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Tories select anti-Israel activist who supports boycott and sanctions


When Kelly Tolhurst was selected in an “open primary” to fight the forthcoming by-election in Rochester & Strood, there was jubilation that the Conservative Party had found in her a strong, intelligent, local candidate who had lived in the area all her life. Not only that; she also cares deeply about hospitals and deeply about the NHS and deeply about immigration. It helps, of course, that she is also young, female and glamorously telegenic. But since both candidates in this “open primary” (as the Conservatives insist on calling it) were young, female and glamorously telegenic, the result was perhaps foregone. The elite committee that selected them obviously binned the men’s CVs and discounted any women who might have looked a bit like Ann Widdecombe. They wanted a fetching, charismatic, camera-ready Cameroon – the best way of beating the middle-aged, male and rather plain if not geeky Ukip-defector Mark Reckless.

It must have disappointed CCHQ that only 5,688 Rochester & Strood voters bothered to participate in this election, representing about 7.5% of those eligible. Kelly Tolhurst won 50.44% of the vote (2,869), which amounts to endorsement not so much by the whole constituency as just 12% of those who voted for Mark Reckless in 2010. But enough of the tedious psephology. The thing is, Miss Tolhurst is an anti-Israel activist who supports BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) – “a truly global movement against Israeli Apartheid” – and opposes the Israeli “occupation” of Palestine. The Jewish Chronicle unearthed the evidence:

During the Gaza conflict in July and August her Twitter account regularly posted messages calling on supporters to boycott Israeli companies. She also re-posted messages from the “Free Gaza Movement”.

She repeatedly targeted companies, including SodaStream and Ahava, and encouraged others to “hold Israel accountable for its violation of international law”.

Ms Tolhurst also posted critical messages relating to Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip.

..During Israel’s Pillar of Defence operation to stop Hamas rocket attacks she posted tweets using hashtags including #Palestineunderattack and #VivaPalestina.

Now, Miss Tolhurst has made it clear that she condemns violence on both sides of the conflict and is committed to a two-state solution. This being the case, there is a curious absence in her Twitter stream of the hashtags #Israelunderattack and #VivaIsrael, and not much mention either of Gaza’s terror tunnels or Hamas’s propensity to sacrifice Palestinian women and children in staged slaughters for the purposes of media propaganda.

By supporting the Free Gaza Movement, Miss Tolhurst approves of those who have openly declared that they seek “to ramp up resistance” rather than work for peace and reconciliation. They pretend to work for justice and human rights, but, according to board member Adam Shapiro: “Free Gaza is but one tactic of a larger strategy, to transform this conflict from one between Israel and the Palestinians, or Israel and the Arab world… to one between the rest of the world and Israel.” The strategy of jihadi escalation is clear: no right-minded Conservative and no Christian ought to support such a destructive, divisive, hate-mongering organisation.

By targeting companies like SodaStream and Ahava, Miss Tolhurst strikes at the very legitimate economic activity which provides thousands of Palestinian Arabs with their livelihoods, workers’ rights and job security. Her appeals to “international law” are superficial, misguided and false. Only by twisting the Geneva Convention (if she’s read it) beyond the plainest meaning of Jewish legal entitlement could she believe that international law is being violated.

By endorsing BDS, Miss Tolhurst identifies with those who seek to isolate, delegitimise and ultimately eradicate the State of Israel by a war of economic attrition. BDS demands the unconditional dismantling of Israel’s security wall and the establishment of a “viable” Palestinian state. They are pledged to “recognizing the fundamental rights of the Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel to full equality”, and the inalienable right of return for those who were displaced in 1948.

If Israel were to open its borders to all those in Trans-Jordan (and beyond) who claim refugee status; if Israel were to dismantle the security wall and cede to Hamas all the land it claims; if Israel were to cease seeking out Palestinian terrorists and halt the bombing of Gaza’s missile-launchers, the consequences for Israel and Israelis would be apocalyptic and existential.

Kelly Tolhurst hasn’t been tweeting much about the appalling human rights violations of China, Cuba, Myanmar or North Korea. She hasn’t been sharing hashtags decrying the oppression and suffering of minorities in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan. No, it is Israel alone which attracts her censure: it is Israel alone which must be discredited, quarantined and demonised. And it is such ignorance of justice, history, honesty and basic morality which foments the sort of hate that burns down synagogues and brings down anti-Semitic hordes to demolish supermarket kosher counters.

