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Christian EU Debate: Giles Fraser and Ann Widdecombe unite for Brexit


On 26th May at St James’s Piccadilly, London, ‘Christians for Britain‘ president the Rt Hon Ann Widdecombe and co-chairman the Rev’d Dr Giles Fraser united to discuss the UK’s membership of the European Union with Baroness (Sal) Brinton and Sir Stephen Wall, representing ‘Christians for Europe‘. The objective was to illuminate the national discourse with some Christian insight, while disagreeing well (which was variously interpreted). BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight covered the debate, which was chaired by the Rector of St James’s, the Rev’d Lucy Winkett.

It was a distinctively Christian EU debate, focusing on thorny issues of faith and morality in the context of European union, rather than the interminable focus on GDP and whether or not the NHS would lose or gain £100 million a week. The evening was reviewed by Christian Today, who also offered further comment on the “good disagreement” objective.

It is for you to judge the merits of the argument and the success (or otherwise) of the attempt to make a distinctively Christian contribution. Either way, Giles Fraser and Ann Widdecombe deserve a chat show. Enjoy: