Jeremy Corbyn is crowned Labour leader – it's the prayer wot won it


Archbishop Cranmer: “Please, Lord, please let Jeremy Corbyn win the Labour Party leadership. Pleeeeeease.”

It was a frivolous intercession made in the Prayer Room (at the bottom of the Homepage) on 4th June 2015, even before the Parliamentary Labour Party had decided to put the notorious left-wing lover of Irish Republican terrorists, disciple of Karl Marx and friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, Jeremy Corbyn, on the ballot paper to replace Ed Miliband as Labour leader. They did so “by a whisker” to provide “a wide field of candidates” in order to “broaden the debate”. No one seriously believed he could possibly win.

But the elite misunderstood the electorate. When Jeremy Corbyn began to edge ahead of the other candidates and it was looking as though he might actually do it, the intercession was updated:

“Okay, Lord.. It’s been another month, and things are looking more than promising for Mr Corbyn (if not for the Labour Party, or, indeed, for the country at large). There are even rumours of Diane Abbott becoming Shadow Home Secretary, which would be a kind of subsidiary answered prayer. Thing is, Lord.. well, it was all a bit of a joke. And now that Bishop Pete of Willesden is also praying for Mr Corbyn, it all seems rather too revolutionary even for a sensitive Burkean of Whiggish disposition. Any chance of cancelling this prayer, Lord? Or is it already decreed that Jeremy Corbyn is the chosen one?”

But it was too late. The prayer had ascended to heaven like bats up the belfry, and the election lighted on Jeremy Corbyn. It was obviously the prayer that did it. There was also an emerging new church movement –#ClericsForCorbyn – consisting mainly (if not quite exclusively) of Bishop Pete Broadbent of Willesden (and Edmonton and Spring Harvest), and the Rev’d Dr Giles Fraser. They’ve had their prayerful fingers crossed for 80 days and 80 nights, but they’re wandering in the wilderness no longer. They have spied the Promised Land, and it’s flowing with socialist silk and easy money.praying for corbyn 3


Some 656 ( close..) people were praying for Jeremy Corbyn to be elected Labour leader – probably most of them Tories, but ‘the effectual fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much‘ . God sifts motives: who are we to judge? ‘For where two or three are gathered together in my name..‘ but 656 is the most who have ever been mobilised to pray about any matter – ever – since the Prayer Room was introduced upon the blog more than a year ago. Quite why more readers and communicants appear to be concerned with who leads the Labour Party than with the persecuted Church, pro-life issues, religious liberties or mental health is something of a mystery. Perhaps some clicked ‘Pray Now’ as flippantly as the prayer was posted. God knows.

But the Leader of Her Majesty’s Most Loyal Opposition must be the most disloyal of all MPs, not only because he’d like to consign Her Majesty and her heirs and successors rather disloyally to the dustbin of history, but also because he’s defied his party’s whip more than 500 times and brazenly consorted with enemies of the State. He may be the chosen one, but he’s patently untrustworthy and unpatriotic, if not subversive and seditious. It’s hard to see how he could possibly become a right honourable member of Her Majesty’s Privy Council to attend briefings on sensitive matters of national security when his “honoured friends” include those who would rather like to kill the Queen and smash the British State.

But the people chose him by legitimate means, ordained by God. Their hearts have been touched by something greater than themselves, and our political structures have been shaken. It’s a bombshell, but that’s democracy. And they chose him because they’re sick to death of the cosy Westminster consensus and the elite perpetuation of a political culture which crushes dreams, destroys hope and corrodes confidence. They want justice, participation and empowerment. They really don’t care much about Jeremy Corbyn’s militant union backers; or his ‘foreign friends’ in Russia, Palestine, Iran or the Republic of Ireland; or the ‘Corbynomics’ of the “people’s quantitative easing”, or.. well, anything much, really. They simply want to put a very large bomb right up the backside of a distant and disdainful establishment, which is now on notice. It is a pausable countdown: the revolution need not be bloody or cataclysmic. But if nothing changes – or, God forbid, there is a elitist coup to dissolve this sovereign democratic decision and install a more ‘acceptable’ face of Labour leadership – the Socialist People’s Army will not hesitate to detonate the charge.