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His Grace’s monthly income is meagre, as the thermometer shows. He is delighted that you want to gift him lots of money to support his excellent ministry: God loveth a cheerful giver – whether they gift £millions or widows’ mites – and His Grace loveth a cheerful giver too, but, being carnal and sinful, gets a bit more cheery about £millions than widows’ mites.

You might have visited this page to offer prayer support, which is very welcome, but not as temporally useful as a bit of coin (or note). There are monthly costs involved in running a blog – hosting, IT support, security, copyright charges, functionality, subscriptions – and while it would be nice to find a wealthy and generous patron in 2022 to alleviate the penury, the reality is that dead archbishops really aren’t worth very much.

This blog has been free since its inception on 21st March 2006. No salaries are paid: the blogging labourer has never been worth his hire. Sadly, advertising for Mammon and flirting with Simony do not pay the bills (nowhere near), so abundant gifts, modest donations and tithes (including mites) are an immense blessing. Indeed, without them, His Grace’s light would dim, his steeple would fall to ruin, and his pulpit succumb to the worm that dieth not.

The problem with worms that dieth not is that they munch eternally. One-off gifts are great, but regular gifts are a bit greater. There is no vast array of crass Cranmerian merchandise to tempt you – mugs, cards, T-shirts or the like – principally because these things cost and distract from the essential mission, which is the written word.

And those words will remain free, because the truth that sets people free must itself be free. So the only reason you might want to make a pledge (which you can cancel at any time) is if you believe the Archbishop Cranmer blog to be something worth supporting. If you feel that each of His Grace’s epistles gives you 5p worth of spiritual insight, political enlightenment or theological truth, you could pledge £1 per month. This widow’s mite would earn you His Grace’s undying gratitude (actually, being ash, just gratitude). If you wish to pledge more than £1 per month, there is an incremental scale of His Grace’s gratitude up to but excluding plenary indulgence. Hopefully you will get a bit of satisfaction too.

  • £1 – Widow’s mite
  • £3 – Three widows’ mites
  • £6 – Three widows’ mites plus deceased husbands’ bequests
  • £12 – Good measure
  • £24 – Perfect gift
  • £48.00 – Windows of heaven
  • £96.00 – An angel get its wings
  • £144.00 – Bespoke epistle on a theo-political topic of your choosing
  • £288.00 – All of the above plus G&T with His Grace sometime

Thank you and bless you,


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