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Churchwarden soundly rebukes Archbishops (in Christian love)

There is a letter in the Church Times which merits a much wider readership (they have been asked for permission to reproduce it here, but have yet to respond [if they decide it’s a ‘no’, this post will, of course, be removed). It is written by Churchwarden Patrick Kidd (who moonlights as the TimesDiary Editor) in response Andrew Brown’s article ‘Can the Archbishops convince The Spectator’s readers?‘, in which seemingly all Spectator readers were categorised as “rascally voices” who seek to undermine the Church of England.

It was, of course, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York who, writing in The Spectator, had referred to certain “rascally voices around who want to undermine the church”. Anglicans are, of course, generally free to criticise their church if they wish: it is one of the fruits of the Reformation and benefits of the Enlightenment. But ‘rascally’ isn’t really the way to go about it, so if they were talking to you, please desist. (Incidentally, the Archbishops were definitely not referring to His Grace’s blog, which is the superlative antithesis of ‘rascally’, and would never dream of doing anything which might undermine the best church in England.)

The letter speaks for itself: