A note on Advertising

You may have noticed that all the advertisements have disappeared (with the exception of ‘Book of the Month’, which is more of a sharing ministry). The Amazon arrangement wasn’t working. Indeed, the income was so paltry (monthly pence, literally), that it was costing more to host the ads than they were raising in revenue.

Disqus (the comment system) is about to roll out its own advertising, none of which will be to the benefit of this blog. It isn’t clear what sort of ads they will impose, but hopefully the chat threads won’t be crammed with unedifying rummage. There is a means of escape, but only by paying another monthly charge.

This blog actually cost quite a lot to design and redesign, and costs a further lot to keep up and running. It increasingly comes under attack, which requires security diligence and expert web-mastery. Regretfully, it isn’t even breaking even: His Grace’s light is dim, his steeple is falling to ruin, and his pulpit is succumbing to the worm that dieth not.

A bit like it sometimes feels in the Church of England.

If you want to help, you can pray. If you want to help a bit more, you can make a donation HERE. There’s also the option of setting up a monthly gift: lots of regular widows’ mites are an immense blessing. Thank you to those of you who do support this blog – your generosity is greatly appreciated.