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archbishop welby headline times

Don’t judge an archbishop by a newspaper headline

This is a very poor headline from the Sunday Times, purposely written to exasperate Brexiteer Tories and bring comfort and joy to all sorts of Remainery types. But it is a world apart from the whole of Justin Welby's meaning…
brexit limbo

Brexit is in limbo: a nation is bored

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has refused to accept any blame for the current Brexit impasse: the "original sin" lies with the UK, he said. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has…
welby cup of tea

Archbishop, make me a cup of tea

The Archbishop of Canterbury visited the Diocese of Hereford for a cup of tea. It was a mug of tea, actually, but 'cup' sounds better. He had a cup of…
bishop paul bayes extinction rebellion

Bishop endorses Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion say billions of people will die in the next decade or so due to climate change, so they are blockading parts of London for a fortnight, preventing people…