But Kelly Tolhurst ought not to be deselected for her beliefs. No, in a liberal democracy she is entitled to her views and ought to be free to propagate them. Her unfortunate selection is simply a natural consequence of the Conservative Party’s nullification of candidate meritocracy and CCHQ’s obsession with advancing female councillors. It is now for the people of Rochester & Strood to deliver their verdict on 20th November: Mark Reckless ought to be feeling a little more secure.

  • James60498 .

    Your Grace. I remember shortly after you attended the Conservative Conference one of your congregation acknowledged that he always felt it necessary at such times to allow you some leeway when you informed us how great the party was.
    I am delighted to see that any lingering concessions to the party are now gone and there is no longer need for you to be given unnecessary tolerance.
    This party truly is changed.
    This party truly is a disgrace.
    This party truly is the Nasty Party.

  • dannybhoy

    “It is now for the people of Rochester & Strood to deliver their
    verdict on 20th November: Mark Reckless ought to be feeling a little
    more secure.”

    He certainly should, although I am still not sure what to make of him. Carswell a man of integrity. Reckless? I dunno.
    Anyway your points are imv good ones. “Kelly’s the kiss of death for Terrified Torys!” would make a good headline I think.
    Whatever anybody thinks about the existence of the State of Israel, it is a legitimate State. Some Christians seem to think that being a Jewish State that for some reason Israelis should all be pious white bearded old chaps, complete with yarmulkes and kindly sayings.
    Perhaps thinking back wistfully to the days prior and during ww2, when they were always up for a good kicking and grateful that we allowed them to dwell anywhere near us..
    The fact of course is that Israelis are no different to anyone else or any other democratic State. So yes we can and should criticise them when they overreact, or pursue policies like more settlement building.
    What we can’t do is deny their legitimate security concerns and impose our complacent, western post Christian, liberal democratic, human rights obsessed mindset on their struggle for survival. Or pretend that “if only Israel would act the way we would act in her position that everything would be all right, and Islamic Jihadists would stop wanting to kill them and incidentally, each other.
    So Kelly is more than entitled to believe what she believes, but my guess is that most other sensible folk will take a look around them and vote for the other guy…

  • Athanasius

    There is “evidence” that she doesn’t see things Mr Thomas Cranmer’s way? Well, May God have mercy on us all…

    • carl jacobs

      Here is the thing, Athanasius. I can’t quite figure out if people like you want the Israelis slaughtered, or if people like you are are just too dirt ignorant to realize what would happen to the Israelis if you ever got your way.

      • Charles Cottam

        I am with you there Carl. Side with the Jews and a nation, a party or a church prospers. Come against them and sooner or later disaster beckons

        • HenryWood

          Too true, Charles Cottam. Within a few months of the Co-op movement voting for sanctions against Israel, the Co-op bank went into free-fall. Whilst I did not cause the event I do like to think my closing of all Co-op accounts with recommendations to friends and family to do the same helped just a little.
          I had been with their online bank ‘Smile’ since it opened and when they asked me why I was leaving, did I have problems with their service, etc., I told them, “No problems with service which was excellent, but you mess with Israel and I’ll do my best to mess with you.”

          • Politically__Incorrect

            There are many who have jumped on the leftist anti-Israel bandwagon. Businesses, public figures, comedians, to mention but a few. In doing so they are condeming themselves by taking sides with those who seek not only the destruction of Israel, but of the West too. If Isil gets hold of them they will be shown no mercy because of their opposition to Israel. They might as well be defending the devil himself.

        • If that’s actually true there are a number of possible explanations; not all of them are supernatural.

  • disqus_N9Jawtu8Uw

    The conservative party no longer even understands what reality even is

  • magnolia

    At least she appears to hate conflict. Of course there are many if not most of us who do loathe armed conflict, and this is particularly so for those who have gone through it, experienced it, or suffered from it.

    Some elements of our media appear to brainlessly and brazenly encourage armed conflict, and I think that they should be ashamed of themselves.

