resurrection jesus empty tomb
Meditation and Reflection

The Resurrection is the ultimate revelation: only in Jesus has God appeared

Today we celebrate the Resurrection of Christ; the fulfilment of human destiny. There is a hope beyond death which answers man’s eternal question about himself and the end of the world. Faith lives from Easter: God is in Jesus; he is divine; he is Lord. Death is not the end. And if death is not the end, there is more to life, because life is eternal. Today is the beginning of the new creation of the world: a history of sin and separation has been overtaken with seeing, knowing and loving.

And if God can be bothered to reconcile us to Him in Christ, the least we can do is be reconciled to one another for Christ’s sake. If the lost cause of man should merit such a great salvation, shouldn’t we put aside our demonic self-divinisation and self-righteous superiority and ask the Holy Spirit to blow upon our dead bones and clothe them with new flesh? Are we not called to be a transformational community of reconciliation and peace – there for one another, with one another and in one another – showing the world how the reconciliation between God and the world through the Resurrection of Christ might teach us to live in truth, serve with humility and walk in victory?

Now all is filled with light
– heaven and earth and the realm of the dead.
The whole creation magnifies Christ’s resurrection,
the veritable ground of all its being.

And this resurrection is the ultimate revelation, for Moses is dead; Mohammed is dead; Krishna is dead; Buddha is dead; Mahavira is dead; Mani is dead; Pythagoras, Confucius, Zoroaster, and Guru Nanak are all dead. So is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. They were all buried to rot or burned to ash. They are no more.

But Jesus was raised from the dead. He is alive. Hallelujah!

A blessed Easter to all.