Theresa May voted party leader most like Jesus

“I think it’s an extraordinary poll. It’s the first time I’ve heard something like this,” said Theresa May, somewhat aghast to hear that she has been voted by Christians the political party leader most like Jesus. Not physically, of course (the beardy sandals type is much more Jeremy Corbyn), but in her essential character integrity and policy advocacy, the Prime Minister is deemed to be more like the Son of God than any of the other UK party leaders.

Looking at the line-up – Corbyn (Labour), Farron (LibDem), Sturgeon (SNP), Wood (Plaid Cymru), Nuttall (Ukip), Lucas/Bartley (Greens) perhaps that isn’t so difficult to believe. It isn’t clear if options included the Northern Ireland parties, but maybe Nigel Dodds (DUP) and Michelle O’Neill (Sinn Féin) are unknown quantities to the interview sample.

Perhaps methodological quibbles are irrelevant: asked directly for a Premier poll ‘Which political leader do you consider to be most like Jesus?’, a whopping 46% responded Theresa May.

Corbyn scored 27%; Farron 20%; Lucas/Bartley 3%; Nuttall 2%; Wood and Sturgeon both scored 1.5%.

Before the ensuing chat thread is captivated (once again) by fulminations about same-sex marriage and sheer incredulity that anyone could possibly think Theresa May to be a ‘real’ Christian, it is worth examining this data.

Stephen Beer (of Christians on the Left) posits a plausible rationale: “I thought that the proportion who were suggesting that Theresa May was most like Jesus was very roughly in line with the proportion who say they’re going to vote Conservative nationally,” he told Premier. “I wonder whether your poll is really reflecting, in the first instance at least, national voting intentions at that point, rather than any strong conviction from Christian communities in the country.”

Polls are fluid, but today’s top line appears to be: Con 48%; Lab 33%; Green 2%; LibDem 7%, Ukip 4%. Data for the SNP and Plaid is skewed because they’re not UK parties, but somewhere between 0.5%-2% looks about right.

So Stephen Beer might be onto something correlative: Theresa May is considered to be most like Jesus by those who want to see her returned to No.10, which makes complete sense, for why would Christians vote for a candidate they don’t consider to be the most Christlike?

For some, of course, Theresa May is more anti-christ than Christlike. Or even anti-mary:

…these women would not value children. They would be bawdy, vulgar, and angry. They would rage against the idea of anything resembling humble obedience or self-sacrifice for others. They would be petulant, shallow, catty, and overly sensuous. They would also be self-absorbed, manipulative, gossipy, anxious, and ambitious. In short, it would be everything that Mary is not.

That’s a fair summary of a robust left-wing view of Theresa May (and Margaret Thatcher, for that matter). Andrew Brown unpacks it further in the Guardian:

Our Lady of the Foodbanks makes such an improbably Christ-like figure… I don’t think that anyone could look at her policies and conclude that she was the most Christian of the party leaders. If you are on the left, the way her government treats the unemployed, the old, the young, and anyone else without a private income is morally outrageous… Her policies on asylum seekers are brutal enough to lose the support of the left, while the right thinks she is far too secularist in her refusal to prioritise Christians who are fleeing persecution. No other party leader has such a wide spectrum of policies offensive to different shades of Christian opinion.

And he takes Stephen Beer’s theme a step further: those who believe Theresa May to be most like Jesus are actually seeing in her a reflection of their own Christian identity and political ideology:

Most Christians in this country – and certainly most Anglicans – are hostile to immigration, and don’t believe welfare recipients are victims of circumstances outside their own control. Anglicans in particular are significantly more likely to support Brexit than non-Anglicans of the same age and class.

At the same time they are socially liberal, with no strong hang-ups about sexual behaviour or even abortion. They believe in straight divorce and gay marriage. All this is entirely in line with May’s platform, and thoroughly out of line with the opinions of the bishops and other clergy. When they look at the party leader, they see in Theresa May the one who most resembles their Christian selves, and therefore, they believe, the one who must be closest to Jesus Christ, the perfect man.