    I hope many people will be sufficiently desirous of being well-informed that they listen to the full 2hours and 58 and a half second youtube video of Putin speaking at the Valdai conference which is a must for any properly informed person to hear, and which shows that information we have been given is not wholly accurate. For a start he is more like Mrs Thatcher politically than a hardline Communist . Anti communist, anti-irevolution, anti-nouveau riche posturing, pro conservative social mores, pro checks and balances in foreign relations, and anti “unipolarity” (which is clearly US hegemony, but as to exactly what that means I don’t know). Even seemingly not Keynesian. Many journalists sit there with their jaws dropping, and I think this is a stunning surprising video which might prove to be pivotal.

    Here if I may, is the link:

  • John Waller

    Sadly the great majority of Rochester voters will have no interest whatsoever in her anti-Israeli views. A certain minority group probably will however, and that may well be what the Tories were hoping for in putting her forward.

    As for primaries? Away with them!

    How political parties choose their candidates is entirely up to them. Primaries are just a subtle way of making private political parties ever so less private, and hence (they hope) to be considered worthy of the taxpayer funding which is going to be inflicted upon us all in due course.

    • carl jacobs

      A “certain minority group.” Yes, that is the essential question. How large is the Muslim vote? Is this selection targeted at winning them for the election? All politics is local, after all. There is no reason to harp about China if there are no Tibetan voters who care.

      So the integrity of Israel becomes a pawn in the Tory struggle to maintain seats in Parliament. Sounds about right.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Yes, it looks like the Tories are using the “totty” factor to try and gain a few votes. This is based on the presumption that most voters are feminists who will vote for chromosomes rather than cohesive views on the mattters that concern them. In a truly egalitarian society, women would be elected because of their merit, and not because of youth or appearence. Ms Tolhurst is clearly still in political kindergarten when it comes to the Middle East. Her views on Israel are more representative of the NUS and the SWP than a mature, informed politician. Youth in politics is not always an advantage as it tends to come with inexperience and subsequent naivety.

  • DrCrackles

    The fact that the views of ‘Respect’ have become mainstream shows us 2 things:

    1) the nation is in a very bad state
    2) the Conservatives are indistinguishable from Labour and the LibDems. This second point clearly shows that we are at a watershed in the nation’s politics. Only UKIP is offering a valid choice.

    By the way the views of Tolhurst are dominant in the CofE. Which must shoulder the burden of responsibility regarding its shameful rhetoric and behaviour towards Israel.

    • dannybhoy

      “By the way the views of Tolhurst are dominant in the CofE.”

      I’d certainly agree with you there. Despite my undoubted popularity and the affectionate tolerance with which my wife and I are regarded, when it comes to Israel you can see the shutters come down or the hackles start to rise..
      I think HJ pointed out a few days ago that the Law was fulfilled through the Lord Jesus Christ, hence no need for temple or sacrifices, that does not mean God has abandonded His ancient people.
      We know from Paul and Hebrews that a remnant yet remains,
      We know from Zechariah that one day,
      “They will look upon Him whom they have pierced and they will mourn for him as one mourns for an only child, and grieve bitterly for him as one grieves for a firstborn son.” Zechariah 12:10
      I believe the true Church should (not uncritically) stand with Israel and the Jewish people.

      • “I think HJ pointed out a few days ago that the Law was fulfilled through the Lord Jesus Christ, hence no need for temple or sacrifices, that does not mean God has abandonded His ancient people.”

        It was Saint Paul who taught us this. And he also taught that there will be a conversion of the Jewish people before Christ’s return which tells us most certainly the Jews will survive (and most probably be in their own land ?).

        Meantime, Israel is a state and has to act in the interests of its citizens and, in part, this means not alienating world public opinion. The Palestinian terrorist groups are very good at exploiting this vulnerability.

  • I wonder if politicians are right about women voters and women candidates.
    Both of my daughters, having worked for women are quite clear that they would not vote for a female candidate, mainly on the basis that they are bossy, self-important and won’t listen to anyone else’s point of view.

    • Ah, they’ve met Happy Jack’s and Old Blower’s wives then.

      • Old Blowers

        *Huge Giggles**

        • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

          Now now boys…

    • IanCad

      I know I’ve mentioned this before, but to my mind women are unsuitable in the political arena because they are genetically wired to be unable, ever, to admit they may be wrong.

      • magnolia

        Perhaps women would become reasonable, pliable, gentler, start fewer global conflicts, and so on with a good shot of testosterone, then?

        Oh whoops, got that one wrong, didn’t I?

