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Meditation and Reflection

Justin Welby tweets the sermon of the year

Sometimes Twitter is like trying to bound infinite space in a nutshell. You can fiddle with words, abbreviate and cut commas, but still it lacks art, and if not art, then heart. You can chirp all day, if you want. You can type to your tweeps, and tweak and delete to your heart’s content. But don’t, whatever you do, bore people to death with a mini-essay spread over a dozen tweets: there’s nothing like the prefix ‘1/25’ to destroy social-media perspectives and kill hope.

But every now and again a tweet streams through creation with its dignity and simplicity; a thread breezes through the kingdom with healing and feeling. Hope spreads, and the light is a source of liberation.

At 5.03pm on 18th April 2018, Justin Welby published a tweet about a little boy called Jonathan Bryan. The Archbishop had no idea how many tweets he’d send, or how long the thread might become; he just felt the urge to tell his 120,000 followers about blessings and promises; about humility and grace; about Jesus and love; about hope and…

Well, you don’t need these superfluous words of exegesis: ++Justin’s Twitter sermon speaks for itself. And it has already touched many thousands of hearts with the fragrance of Christ:

Nothing at all to add.

Nothing at all.