Welcome to the new Archbishop Cranmer Blog (mergers and acquisitions..)

It has been six months in gestation – planning, preparing, pondering, praying, pleading and protesting (not necessarily in that order). And here, at last, it is.

You are most welcome to His Grace’s vibrant new blog – a lively place of religio-political discussion, with added chat, fellowship, cyber-coffee and prayer. The intersection between politics and religion in the UK has become increasingly fraught over recent years, and this blog has been at the forefront of debate. As we see the travails of religious belief becoming as globally significant as political ideology, we are incrementally subjugating freedom of religion to an immutable secular orthodoxy, under the sinister guise of “neutrality”. It is hoped that the community who gather here might not only rail against the irritating, bothersome and loathsome, but also occasionally enlighten, guide, correct and rebuke (in love), and also pray daily for one another; for friends, family and community; and for all those in authority.

The Archbishop Cranmer blog has come a long way since its inception in 2006 – from a timid half-dozen who used to comment in the earliest months to a robust readership now over 100,000 every month. There have been in excess of five million visitors to the blog since it launched, coming from 175 separate countries (some of them very surprising indeed). But times change and technology move on, and here we are on a whole new platform. To comment, you will need to open a Disqus account (via Facebook or Twitter, if you prefer: it’s the most effective way of dealing with abuse and mitigating spam). There will be one or two glitches as we move ahead over the coming weeks (we are aware of a few browser compatibility problems), so please bear with us.

His Grace says “us”..

Some of the chronic tensions between thinking as a 16th-century cleric and writing as a 21st-century academic were irreconcilable: the politics did not always cohere with the faith, and the religion was occasionally nullified by the politics. Sometimes the anachronisms were maddening, and occasionally the medium hindered the message. The stresses in some senses had become unbearable – especially with the number of media and speaking invitations His Grace was receiving (and obviously, being ash, unable to accept).

This blog has therefore not only engaged the services of an Editor – Adrian Hilton – but also a Deputy Editor – Gillan Scott – who was the author of the very successful and highly respected blog God & Politics in the UK (see About). He is closing that blog and joining His Grace permanently – not so much corporate takeover as a friendly acquisition or ecumenical merger. You won’t always agree with the content here, and neither will they always agree with each other: it might even become a “good cop/bad cop” interrogation of religion, politics, theology and philosophy. But in this postmodern age, so often typified by the fracturing of faith and the fragmentation of fellowship, this partnership promises to take Archbishop Cranmer from strength to strength, to be salt of the earth and a light in the world, to preach the Word in season and out, to glorify the Name of Jesus.

Thank you for visiting, reading and participating. Now, where to begin..

  • Your Grace’s blog and Gillans’ were both ‘must reads’, the merger makes it easier for us readers. May God bless this venture.

  • Jay Bee

    Your Grace,
    Congratulations on the renovation of your cyber-pulpit.
    Your blog posts are always eagerly awaited, a pleasure to read, a source of inspiration and a privilege to comment on.
    May this merged and acquired blog be unrivalled and your flocks and herds multiply.

  • avibarzel

    Test. Methinks I still have all me parts here…

    Congratulations Your Grace!

  • jillfromharrow

    (formerly Flossie, which was my Dad’s pet name for me!!)

    Wow! Many congratulations. And welcome to lovely thoughtful Gillan.

  • Well done on adapting & surviving. Your resurrection body may be different but I’m sure many will come to say, “Were not our hearts burning within us while he talked with us on the blog and opened religio-politico agendas with politico-religious objectives to us?”.

    Eight years old in the blogosphere makes you 240 in human years. How you have kept producing such consistently high quality content almost daily for so long is almost a supernatural feat. I for one am very grateful.

    Although I might not comment as frequently as I once did, I am still a daily visitor and have loved getting to know some of your regular congregation.

    And surely you will be with us always, to the very end of the blogging age.

  • Ah, the ability to comment without going through various login perambulations. Nice shiny new blog.

