If junior ethnic minority staff at the FCO are to ‘reverse mentor’ senior white staff on ‘bias’, should each junior be assigned a white junior-junior to counter their ‘bias’?

Was it Karl Marx or John Bercow who said ‘All cultures are equal’? Only I get so terribly confused, as both talk nonsense and both have beards. I’m afraid it is a view I cannot accept simply because I keep my eyes and ears open to the sorts of things that go on in the world beyond Barchester. Take poor Asia Bibi for example, imprisoned unjustly for eight years with the death sentence hovering over her head for simply taking a sip of water from a cup – resulting in accusations of insulting a seventh-century warlord and nationwide demands for her death. It is this self-same culture that operates nefariously in some of our own cities such as Rotherham, Telford and Huddersfield, about which I will say no more, other than to advise the judge who declared that their criminality ‘defies understanding’ to read the book.

Then we have the discovery of a black magic cult operating in Spain, forcing young transgenderites to become prostitutes out of fear. Members of this cult have been arrested across Europe, including some from our very own sceptic isle… How can such ‘cultures’ be the equal of the West, based upon the foundations of classical philosophy, Christianity, the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, upon the rule of law and custom, liberty and freedom? Make no mistake, one is delighted that Asia Bibi is free and able to leave the country alive and well with her head firmly on her shoulders. However, I do not believe the United Kingdom, in its present state of being, is able to offer her safe refuge: I have seen the placard wavers with their ‘Death to those who insult Islam’ slogans on the streets of the capital and can only wonder at why we have allowed this to happen.

One reason, of course, is that we let anybody in. Well, not quite anyone, for Christian folk seem to be increasingly unwanted, if not totally banned. The Jupiter reports on this thing called ‘The Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration’ which governments are being encouraged to sign up to in December. Naturally, I asked the Archdeacon for his views.

“This Global Compact is little more than the ‘One Ring to Rule Them All’, dear lady! Forged by the demons of Mordor, it paves the way for a borderless world, where nations cease to exist and global corporatism calls the shots. Though there are some who refuse to agree to their own destruction, like Hungary, Austria and the United States, you can bet your bustle that Mrs. Wormtongue (formerly Dismay) will be flying off to Marrakech in her Vivienne Westwood burka to put pen to paper, for there is nothing this woman is not prepared to give away if it secures her place amidst the global elite.”

“You will not be voting Conservative in the near future, then?” I asked.

The Archdeacon didn’t answer as his head exploded.

I see that nice Mr. Jeremy Hunt, currently warming Lord Palmerston’s chair in the FCO, is advocating the assignment of junior ethnic minority staff to ‘reverse mentor’ senior white staff on ‘bias’. Might I also suggest that each junior be assigned a white junior-junior to counter their ‘bias’, and so on, ad infinitum? The policy could be rolled out across Whitehall and Westminster. The disadvantage would be a massive increase in the number of civil servants, but consider – with all the necessary briefings and meetings up and down the line, there would be no time to implement this government’s disastrous policies.

I see that various vociferous Ingsoc MPs are demanding that the Trumpelstiltskin administration ban Tommy Robinson from setting foot in the United States. Are these the same people who argue for no borders, nor restrictions, freedom of movement and unicorns for Christmas? It appears so. Hypocrisy, thy name is socialism. The Left does like a good banning, but isn’t their dogged pursuit of Mr. Robinson a hate crime?

If you don’t want your country overrun by foreign invaders, it seems you have caught a particularly virulent strain of ‘nationalist leprosy’, according to Boy Jupiter President Macron of the French, a man who has perfected the art of speaking through his posterior in several languages. Telling the Danes that there was no such thing as ‘a true Dane’ whilst on a state visit to Denmark is but his latest gaffe, which sees his popularity in France down to around 20 per cent. This ridiculous pantaloon spends most of his time wagging his finger at others when not discussing protection with his bodyguard. Well, the French voted for him so I have little sympathy – and who are we to belittle Gallic wisdom when we have such luminaries as Mrs. Dismay and Comrade Corbynov wagging things at us?

There’s been a little unravelling of the Hessian tapestry for Frau Merkin, with her party and its allies taking a well-deserved hammering. However, one simply cannot understand the Teutonic psyche: they reject the Reichskanzlerin for her disastrous ‘Wilkommen’ policy yet vote for the Greens who are even more round the U-bend of insanity. Frau Merkin has resigned the leadership of her party but will cling onto power for two more years before going off to her bolt-hole in South America. I believe there is quite a German community there…

Good news from Italy! Signor Salvini is proposing measures to encourage Italians to have three or more children. Hoorah! Three children ensures the offer of a farm, land and a hefty amount of cash to build or buy a house. The Left are seething, so it must be right.

To lighter matters. At the Chapel of St. Blythe of the Holy Spirit this morning I handed over the set of embroidered hassocks we ladies have been working on. The designs, though in fashionable Gothic style, have been drawn from contemporary life – something old, something new, as they say. Signora Neroni’s shows ‘The Parable of the Prodigal Banker’, while mine is a take on the Garden of Eden, with ‘Adam’ representing the Remainers, and ‘Eve’ the Brexiteers, and Mrs. Dismay as the Serpent, whispering platitudes to both. I made ‘Eve’ a Brexiteer because she commits the ‘original sin’ of wanting to break free from Brussels in the eyes of Remainers (though to be absolutely clear I am a Brexiteer to my very foundations!).

And thus I come to the end of my missive for this week. I am suffering from a heavy cold which will not go away, and have more phlegm than Belgium, so I am taking to my bed. Adieu, sniff sniff, adieu!