        Note ability to change mind, which we are also frequently upbraided for!!

        Indecisive people who cannot admit the previous decision was wrong? Hmmm!! Something a bit off there?

        Incidentally who was the last male politician to admit he got something wrong? (We are still, I think, waiting on the dodgy dossier derelicters of duty to admit they were wrong after a calamitous conflict costing vast quantities of “collateral” -and military-lives here, there, and all over).

        • IanCad

          You’re putting me on the spot here.
          I will have to admit that in the political arena you make a point. The men – if such they are – may be as obdurate as the ladies.
          Now, in the domestic field, there is no question about it. We men have to grovel, beg, recant and admit to the slightest error. Women just don’t do it. Further, they have the fearful habit of regularly reminding us of all our previous transgressions going back to the year dot.

  • CliveM

    “she is also young, female and glamorously telegenic”

    Well that open to debate if the photo is a fair one. However it matters not. If this is the best candidate the Conservative party can come up with for Rotherham, our political system really is in crisis. She shouldn’t be on a short list for a parish council, never mind as an MP.

    She condones terrorism. She should have no place in any party.

    • IanCad

      The monstrous regiment of women marches on!
      It surely must reflect badly on Cameron’s judgement – an oxymoron?
      Where do they dredge up such dopey and dangerous gals?
      Remember Chloe Smith?

      • CliveM

        You know in the early days of this Govt it was excusable that they made errors of judgement, simply because of their inexperience. One of the most depressing thing about Cameron is how he is still making basic errors of judgement. There is no evidence of learning from experience. He is still to keen on sound bites. He hasn’t learnt not to make commitments he either has no intention or the ability to stick to. He did it again yesterday. Watch him give away £1.69bn to the EU, whilst trying to pretend the £0.01 saved is a victory!
        Chloe Smith is another example. And here we are again. Strong sense of déjà vu, and an avoidable embarrassment embraced.

  • Car crash interview with Kelly Tolhurst

    Our girl they are calling her. Is she old enough to drink alcohol yet I

    The Tories really are the nasty party, they think voters are as shallow as they are.

  • Where, or on what, are Cameron’s eyes focused?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      I think he’s looking for the light at the end of the tunnel, only to discover it’ an oncoming train.

    • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

      Not on me dear boy, I assure you!

      • CliveM

        Oh come, don’t be so modest!

  • grutchyngfysch

    I’m sure there’s a metaphor being supplied here… something to do with a broad church and its virtues as a repository for truth.

  • Well thankfully the boycott isn’t getting anywhere(except places like the nus, but as they’ve refused to condemn IS, they have zero credibility and the Presbyterians in the US, but that was an extremely narrow vote). I think that the trade figures speak for themselves: $6 billion per year in UK-israeli trade and rising.

    As for ” free Gaza”. Israel withdrew from Gaza years back, even removing the whole Jewish population. Rather than building up their fiefdom in a responsible way, the Arabs got corrupt rule, then takeover from Hamas, who decided that keeping a viable economy wasn’t priority, killing Israeli civilians became their agenda, as part of the long term aim of destroying the Jewish state, so every resource was turned into attacking Israel, not the economic well-being of their own people. The Palestinians squandered an opportunity, but rather than blaming the Palestinians for these consequences, it is (predictably) somehow Israel’s fault in both the Arab and European mindset. I can’t help but feel that this is going to happen in the west bank, even if there is a peace deal.

    What gets me angry is that if the Gaza conflict had been played out n Britain no candidate, MP or politican would be saying the stuff about Israel that they did during the Gaza war, especially if you were a conservative. In fact from the daily mail downward, they’d be national unity to stop and punish terrorists, raining down missiles into British cities.

    • carl jacobs

      You can in the United States find organizations more irrelevant than the Presbyterian Church USA. But you have to work at it. If PCUSA is against you, consider it a good thing.

      • Hi Carl,

        The guys at electronic intafada were gloating about this in the summer….

        • carl jacobs


          That would be ‘gloat.’ Spelled C-L-U-E-L-E-S-S.


    • dannybhoy

      Well said Hannah.

      • Hi Danny

        Thanks (:

        • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

          Dear Hannah, ever since falling for the charms of Mr Disraeli and the Barchester gathering of the Primrose League I have been a fervent supporter of Israel. I have not wavered in this, not one jot…nor will I.

