resurrection third day
Meditation and Reflection

He rose again the third day according to the scriptures – Hallelujah!

Jesus suffered on the cross and died. On the third day he rose again according to the scriptures. Nothing else matters. Absolutely nothing comes anywhere near the significance of this historical event – nothing political, nothing religious, nothing philosophical; nothing in an entire world of violence and sin offers so much hope than the assurance that the risen Christ lives, and so a new world is coming – one of perfect justice, peace and righteousness.

He rose on the third day. It wasn’t just another day in history, but an eternity in eschatology. The cross was death; the resurrection is eternal life. No matter how many other days of the year we weep, grow angry, get irritated, lie, lash out, threaten, bluff or boast, on this day we can rejoice in that seismic third day, when the Son of God was raised from the dead, and our sin was dealt with once and for all.

We are alive because he is alive. If Christ is the first-born from the dead, we are the second, the thousandth, the millionth and the billionth. The nature that was frozen and petrified is bursting with new life and colour. Our corrupt bodies wait in hope of a glorious transmutation of awakening and rebirth. We are destined; it is our hope in the sunrise of Easter as we sing hymns of joy and feast on hallelujahs. Our souls are healed by the same divine energy that raised Christ from the dead on the third day.

Blessed be that third day – the first sabbath of the new creation; a messianic sacrament of time. The third day was the first day of the rest of cosmic eternity. No more night, no pain, no sorrow or shame, but a light that’s holy and a song of glory. The risen Christ leads us into the kingdom of God. The dream of redemption is here.

He is risen.