    • avibarzel

      All you folks are luck…I somehow messed up my account!

      • Cressida de Nova


        • Avi Barzel

          If that’s all that’s coming to me in the upcoming Days of Judgment, I’ll be one happy dude.

  • argestes

    I would praise the winds of change, but I fear the effect upon Your Grace’s ashes. Looking good though.

  • Neill Cotton

    Great stuff! Congratulations on the new look and new format.

  • IanCad

    Well, I’m a curmudgeon, wary of change, had a bad night’s sleep, face a busy day and the cat has pee’d on my trousers. It was just fine as it was. Hmmm.

    • avi barzel

      A lesson about not hanging up one’s trousers. Better than her peeing in your shoes, you not noticing because it dried and the aroma wafting around noon at the lunch table once feet get a bit warm and moist. A priceless experience. Solution: All clothing items on hangers and shoes in closet with closed doors or turned heel up….

  • Guest

    Managed to make the transition …..
    All the best with the new endeavour.

  • Guest

    Managed to make and the transition …. and then inadvertently deleted my very comment.
    Good luck with the new venture.

  • Happy Jack

    Did it again – deleted my first comments inadvertently. This will take some adjusting to!
    Good luck with the new venture.

    • Cressida de Nova

      Seconded. Good luck with the new blog.

      • Welcome Cressida. It’s all rather splendid. There’s even a bar if you fancy a drink and a bit of fun. Jack thinks it all very cool.

        • Cressida de Nova

          Jack I think you are still in the throes of victory celebrations. Well at least you wont have to move to French Polynesia now.
          That must come as a relief.I don’t visit here for fun Jack. My mission here is to enlighten Protestants on their (quite often) erroneous understanding of Christianity and to maintain a female representation on this mainly male misogynist blog.

          • Yes, the blog content is serious but one needs a place for frivolity too, Cressida.

            Jack was pleased with the referendum result and glad Scotland can remain home for him and his family – especially the ‘duckling’, who is due anytime now.

  • CliveM

    Give this a go see if it works!!

  • Dreadnaught

    Congratulations Cranny – rather Spiffing appearance by Jove!

  • CliveM

    Yahoooo it worked!

  • bluedog

    Congratulations, Your Grace. May you and your cyber-partner ascend to the commanding heights of the blogosphere. A most auspicious day on which to start the new venture, may one suggest.

  • Sister Tiberia

    Congratulations on the new home 🙂

  • Many congratulations – looking forward to the new incarnation…

  • Hi YG,

    Oh this is well cool. Congratulations on this new blogging space! (:

  • non mouse

    Congratulations, Your Grace. I rather miss the tartan, already… I hope it doesn’t get lost under all those foreign flags!!!

  • Daniel1979

    Congratulations on the move the new place looks good. Will bookmark it now.

  • len

    Congratulations Your Grace, this may take some working out!…..

  • James L

    Great to see the new site – and even better news about teaming up with Gillan as well. Exciting times ahead.

  • Anna055

    Congratulations – I like the new look, and I already use disqus so that’s easy. Just one request: I have enjoyed this blog and “God and politics” a lot, although I haven’t commented (or not recently anyway), but I also used to enjoy Peter Ould’s “Fundamentals of orthodoxy”. From his blog when he closed it down it seemed as though he had had enough …..but I wondered if he might be interested in doing the occasional article for this blog (or whether you might be able to host some of his old articles). Thanks!

    • We have spoken to Peter. He’s still taking a break from writing, but the offer has been made to him.

    • We have spoken to Peter. He’s still taking a break from writing, but the offer has been made to him.

      • Anna055

        Of course I wouldn’t want him to write again if he doesn’t want to – but I’m really glad he’s been asked.

  • carl jacobs

    I have been having trouble getting comments to load. They either don’t load at all, or load only partially. And it almost always takes an inordinate amount of time. This is a chronic problem I have experienced with Disqus. Any suggestions? The internet has not been much help.

