Lord Adonis tweet truth right wing media

Lord Adonis incites hate against right-wing journalists

There is no linguistic or visual nuance; no apprehension that people perceive things differently; no appreciation of the many-sidedness of truthfulness or the variable authority of the final word. For Lord Adonis, the right-wing media (here distilled to the Sun, Mail, Express and Telegraph) are quite simply murderers or summary executioners of truth. Forget that (say) the Mail might occasionally get things right on (say) education, gun control or forced marriage, for Lord Adonis, it is a work of evil, and Paul Dacre the spawn of Satan. Things might improve under “the new regime” (Geordie Greig is due to take over as editor in a few weeks), but for the moment it is still an organ of deception, distortion and disinformation presided over by the father of lies. The Mail kills truth.

The truth it kills isn’t the Guardian‘s truth or the BBC’s truth, but Lord Adonis’s truth, which is the real truth, the only truth. His thoughts are deeper than the Mail can know: he is Copernicus to their Pygmalion; a prophet of science to a re-shaper of creation. His self-confident reality is absolute; theirs just a self-set standard of crass subjectivity. There is nothing to be modified or interpreted in the Adonis paradigm of truth: it is clear and coherent. But the Sun fumbles, the Mail counterfeits, the Express and Telegraph grope with falsehoods and keep the people in darkness. They extinguish truth, and so all who participate in their programme to perpetuate their beliefs are slayers of all that is good, just, noble and pure.

Lord Adonis functions on a higher level of mental achievement: his passion for truth is philosophical and intellectual. The right-wing media, by contrast, are concerned with sensual pleasures and instant gratification. He is concerned with knowledge while they feed baser appetites. The Mail strives to enlighten by satisfying people’s cravings within their vision of reality, but Lord Adonis is not subject to this capricious law: his computations are infallible; his conceptions are expressions of intellectual perfection. He doesn’t need tabloid language or any other such infantile mode of communication: his Twitter feed is a social force of objective political science which right-wing journalists cannot appreciate (nor, indeed, can those on the left, unless they happen to find that they agree with him on the essential belief and beauty of reversing Brexit).

Everything in the right-wing media is nothing more than the ingenious manipulation of a chimpanzee – a kind of play; a repeated performance of conditioning serving no practical purpose and contributing nothing to the common good. Give the chimp a gun, and it will pull the trigger and murder not only truth, but joy and peace, love and compassion. These newspapers, their editors and journalists have no respect for the values of society, the advancement of community, or the cultural life of the nation: they murder factual truth and destroy trust. The primitive and politically illiterate people who consume their bile need to be liberated so their thoughts may be cultivated to a higher standard of morality and law. This revolution is necessary to counter the murderous barbarity of Dacre (et al) and to re-shape society as God has pre-ordained in a Europe of dominion, order and enlightenment.

Lord Adonis is the prophet and messenger of orthodoxy and his teachings are indubitably true. Trust him, for none respects the truth more than he, and he will lead you into all truth. Everything else is simply a lie.