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The EU is an anti-European force: it must become a ‘community of spirit’

The Red Cell is new research project set up to “inform, challenge and trigger” in order to deliver and manage Brexit. “It’s a small unit, a break out team. its job is to think the unthinkable; to overturn collective assumptions, and to challenge the unconsidered norm.” They publish useful papers, and a recent series looks at Brexit from a wider European perspective. One of the contributors to this anthology, former Polish MP Daniel Pawłowiec (League of Polish Families) and former vice-chair of Office of the Committee for European Integration, offered his thoughts on why the EU needs to become a “Christian-based community” and a “community of spirit”. His article is reproduced here in its entirety:

Why Brexit?

From the perspective of the states that are still in the EU, Brexit is a highly significant lesson that the Brussels elites give to free nations of Europe. It is a very valuable lesson of “how it really is”, contrary to the propagandist “what it is said to be.” First of all, in the light of Brexit and the negotiation complications experienced by the UK, it is clear that the European Union is like a political swamp that slowly and imperceptibly draws into its depths, but prevents withdrawal for anyone. In this sense, the European Union is a trap and the UK is rightly and rationally trying to get out of this situation.

Secondly, an attempt to humiliate Great Britain in the negotiation process is an obvious warning to other countries that would like to follow the UK route. In this regard, the EU is like a prison in which every attempt to escape is punished by public whipping. And it is the UK that is publicly whipped for trying to leave the EU. There is no space in the EU’s response for respect for the British people, respect for democratic procedures and respect for state sovereignty, only pure and naked lust for power.

There is no doubt that UK’s exit from the EU is in the interest of Europe. I emphasize “Europe”, not the “European Union”. In the interest of the future of our continent there needs to be an incredibly profound reform of the European Union, so deep that this reform can be easily called “dismantling”.

The European Union, as an institution and legal norms, has wrapped the whole of Europe in the net of its regulations, bureaucracy, way of thinking and acting. It sips the best juices from Europe, dedicating them to its own survival. In this sense, the EU is an anti-European force, because it weakens Europe’s potential, which will flourish and flourish only in the natural environment of Europe – which means free, cooperating with each other nations. Of course, Brexit has caused a crisis in the European Union, but Europe needs a crisis in the European Union, because without this crisis change will never happen.

The European Union has made too many mistakes. Douglas Murray in his book “The Strange Death of Europe” even puts forward a thesis that it is a collective suicide. We are dealing with a demographic catastrophe, which leads in a straight line to the cultural and economic crisis; we face an immigration disaster that already results in a cultural and security crisis; we are dealing with an innovative catastrophe that makes the modern world simply flows away from us, as the motorboat flows from steamer. We are finally dealing with the catastrophe of democracy, which manifests itself in the fact that national sovereignty is called dictatorship, freedom of speech – intolerance and democratic procedures – violations of European law. This is due to the fact that at some point Europeans ceased to reign over the EU, that this creation began to live its own life and in its activity is guided only by what Robert Michels called “Iron law of oligarchy.”

Meanwhile, we Poles joined in our referendum a different Union and we wanted a different Union. Poland wants to follow the words of Saint John Paul II, who in 1997 said that, “Europe will not be unity until it is a ‘community of spirit’. This deepest foundation of unity brought Europe and for centuries strengthened Christianity with its Gospel, with its understanding of man and contribution to the development of the history of peoples and nations”. We also want to be faithful to the warning that the Pope gave us in 1993; “Entering Europe cannot be done at the expense of giving up the rights of a healthy conscience in the name of misunderstood tolerance and pluralism. It would mean voluntarily surrendering to a new form of totalitarian enslavement – the more dangerous that it was accepted in a private way. “

Will Britain, through its exit from the EU, achieve more than just its own political and economic sovereignty? In my opinion – yes. Brexit, of course, was not the first Eurosceptic event in Europe, but it gave the British a fast-sprouting palm in the new pan-European movement of the rebirth of our continent. Eurosceptic movements are growing in strength in virtually every European country, and in a several years these political movements will govern European countries. At this point, Britain will be an attractive and trustworthy partner for these governments. Maybe now for the UK Brexit means “blood, toil, tears and sweat,” but in the end “Let that be realized; no survival for the British Empire, no surviving for the urge and impulse of the ages, that mankind will move forward towards its goal.”

Poland, learn from Brexit has that an effective Polexit should be carried out together with Czechexit, Lithuexit and Hungaroexit. We cannot make mistakes as with our accession process before 2004, when all Central European states separately negotiated accession to the EU. Now we have to negotiate together.

When one asks what this new European community should be, created on the ruins of the EU, the answer is very simple. It must be a Christian-based community, according to what St John Paul II said prophetically in 1997;

“Today, they still stand in front of those responsible for massive politics works. Strengthening democratic institutions, economic development, international cooperation – all these activities will achieve their true purpose only if they provide a standard of living that would allow a person to develop all dimensions of his personality. The sublimity of the mission of people directing politics lies in the fact that they are to act in such a way that the dignity of every human being is always respected; create favorable conditions for the awakening of selfless solidarity, which leaves no fellow citizen in the margins of life; allow everyone access to cultural goods; to recognize and implement the highest humanistic and spiritual values; give expression to your religious beliefs and show their value to others. Following this path, the European continent will strengthen its unity, maintain its fidelity to those who laid the foundations for its culture and fulfil its worldly calling in the world.”