    • Try using the account with your Clavis Pacis avatar. It may be better. Failing that, Jack would try deleting the Disqus account and then setting up a new one with G+ account. Or, you could merge the two accounts but this is unexplored territory for Jack.

    • avi barzel

      Not an admission one wants to hear from a retired Strategic Air Command guy. Ah, well, we’re still here, so all’s well that ends well.

  • excellent.

  • ukfred

    I look forward to continuing to read Your Grace’s words, and trust that you will not mind my occasionally disagreeing, though always ion a spirit of Christian love.

  • William Lewis

    Very swanky Your Grace. Congratulations. No wonder you need a couple of editors to keep it all shipshape.

  • Marie1797

    Superb new blog YG. Thank you.

  • William Lewis

    In the spirit of His Grace’s revamp, I have upgraded to having an avatar. It’s not original, but it is topical.

  • The Inspector General

    Well, the Inspector’s steam laptop brought him safely here via the link. I say, this is a jolly place ! Rather similar in layout as where the angry benders congregate and hiss at normal people. The Inspector still mounts the occasional patrol there. Pays, you know, to keep those blighters under surveillance…

    Not one for change though, the Inspector. Always a make do and mend man, himself. Thrift, that kind of thing. Suffering by doing without. Good for the soul, probably. However, one does stand back and admire what great investment in time and money has achieved. Last did that at St Paul’s Cathedral. That’s a wondrous place too.

    Anyway, carry on chaps. One is going for an amble along the corridors of this splendid palace. There are toilets here, one hopes, and a bar. Must be a bar here somewhere…

    • The Inspector General

      Ah good, those two have paired off and my avatar is back.

    • Glad you successfully made the swim across the blogosphere. This is a rather a posh new place, so good manners required at all times.

      • The Inspector General

        Can’t seem to vote you down Jack. Help, somebody !!

        • Good manners at all time, Sir.

        • Hi inspector,

          I think you can only vote people UP!!

          • That limits the options.

          • The Inspector General

            What rotten luck, Hannah…

          • Hi inspector,

            Poor old you, but at least one has to be positive(:

        • Inspector, you’ve been trying too hard, for too long.

      • Rainbow Jewish girl

        Happy Jack,

        Naturally. Inspector is best of British 🙂

        Or so my sister says….

        • Hi rainbow ,

          Inspector is an old school catholic gentleman.

          • Jack didn’t know you did irony, Hannah. Well done.

          • Rainbow Jewish girl

            She has a wicked sense of humour….

          • Oh, I do have a fab sense of humour happy Jack (:

        • Given time, you’ll be able to form your own opinion. He’s a scoundrel.

          • Rainbow Jewish girl

            Really? I’ve been told inspector is a loveable rogue…

  • CliveM

    Quick question the old site had a smart phone view. Can’t find it on this, does it have one?

    • avi barzel

      Try now.

      • CliveM

        Arvi thanks – yes I switched on and it was just there! Like magic.

  • Pubcrawler

    So far so painless

  • Uncle Brian

    I’m a few hours late for the housewarming, I see. I missed the beginning of the party. I hope you’ve all left me a drop of something so that I can still drink a toast to His Grace the Archbishop and his magnificent new cathedral. Cheers!

  • Rainbow Jewish girl

    Kok hakavod to his grace and his team! Hannah, my sister and housemate, finally persuaded me to get a discus account and comment. Look forward to reading the posts.

  • Good luck! I love your spot-on observations.

  • Dave Illing

    Good to see Your Grace is keen to move with the technological times! And good to have yourself and Gillan together – as someone has already said, two must-reads in one place is very handy. God bless this new venture.
    Small gripe, however: for those of us who mainly follow by twitter on phone, the new site, being desktop style, is less easy to read; a mobile interface would be good.

  • Mike Houlding

    Very smartly turned out Your Grace. May your teething troubles be minimal.