government?

Very clever, aren’t they, these Zionist Jews, to confect all this anti-Corbyn antisemitism? How they got him to call Hamas and Hizbollah his friends; how they got him to like a blatantly antisemitic mural on Facebook; how they got him to lay a wreath to (or very near) the Black September terrorists; how they got him to share Passover with the far-left anti-Israel group Jewdas; how they got him to… well, do and say everything that he has ever has done or said to honour and laud those who seek to delegitimise and destroy the Jewish State.

That same Israel whose hidden hand is behind the plot to smear Jeremy Corbyn.

A few weeks ago, Labour member Angela Ormerod was suspended for saying on Twitter that Jews control the media:

Angela Ormerod Jews control media

The Rev’d Dr Stephen Sizer still retains his Permission to Officiate.