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See how the (Acting) Bishop of London loves Tories

The (Acting) Bishop of London just loves Tories. It is seen in his sweet Twitter appreciation that Conservatives apprehend the loveliness of the moral excellency of divine things; the beauty of honesty, justice and generosity, and the good nature of their public spirit. Being a bishop of the Established Church and a focus of national unity, he lauds the holy faith and works of all Christian Tories, which they live out and perform in humble service to their Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. The (Acting) Bishop of London appreciates especially those Tories who distinguish between moral good and evil and natural good and evil, for the evil of sin is different from the evil of suffering, and no Tory rejoices in pain and torment even though it may stem from their sin.

The (Acting) Bishop of London appreciates most especially that Tories try earnestly to do that which is right, so their moral good is that which is contrary to sin, exhorting people who have will and choice to be and act in ways that are virtuous and generous, taking responsibility for their duties to society and obligations to themselves, their families and their neighbours.

It is heartening indeed that the (Acting) Bishop of London can discern who is godly and who is not; that he honours Tories as moral agents, manifesting the heart and will of God for goodness, rightness and loveliness. They are not blind, of course, to their imperfections and inadequacies, but by God’s power their intelligence and political capacity help to transform the world to one of greater justice, liberty, charity and mercy. So many thousands of them delight in God’s law and dwell in His word – holy appetites which the agreeable Bishop seeks to exhort and affirm, for life does not consist of food, drink, entertainment and welfare, but the fear of the Lord and the love of one’s neighbour as oneself.

Tories who are fair and bright will especially appreciate the saintliness and humility of the (Acting) Bishop of London, and take succour in the knowledge that he intercedes for our welfare and prospering. He has conquered our dark hearts and doubting minds with his abundant grace, generous love, and incisive theology. His reverence, submission and self-abasement are an example to all. Long may he continue to inspire our gratitude, joy and zeal for true religion by his harmonious saintliness and holy affection.