Pete Broadbent - Cranmer campaign against bishops
Church of England

‘Cranmer’s continual campaign against the bishops…’

The Bishop of Willesden is of the view that the Archbishop Cranmer blog is waging a “continual campaign against the bishops”. Apparently, this isn’t acceptable because it confuses the political with the personal.

Thing is, if this “continual campaign” had been personal, neither the Bishop of Willesden nor the Bishop of Leeds would have been invited to Lambeth Palace to celebrate His Grace’s Decennial in 2016. No, it has more to do with this kind of thing:

There is more (much more) where these came from, but life’s too short. Do these sorts of tweets affect the church’s mission? Are they a helpful Christian witness? Do they draw Conservatives and Kippers to the nearest parish church? It might be observed that one or two bishops occasionally confuse the personal with the political, don’t they. Or is ‘Nutty Nigel’ a purely political statement? It might further be observed that bishops are also occasionally praised on the Archbishop Cranmer blog (not to mention all this), so the “continual campaign” against them is somewhat divided against itself. Perhaps this blog will soon fall, which would doubtless come as something of a relief to quite a few of them.