There may be some truth in this also: in a liberal democracy, since Jesus Himself isn’t standing for election and there’s no hope that the government will be upon his shoulder anytime soon, Christians are exhorted to discern the lesser evil; to vote for the candidate who is most like Jesus, even if that reflection is oftentimes rather hazy.

And yet Theresa May is the only political leader who talks openly about her faith in a positive and consistent way. “I’ve been clear and everybody knows that faith plays a part in my life and faith guides me in everything I do,” she told Premier Christian Radio yesterday. Jeremy Corbyn (atheist/agnostic?) has no such transcendent guide: he usually waffles on about community and general faith (often linking it to race and equality). Evangelical Tim Farron has U-turned on so many of his Christian moral convictions (or at least on same-sex marriage and abortion) that he scarcely now seems to be convinced of much at all. And Paul Nuttall is a pro-life Roman Catholic, but he tends to bark about Christianity only in the context of ‘British values’ (which seem to be dominated in policy terms by burqas). Other leaders’ views have been summarised by James Mildred, who asks: “One wonders if William Wilberforce were alive today, if such a man would ever have survived in modern society where those who are more evangelical seem to face outright suspicion and hostility.”

Theresa May is no William Wilberforce, but if you balk at all talk of her Christlikeness, consider instead that she is quite possibly the most Wilberforce-like of the current crop of political leaders. His overriding mission and his whole political vocation was to abolish slavery; hers is now to extricate us from the EU. And therein lies perhaps the most interesting revelation from this Premier poll: they found overwhelmingly that the most important issue for Christians in this General Election is not the NHS, or education, or homelessness or poverty: it is Brexit.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman.

It has taken a while for eyes to see and minds to understand that the UK can be a shining city upon a hill far better when its light is not dimmed by the anti-Christian, anti-democratic, anti-freedom forces of the Eurobeast. A UK government can be more righteous, if not more Christlike, when it is sovereign enough to be so.

  • Anton

    To be compared to Theresa May, what a privilege for Our Lord!

    She’s already corrected him about whether homosexuality is a sin, of course.

    • John

      They all have. Even the supposedly Bible-believing evangelical. (Is it actually possible to stand for parliament these days without enthusiastically promoting buggery at every opportunity)? Also, is any one of the candidates pro-life, or is the destruction of the unborn pretty much OK with them all?

      • Anton
        • David

          Thanks for the link. The information doesn’t surprise me although it does confirm many of my suspicions.

          • betteroffoutofit

            I’m still at a level of suspicion – though at a high level that leaves me unwilling to mire myself in further uninspiring guesswork. Especially if my effort is to line the coffers of one who writes such filth about the dead. After all, some of those attacked did achieve great things:despite their flaws. And as to the Grauniadeers . . . . . . . . .

            Essentially – I think this has been true about the ruling classes ever since they began to manifest themselves (cf. Biblical evidence). In later times, it’s always seemed to get worse when the franco-germans wax influential (e.g. Restoration); however, some of the roots regarding to public and boarding-schools are quite well-attested. One doesn’t doubt that problems were also rife in monasteries and nunneries.

            And I knew it was flourishing in my younger day because I learned of how the rich and famous comported themselves on holiday in certain ‘island paradises’. It was no secret. Think James Bond and what’s really going on (both sub- and in-narrative) + writers, actors, singers, financiers, merchants, aristocrats etc. etc. They all know each other. It’s horrible.

            For hope, though: one need only look at figures like Elvis, Johnny Cash, MLK, JFK — somehow, something good found its way from their inner (?higher) somewhere and into the world. It had to get past an awful lot of vileness for any True Beauty to survive. The Judge will decide on what else survives.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    Theresa May is caught between two gravitational forces. One is her Christian faith, which I believe to be genuine held even though it is flawed, and her role as PM. She is unfortunately surrounded by Left-wing Conservatives who are constantly drawn towards the black hole of political correctness and she depends on their support so can’t completely ignore them. Given the enormity of her responsbilities, I think she needs our prayers right now more than she needs comparisons with Christ himself.