    • Owl

      Hannah, Why are the Presbyterians in the US against Israel? Are they different to the Presbyterians in GB?

      • Hi owl,

        I mentioned the US Presbyterians because they’re the most prominent Christian group in the US who have advocated a boycott (albeit by 7 votes) & disinvestment, in what I’d traditionally seen as a more Israeli friendly country, than great Britain. I’m not sure about the UK, but I wouldn’t say that the (Presbyterian) church of Scotland is Israel’s best friend. The Methodists aren’t and the church of England has it’s moments as well.

        To be honest, I’m used to the hostility that Israel seems to generate here in the UK, I keep having to pinch myself when I read anything remotely sympathetic towards Israel on blogs such as this or with my gentile friends , who are the silent majority against those shouting the loudest to demonise and boycott Israel. Quite why a small country of less than 8,000,000 gets so much attention and hatred is beyond me.

        • CliveM


          The Church of Scotland for many years has been the Labour Party at prayer.

          • Hi Clive,

            I will admit, I don’t know much about the church of Scotland, so no offence intended. I can only go on the press releases (:

          • CliveM


            Not offended! Just giving some context to their pro Palestinian stance.

            The CofS actively supported labour during the years to ’97. It supported the argument over devolution. It housed the Parliament for its first few years. At the General Assembly it has consistently voted for labour/left wing causes. It makes the CofE look right wing!

          • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

            What about the ‘Wee Frees?’

          • CliveM

            Mrs Proudie

            As a Church they are less political. Like a lot of Churches who tend towards being more traditional and ‘narrow’ they have less of a party political tradition.

            I think the Wee Wee Frees even see voting as sinful!

        • IanCad

          Good Evening Hannah,

          “–Quite why a small country of less than 8,000,000 gets so much attention and hatred is beyond me.”

          Such it has ever been.

          “And thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb, and a byword, among all nations whither the LORD shall lead thee.”

          True, this was a warning for Israel to stick to the straight and narrow, but is also applies to those times of plenty.


          I must say that it appears most critics of Israel have never seen a map. For, had they, then they could not be but astonished at that tiny oasis of civilisation still prospering amid hostile nations, all conspiring to drive her into the sea.

          • Hi Ian,

            To quote the Rambam(Moses Maimonides):

            ‘We are in possession of the divine assurance that Israel is indestructible and imperishable, and will always continue to be a pre-eminent community. As it is impossible for God to cease to exist, so is Israel’s destruction and disappearance from the world unthinkable, as we read, “For I the Lord change not, and ye, O sons of Jacob, will not be consumed.” (Malachi 3:6).

            Similarly He has avowed and assured us that it is unimaginable that He will reject us entirely even if we disobey Him, and disregard His behests, as the prophet Jeremiah avers, “Thus saith the Lord: If heaven above can be measured, and the foundations of the earth searched out beneath, Then will I also cast off all the seed of Israel for all that they have done, saith the Lord” (Jeremiah 31:36).

            Indeed this very promise has already been given before through Moses our Teacher who says, “And yet for all that, when they are in the land of their enemies, I will not reject them, neither will I abhor them, to destroy them utterly, and to break My covenant with them; for I am the Lord their God.” (Leviticus 26:44).”

          • MiddleBrow

            Hannah: St Paul said something similar: “”They are Israelites, and to them belong the sonship, the glory, the covenants, the giving fo the law, the worship, and the promises…” (Romans 9). He goes on to say, that although many Israelites have rejected these privileges, God has not forgotten them. He asks: “Has God rejected his people? By no means!” He likens Christian Gentiles to wild olive branches who have been grafted onto the olive tree. Many Israelites have been broken off because of their unbelief, But if God could graft wild olive branches onto the original tree, how much more can he re-graft “these natural branches back into their own olive tree” (Romans 11). I pray with St Paul that “all Israel will be saved”.

          • Manfarang

            Egypt and Jordan have signed peace treaties with Israel, the other two neighboring countries are more concerned about their own internal problems. Interesting enough media outlets have reported about the lack of animosity between the Israeli state and Jabhat al-Nusra, which represents al-Qaeda in Syria.
            Jabhat al-Nusra having established itself along parts of the border of the Golan Heights.

