Privacy Policy

In this age of zealous legalism and hyper-surveillance, His Grace is obliged by law (UK and EU) to inform you of certain policies relating to your privacy. But the fact that any personal information you provide, either willingly or unwillingly, may be (and undoubtedly is) monitored by GCHQ and/or the NSA, any assertion of privacy is absolutely null and utterly void. Nevertheless:

1. His Grace may use information, such as the IP address you are using or the email address submitted with a comment, for any purpose not limited to, for example, preventing multiple voting in online polls or to help detect or deter faked comments (which he finds particularly irritating). These preventative measures may include comparing or sharing data with other sites, services or companies which may also be willing in some circumstances to share data.

2. His Grace may be required by law to disclose your data. He will do his uttermost to resist this, of course, up to and including going to the stake.

3. His Grace’s blog will place certain cookies on the device from which you are accessing the internet. Fret not: these are for no other purpose than allowing MessageSpace to tailor bespoke advertisements to your age/gender/religion/morality/politics/taste in vestments. Having migrated from Blogspot – a free platform – there are design and ongoing costs to be met, and advertising helps with these (in a very meagre way). This site therefore uses cookies in order to collect anonymous usage data (eg for Google Analytics) and to service any requests that you make (eg to remember your details when you post a comment).

4. There isn’t actually a No.4 unless the UK/EU governments become a bit more officious.