    • bluedog

      Agreed, and one reads the attack on TM today in the DT by Nigel Farage with utter incredulity. Does he not consider the possibility of an unholy alliance between the pro-EU Left (Labour, Lib-Dims, SNP) that could cripple the chances of Brexit? Having repeatedly failed to win a seat in the Westminster parliament himself while advocating Brexit, you would think Farage would shut up rather than undermine the political leader charged with the Brexit negotiations. But no, attention-seeking to the bitter end, he sneers and whines from the sidelines.

      • Anton

        Perhaps he is provoking her into emphasising Brexit as her best vote-winner, which it is and which she has inexplicably underplayed in this campaign.

        • bluedog

          She’s being advised by Crosby. Unless TM is completely ignoring everything he says, you can only hope that the current cliff-hanger mood is deliberately designed to build a sense of urgency.

    • David

      Well analysed.

  • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

    I’m not sure I approve of the poll…perhaps the question asked should have been worded ‘Which politician do you believe follows the teachings of Christ in their public and private lives,’ rather than asking for a direct comparison. A bit long-winded perhaps, but something along those lines. Replace the name of Christ with that of Mohammed and the answers would be interesting indeed, but I digress.

    • Anton

      Yes, let’s ask instead which religious figure most resembles our PM.

      Guru Nanak
      L Ron Hubbard

      • Merchantman

        Moses, for Christ is incomparable.
        For Leading the people out of Egypt and the false gods and Pharaoh in Brussels, through the Red Sea of Corbynite-neo- Marxism, into the Desert for 40 years of a difficult Brexit before reaching the Promised Land of a newly revitalised thriving and Independant UK full of God’s own people, Laws and ways under Our Lord Jesus Christ (most of the time, because from time to time we will inevitably Err and stray like lost sheep).

        • betteroffoutofit

          Meanwhile – we can keep on singing:

          And did Those Feet, in Ancient Time,
          Walk upon England’s mountains green?
          And was the Holy Lamb of God
          On England’s pleasant pastures seen?
          And did that Countenance Divine,
          Shine forth upon those clouded hills?
          And was Jerusalem, builded here,
          Among those dark satanic mills?

          Bring me my bow, of burning gold!
          Bring me my arrows of desire!
          Bring me my spear; O, clouds unfold!
          Bring me my Chariot of Fire!
          I shall not cease from mental strife,
          Nor will my sword sleep in my hand,
          ‘Til we have built Jerusalem,
          In England’s green and pleasant land.

          Thank you Mr. Blake, for “Jerusalem.” It never was more relevant!!!!

          • Merchantman

            You won’t have seen anything like it if those Islington/ Tottenham Marxists get into power. I promise you, it would be an unparalleled national disaster. I can’t imagine the economic chaos they will cause, the PC madness.
            Somehow I thought Britain had grown up enough politically to be proof against such madness because insanity to even consider Corbyn as PM it surely is.
            They say its the women that think he’s sweet!
            May the Good Lord intervene and spare us yet another Labour nightmare. Amen.

          • betteroffoutofit


            As for the witless females . . . I’m so ashamed.

      • Politically__Incorrect

        You missed out Obi-Wan Kenobi

        • bluedog

          There’s also the South American mystic, the Dalai Lama.

    • David

      Excellent suggestion Mrs Proudie.

  • Theresa May voted party leader most like Jesus

    Haha. It’s news to me that Jesus was ‘secretive, rigid, controlling, even vengeful’.

    the most important issue for Christians in this General Election is not the NHS, or education, or homelessness or poverty: it is Brexit

    Britain ends up a Muslim country outside the EU rather than a Muslim country inside the EU and Christians are euphoric.

    • Ivan M

      A disaster as Home Minister and promoted way beyond her abilities. Christians are in big trouble if they put their trust in princes (or princesses).

      • @ Ivan M—Christians are in big trouble if they put their trust in princes (or princesses)

        Especially princes and princesses who bring to these shores one of Christianity’s greatest enemies. It is profoundly disturbing that so many Christians will be voting for the parties of Islamization. Western Christianity does seem to have a death wish.

        • betteroffoutofit

          Euphoria + Paralysis/cerebro-neural incompetence. Sounds like Multiple Sclerosis to me: Disseminated on a national scale.

