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The knives are out for Labour Leave and Socialist Brexiteers

Giles Fraser sends out a tweet: ‘Poorest will gain most under Brexit, says Labour report’. And the derision poured forth:

…report by rabid Brexit supporters.

As rabid a Brexiteer as you are, you cannot believe this.

Keep whistling Giles…I’m sure it helps.

Matthew 7:15

Hahaha… Telegraph… Haha

Aren’t you embarrassed tweeting this obvious twaddle out supporting your crumbling position?

A better quality debate was to be had on Facebook:

It’s a report from Labour Leave and is therefore prejudice to begin with. It also flies against most predictions from other sources. It also requires a huge leap of credulity – that this Tory government would actually do anything for the poorest in society. Their track record of austerity points in exactly the opposite direction. And I am not part of ‘the right.’

Certainly Brexit as interpreted and delivered by the right is likely to lead to increased corporate power and reducing consumer and citizen protections – a further ramping up of neoliberal economics – which will of course make things worse for the poor.

A Brexit delivered by the left could be different of course – with an increase in consumer and citizen protections – and a rebalancing towards giving more power to labour over capital. However, declining prices is unlikely to be a result of that – although increasing wages ought to be.

..the best for everyone is, of course, no Brexit.

Given the Telegraph really couldn’t give a flying fuck about the poorest in our society, this is a rather pathetic clutching of straws in its continued push for a hard Brexit.

Yes those charming Barclay brothers are concerned for our society’s poorest.

You do have to ask yourself, why right wing rags such as The Mail, Telegraph, Express, Sun, Times etc. are so pro Brexit. It’s certainly not because they believe it will benefit the poorest in society. If they’re for it, the default position is to be against it.

Meanwhile, Lord Adonis invokes teleology and divine right to support his Remain passion:

And so the good news for the poor gets lost in the din of prejudice and blind faith: nothing good could possibly come out of Labour Leave, especially now the party’s position is to remain in the Customs Union and a member of the Single Market (ie to remain in the EU). And Europe is the EU and the EU is Europe: they are of one essence, one substance. Forget the fact that half of Europe’s nations aren’t in the EU, or that a centuries-old continent of organic culture and history is manifestly not the same as a man-made political construct of a few decades. And forget the poor…

BRITAIN’S poorest families will be £2,288 a year better off thanks to Brexit, a report claims.

Households on poverty line annual incomes of £15,600 will gain £44 week, according to the research.

Grocery bills will fall by £27 a week while rents also tumble as land values drop.

The low-paid will get a £12-a- week wage boost as fewer immigrants compete for jobs.

The poorest will benefit most since they spend a larger slice of earnings on food and housing, according to the estimates.

Hahaha… The Sun… Haha.

A report co-authored by Labour Leave and a group of economists estimates that a reduction in prices and immigration will save the UK’s most deprived families money.

The report also warns that a ”soft Brexit” would “leave us worse off and in danger of remaining in the EU in all but name”.

John Mills, a prominent party donor and chairman of Labour Leave, said calculations showed working class “were right to back quitting the EU” because “they will see a boost to incomes that have been heavily depressed over the last decade”.

Hahaha… The Express… Haha.

And don’t expect any bishops to seize on this report (well, possibly except one): for them, the salvation of the poor lies in the advent of a Labour government and being in the European Union, which is good for jobs, good for prosperity, good for workers’ rights and good for all. So we really ought to ditch all this Brexit nonsense, which is really a Tory ruse and so, basically, evil. We must remain in the EU of peace, enlightenment and fraternal cooperation. Why would God want it any other way?

Well, as the Bishop of Shrewsbury Mark Rylands wrote last year:

The EU’s commitment to its member states means it can be a bad neighbour to outsiders. Its actions impact adversely on poorer countries through various trade policies, most notably the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The EU’s export subsidies for EU agricultural products have disastrous consequences on food security and undercut agricultural sectors in the poorest nations. CAP is bad news for Africa. Jesus teaches us that our neighbour is not just our next door neighbour but everyone. Leaving the EU does not mean shunning Europe. We are Europeans and we will still have strong relationships with EU nations. Being able to make our own trade agreements, however, gives us opportunity to be more globally linked.

The EU does not seem to be good news for the poorest nations in the Eurozone. Countries in the single currency, struggling economically, appear stuck with low growth. Unable to devalue their currency, they are trapped in a rut of depression. Youth unemployment in Spain, Greece and Italy has soared and extremist political groups are gaining a strong foothold.

The UK has a proud history of welcoming migrants and has benefitted from the presence and contribution migrants make to society. Unrestricted EU immigration, however, means that we end up discriminating against non-EU nationals. This seems especially perverse when the UK has strong relationships with many other countries of the world through the Commonwealth, not just with the EU. The barriers to employing people from overseas, beyond the EU, have become more numerous. For a Church in the UK that is weak in mission, it would be particularly welcome to have greater freedom to invite missionaries from the global south to help us evangelise our country and rediscover our Christian roots.

Unrestricted EU immigration has been adversely affecting the poorest people in the UK. It may seem great if you want to employ a plumber, a nanny or a builder but to those competing with immigrants for jobs, houses or places at schools, it looks very different.

Hahaha… the Bishop of Shrewsbury… Haha.

Funny, isn’t it, how scoffing, sneering and jeering have supplanted argument; how mockery, scorn, derision and sarcasm have become reason and sanity. This is now the preferred strategy of Remainers: Brexiteers are simply buffoons; Brexit arguments are just ‘nonsense’. Tory Leavers have always been a dim-witted disgrace. Labour Leavers are traitors to the cause of fairness, justice and equality.

Hahaha… Giles Fraser… Haha.

Giles Fraser… how could you?

Matthew 7:15?

Mark 6:4.

Man plans, God laughs.