Muslim girl cross cut into skin

Men rip off Muslim girl’s hijab and cut cross into her skin

This is just what Jesus would do, isn’t it? “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword so you can cut a cross into the flesh of unbelievers.”

“Blessed are ye, when ye rip off hijabs and persecute Muslim girls, and more blessed are ye when ye carve a cross into corrupt flesh, for my sake.”

How can Christians – true Christians – ever use the Cross of Christ as a sectarian symbol of hate?

The attack was both racist (“filthy Arab”) and Islamophobic, and the Cross of Christ was used to inflict suffering and oppression. The mystery of Christian salvation is thereby made a symbol of hate: His passion is inflicted on non-believers, whether they seek Him or not.

These Christian extremists are in Brussels, but don’t think there aren’t a few in the UK:

It appears that the militant Constantinian association prevails: this is the cross of the Crusader, not the Cross of Christ. The cross of the Crusader symbolises violence, war and oppression; the cross of Christ symbolises redemption, liberation and victory over death. The battle of Calvary is concerned with suffering for salvation, because only a suffering God can reconcile the sinner to God. The affliction, the reproach, the shame of Christ should never become the tools of torture and persecution. It is for Christians – true Christians – to reconcile with love, not alienate with hate.

Jesus suffered and died for this innocent Muslim girl, because He died for all mankind. He suffered and wept with her as these vile men tore off her hijab and carved a bloody sign of the cross into her smooth skin, because He loves her. In this time of apocalyptic suffering, the sufferings of Christ at Golgotha are the sufferings of God in solidarity with suffering creation. The Cross is foresakenness and surrender, not sectarian bigotry or political triumphalism.

Perhaps you are offended that these men might be called ‘Christian’ at all.

Consider, then, how this young Muslim girl must feel when Christians see in Islam nothing but hate, and the beautiful declaration of ‘Allahu Akbar’ becomes the brutal cry of terrorists and murderers. Consider, further, how many Muslims perceive Christians through the lens of the Crusades, or apprehend the baffling Christian God through the actions of Judas, Caiaphas, Pilate, and those who tortured their prophet of miracles, whom we call the Messiah, the Son of God. There is manifestly dialogue to be had; Christology to expound; Prophetology to explore. Urgently.

But surely we can all agree that God is not a sadist.