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Church of England deducts 30p from child abuse survivor’s counselling expenses – because a dayrider ticket would have been cheaper than two single fares

Chris Hernandez is a child abuse survivor in the Church of England. He has been quoted in a previous post, in which he decried the continuing deficiencies in the way survivors are being treated. He is at the end of his tether dealing with Lambeth Palace and the church’s National Safeguarding Team:

So he intends to camp outside Lambeth Palace next week in sub-zero temperatures in order to protest about the way he has been and continues to be treated. The twitter conversation speaks for itself of the ongoing injustice:

Thirty pence.

The Church of England deducted 30p from the counselling expenses of a child abuse survivor in receipt of benefits, a victim of the church’s own moral degeneracy and callous indifference, because he could have secured a cheaper bus ticket. Who bothered to go online and check that? What kind of petty bureaucratic mind concerns itself with 30p, when the costs of healing the emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the abused may run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds, along with many hours, weeks and years of loving and listening?

And why should these financial costs not be met in full? Why should they not be paid reasonably within 30 days? Why does the Church of England need four months to settle? Is every child abuse survivor presumed to be rich? Why assume they can all afford to be out of pocket for months on end, patiently waiting for a clerk to make a bank transfer? Is that how long it takes someone to google the cost of bus tickets? And why the requirement to break patient/counsellor confidentiality? What right does anyone in the Church of England have to know all that passes between a survivor and his or her counsellor? Is it so that the intelligence may be passed to Ecclesiastical Insurance?

Thirty pence.

Here’s thirty pieces of silver for the NST.

You have a poor grasp of mercy and no mind for justice. You lack compassion and common sense. You shame the Church and demean the honour of Him in whose name you serve.