Hyperlinks in comments – an update spam report

Unfortunately, the blog is still under incessant attack from these sort of comments:

It’s really quite a sophisticated operation (apparent valid names with ID pics can’t be auto-filtered), and Disqus offers no remedy (or even the right to technical support) without a rather expensive ‘upgrade’ (despite already being a paying subscriber).

Unfortunately, therefore, the facility for hyperlinks in comments must be disabled forthwith, and so all posts with hyperlinks will be filtered automatically to spam. These will not be monitored and released. It is really very straightforward to avoid this by quite simply separating ‘https://’ from the rest of the link with a few spaces, and a space after each fullstop. There is really no need to place every fullstop in parenthesis or to insert loads of (!), which are irritating to remove. The format is easy:   https:  //archbishopcranmer.  com/

And to access, just delete the spaces after : and .

Apologies for the slight inconvenience.