  • Martin

    I think it says a lot about Premier listeners and probably a lot more about Premier itself. One wonders what the rationale behind such a poll was.

  • Ian G

    The analysis is the real story, not the headline. Any chance of keeping personalities out of this?

  • Royinsouthwest

    What on earth is the point of this opinion poll? What will the pollsters ask next? Which mole hill in your garden most resembles Mount Everest?

    • Anton

      The things are about as difficult to remove. I went to get a smoke bomb that would kill the moles but was told that I could only buy one that produced fumes they disliked. I asked how they would respond and was told that the moles would be driven under next door’s lawn.

      • David

        Moles. Every time you see a molehill developing, bring about a local tunnel collapse using anything suitable. Eventually they get grasp that they are in hostile territory and go hence, usually to the adjacent land, which in our case is open countryside.

        • betteroffoutofit

          Ahah. Now there’s a parable in the making . . .

  • Stig

    Theresa May like Jesus? Well, she could get crucified at the election, if present trends continue. Oh, and anyone who has understood, even if only partially, the Book of Revelation must know that Globalism and its accompanying arrogance will fail, and great will be the fall of it. So to resist globalism, and Brexit does that to some extent, is the best thing for our people. Perhaps that explains why Brexit is an important issue for Christians.

    • Chefofsinners

      Indeed, the multicultitudes shall cry “away with her” and “release unto us Barabbott”.

  • David

    The Son of God, Jesus, was and is unique being both fully divine and fully human. Some mere men or women may, through a lifetime of faithful devotion, approach being Christ-like in some aspects of their outward behaviour, but such cases are exceedingly rare. Because of all this I question the value, and certainly the appropriateness, of this survey.

    I believe that Mrs May is sincere in her faith but appears to lack Biblical knowledge or any depth of understanding of basic Christian doctrines and practices during our 2000 years of existence as a faith; for how else could anyone support the EU’s push to redefine marriage ? For a vicars daughter she seems deeply ignorant of what constitutes the historical, doctrinal Christian faith. That redefinition of marriage alone has brought great pressures down upon the heads of a broad swathe of many of this country’s most devoted and sincere Christians. Her victims range from the terrible loss, due to closure, of the excellent Catholic Adoption Agencies, to the still on-going hounding by the state of the Belfast bakers, the incredibly brave Asher’s family. Many more too have suffered and will suffer as a result of Mrs May actions.

    I also wonder at her total lack of interest in building and strengthening that most conservative and Christian idea, the family unit, comprising husband, wife and any offspring or adopted children via the tax system. Or perhaps her faith is one of pragmatic expediency, being switched on and off as it suits her worldly ambitions ?

    To all that I say, “by their fruits ye shall know them”. Only God knows who is truly with Christ, so it is not for me to judge. My impression is, as I say, that Mrs May is sincere in her faith but has continually been blinded by ambition and an ignorance of the basics of the faith into allowing herself to be used by the forces that oppose Christianity, making her but a “useful idiot”.

    • Anton

      The Catholic adoption agencies chose (rightly) to close rather than place children with same-sex couples, but it was the casting vote of Tony Blair in one of his Cabinets that forced the issue, not Theresa May.

      • David

        Yes thank you, you are right, and well remembered. I’ve incorrectly telescoped separate events that occurred during separate governments. Now I recall that sad episode when Blair did down the Catholic Church, following his Civil Partnerships legislation. I believe that his official adoption of the faith came afterwards ? Strange isn’t it how all these senior politicians, who claim to be Christians, will act against Christianity ? It all smacks of insincerity to me.

        • Anton

          Strange also that he was accepted into the Roman Catholic church so soon afterwards.

          • Here’s the profession of faith he would have taken on being received into the Church:

            “With firm faith, I also believe everything contained in the word of God, whether written or handed down in Tradition, which the Church, either by a solemn judgment or by the ordinary and universal Magisterium, sets forth to be believed as divinely revealed.

            I also firmly accept and hold each and everything definitively proposed by the Church regarding teaching on faith and morals.

