Tory Conservative Euro election launch 2019

Euro elections: you can ‘send a message’, or you can vote to get Brexit done

Being an Anglican blog, there is no absolutism, command or demand in respect of the way people choose to exercise their vote; there is no ‘must’ or ‘should’ or ‘ought’, for what divides us in the realm of liberal democracy is ephemeral and trivial compared to what unites us in Christ. And that sentence isn’t followed by any kind of ‘but’, for these Elections to the European Parliament are important, and yet they are not. You can use them to ‘send a message’ to a prime minister who is leaving anyway; or to ‘kill’ the Conservative Party once and for all because all Tories are traitors; or to boost Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party which aims to deliver both of those and somehow deliver Brexit from Brussels (and Strasbourg); or to tell Jeremy Corbyn that he’s completely useless; or to encourage Change UK in their mission to.. um, change politics; or to support the LibDems in their illiberal and undemocratic quest to cancel Brexit; or the SNP in their quest to do that and also break up the United Kingdom; or the Green Party because “It is harder and harder to pretend that we’re not living in the middle of the most serious environmental crisis in recorded history. We desperately need people in British and Indeed global politics who are not afraid to name this challenge for what it is, and to look at what needs to change in our lives if we are to avoid terrible cost to future generations and to the most vulnerable people of our own generation across the world…”

Has anyone been missed out?

It doesn’t really matter; it really doesn’t. The European Parliament is not a parliament in the sense that we understand it: it cannot initiate legislation or affect a policy outcome, for any legislative amendment it proposes must be agreed by the EU Commission, where the real power resides. The European Parliament is a talking shop: it is the impotent democratic façade of the anti-democratic forces by which we have been governed for 46 years, and it really doesn’t matter whether the UK sends 73 staunch Brexiteers or 73 Tories or 73 Socialists or 73 Greens or 73 mix’n’match MEPs, absolutely nothing will change because the direction is pre-ordained and the vision teleologically determined: ‘ever closer union’ is inviolable; the objective is a United States of Europe. Not even our ministerial representative on the European Council can change this: the Treaty of Rome is immutable in its foundational precepts.

So, ‘send a message’, if you like, but you need to understand D’Hondt:

Dhondt explained sweets

That is to say, if all Brexiteers vote for the Brexit Party, not only do excellent Conservative Brexiteers like Daniel Hannan lose their seats, but you end up sending more Remainers to Brussels. So, if you want to get Brexit done, it is worth looking at the #1 on the Conservative list in your region, and ask yourself if they might achieve more than the Brexit Party’s #2 or #3.

The Bishop of Leeds wants all mainstream broadcasters to boycott the Brexit Party altogether:

Of course, broadcasters are bound by strict rules of impartiality and balance during election campaigns as decreed by OfCom (which is law), so what the Bishop exhorts would be illegal.

And finally (not that this post has much purpose or direction requiring any kind of resolution), the Conservative Home blog – that bastion of broad conservatism and bulwark against the Tory Party’s anti-democratic tendencies – is exhorting Conservatives not to vote Conservative:

This will doubtless delight a lot of bishops (and cause Daniel Hannan a degree of despair).

So, if Theresa May hasn’t resigned by midnight, the golden coach turn into a pumpkin, the horses become mice, and the coachman becomes a rat. Or something like that. Conservatives are exhorted (though not by this blog) to choose between the Brexit Party (to ‘get Brexit done’ [somehow, from Brussels and Strasbourg]), and the Liberal Democrats (to cancel Brexit), which is where Michael (Lord) Heseltine would have you put your cross.

This is not a very edifying exercise in liberal democracy.

But it is all rather exciting.

Just vote.

Not that it’ll make any difference in the EU at all.

But here? Well, who knows?