RIP Marie1797

On 26th July 2022, we lost one of our regular communicants, who posted as Marie1797.

This tribute is penned by one who knew her personally.


Marie was a regular presence on Cranmer’s Comments section for many years. A strongly committed Christian and impressively intelligent and intuitive with it.

Marie was a personal friend. What fellow communicants would not have known was the burden Marie carried from early into her 50s – early onset Parkinson’s. A progressive disease which, by the end, robbed her of movement. Even typing on a PC keyboard was a trial by that stage.

Her final comment here was made just five days before she died:

It goes into septic tanks with other farm waste and when the tank is full it gets sprayed back onto the fields of crops. Haven’t you smelled that malodorous pong coming off the fields in spring and summer especially on a hot day when you drive past.

Her Disqus account is testimony to her candidness, wisdom, and deep personal faith.

Fiercely independent, she only went into a care home when her options finally ran out. Anyone else with her condition would have already been in one. No surprise to me, that – it was the Marie I had come to know. She wasn’t there for that long.

She was just 61 years of age. Now she’s free and closer to Jesus than the rest of us of are for the time being.

Marie. It was an absolute pleasure!