        • Owl

          Thank you Hannah,
          I am also at a total loss to explain the antisemitism and anti Israel stance of the mainly left wing groups (political or religious). It doesn’t make the slightest bit of sense and leaves reality lying in the gutter.

          • CliveM


            It’s fear. People are scared of what is going on in the Arab world and they blame it on the creation of Israel. Many would like Israel to simply disappear, as they believe this will solve the problem. The fact that Israel is unwilling to do this, causes anger and resentment. Today their is nothing Israel can do or say that would placate these people because it is NOT about how Israel behaves, is is about Israel’s existence.

            The left have always been the greater moral and intellectual cowards.

      • carl jacobs


        This isn’t a decision representative of all Presbyterians. It’s a decision that represents the leadership of the Presbyterian Church USA. There are seven old Protestant churches in the US that are collectively known as “The Seven Sisters.” PCUSA is one of those seven. Fifty years ago, they dominated the religious landscape of the US. Over the last five decades they have all moved Leftward both politically and religiously. They have also each experienced catastrophic decline. They are now churches populated primarily by aging boomers and their surviving parents. The leadership in these churches is surprisingly narrow and non-representative. So what this decision by PCUSA actually represents is the opinion of the politically active class that dominates the governance of PCUSA.

        Again. I can’t overstate the cultural irrelevance of the Seven Sisters. No one listens to them. They have no cultural purchase at all.

        • Owl

          Thank you for the explanation. I admit that I find the denominations in the US more than a bit confusing.

  • Martin

    Am I alone in thinking she looks like (a maybe younger) Ann Widdecombe?

    Seems the Tories have a death wish. They’re fielding a leftwingish candidate with these views in a middle class mostly white constituency. Labour are also fielding a female candidate, I wonder what religion she espouses.

  • James60498 .

    Candidates for this (and indeed most other) election.

    Brainless. LibDem
    Clueless. Conservative
    Feckless. Labour
    Reckless. UKIP

    • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

      Shameless. Respect

  • Albert

    Isn’t it rather an academic point which Conservative stands in Rochester, whether or not she is glamorous, whether or not she supports local hospitals or Israel, or the Palestinians or whatever? UKIP are going to win this election, because it would appear that the EU is actually working for UKIP now.

  • len

    So…….. Kelly Tolhurst is an activist working against Israel ?( the only democracy in the Middle East)
    …I suppose that now we have sold our souls to the EU any sense of the UK as a’ democracy’ is a distant fading memory.?
    UKIP are the only party who seem willing to sort out the EU monster which is intent on consuming whatever it can get its hands on and far from brotherly love and ‘ode to joy’ and all that one suspects old scores are being settled by exorbitant demands for cash by the EU.

    • Manfarang

      Lebanon is still a democracy of sorts.

  • David

    Given the strong pro-Ukip results in the polls, is one to assume that Central Office are keeping back their stronger candidates for the places where they will have a better chance in the GE ? This “Conservative” candidate from the left of the party is very unlikely to prove attractive to a constituency that was comfortable with a MP drawn from the right of the party. Unless I am missing something this does not seem like winning tactics to me, or does Cameron have a grand strategy at work here, which us mere mortals, fruitcakes and Ukippers could not possibly fathom ?

    • Politically__Incorrect

      The idea of Cameron having any kind of grand strategy seems pretty unlikely to me. I think it more likely that he sees Ms Tollhursts views as “progressive”. As we all kno, “progressive” is what everyone wants and needs. After all, in politics, there’s nothing worse than consistency, integrity, or stability.

      • David

        Absolutely ! I was merely musing, and probably enjoying myself far too much. Cameron has no strategy, ever, at all. He is a blunderer of the first order with no sense of tactics, no strategic vision and no “feel”, or empathy for the spirit of the people. What does he have ? Arrogance, aloofness and disdain for the vast mass of the people ?

  • Johnnyrvf

    Glamorously telegenic? More like a pile of rubble wearing a wig………

  • Manfarang

    This woman as she says has spent most of her life in England. What she has to say about the Middle East isn’t based on any deep knowledge of the region.It just shows how ridiculous she really is.

  • UmUmUmUmUmUm

    Why doesn’t she just follow her heart and reform the Waffen SS. Mind you, a depressing number of our revolting politico-media oligarchy, are obviously anti-Semitic too. The support of Palestinians is just pure cant for many of them; a useful shield to hide their Jew hatred behind.