            Moreover, I adhere with religious submission of will and intellect to the teachings which either the Roman Pontiff or the College of Bishops enunciate when they exercise their authentic Magisterium, even if they do not intend to proclaim these teachings by a definitive act.”

            How do you know he didn’t repent of his past voting record?

          • Anton

            Because he criticised the Vatican’s stance in an interview he gave to the gay magazine Attitude in 2009 just two years later, that’s why.

          • What specific criticisms did he make?

          • Anton

            See these two sources for sufficient quotes:



            Don’t worry Jack, Pope Francis is gradually moving the ship round to His Highness Tony Blair’s way of thinking.

    • Maalaistollo

      Maybe her ignorance of the historical, doctrinal Christian faith is because she is a vicar’s daughter, rather than despite being such.

  • Lucius

    I am assuming the asterisk on “Forward Together” on the podium and the below asterisk reference of “Does Not Include Kids Wanting a School Lunch” was photo-shopped into the picture.

    • Chefofsinners

      Indeed. For Saint Theresa shall take unto her a small child and, opening his lunchbox, shall find therein five small loaves and two fishes. With these shall she feed all the children in the land, and men and women besides. And sorrow and sighing and the public sector borrowing requirement shall flee away.

      • Politically__Incorrect

        Do kids eat fish these days? I thought they only ate them if they are finger-shaped and in breadcrumbs.

        • Royinsouthwest

          Why does the English language use the same word for the “fish” made in factories for supermarkets as it does for those creatures that live in the sea that you sometimes see in David Attenborough programs?

          • betteroffoutofit

            Good question!!! Is the answer that we can’t catch fish any more – the euSSR takes them all?

          • Chefofsinners

            In the photo above Theresa May looks to be impersonating a lobster. No doubt trying to make friends with Aung Sang Sushi.

        • Chefofsinners

          Unlike the electorate, who will swallow anything.

  • David

    Make no mistake about it, thanks to the over-confidence and arrogance of the “Conservative” Party the UK could be on the brink of finding itself governed by the “coalition of chaos”, led by the current hard-left leadership of the Labour Party. Corbyn is a dangerous man, an unreconstructed Marxist, who governing either solely, or in coalition with the distinctly left wing Lib-Dems plus possibly the Greens, the SNP and the Welsh Nationalists, will run this country onto the rocks. Brexit will be endangered as Corbyn will accept any old rubbishy “deal” foisted on us by Brussels in revenge for us having the temerity to leave.

    It is even possible that the UK’s greatest exercise in democracy, ever, the Brexit Referendum, could be ignored, reversed even ! This will immediately reopen the whole debate, Ukip will be re-energised and off we will go again on a very damaging, perhaps two decade long process of endless campaigning to regain our freedoms and right to exist as an independent nation and culture.

    Therefore all conservative people, and indeed all those reasonable men and women from a broad spectrum of political persuasions, who love their country and who can see that, be they originally a Leaver or a Remainer, the only way now to unite our fractured nation, and obtain a good deal for us for a future outside the EU, is to unite behind a proper Brexit banner. Theresa May, with all her faults is now the person with that task on her “to do” list. Only she can deliver the proper Brexit that the British people voted for.

    Therefore a tactical approach is necessary, with votes cast to support whichever local candidate, committed to a full Brexit, that has the best chance to win. So in a marginal seat, if you are normally a Ukip or Labour voter, it will be necessary to hold your nose and vote Conservative. If there are any Brexit supporting Lib-Dems out there in marginal seats, then they too are urged to join this broad coalition for national survival and freedom. Only in a safe Conservative seat do you have the luxury of voting according to your political preferences. Once the GE is achieved, with a Brexit supporting party in power, then the question of who is best to lead the country as PM can be readdressed.

  • Manfarang

    No renewable heat from Arlene Foster?

  • Inspector General

    Jesus wouldn’t have dodged questions on homosexuality, but TM being made of lesser stuff had little choice, and will put up no opposition. For expediency, if no other reason.

    Nicky Campbell, bless him, tried to nail up Farron again on homosexuality and Farron’s Christianity on the radio a couple of days ago. He gave it a good go, but Farron wasn’t having any of it this time. Here’s the problem…

    The cult of Buggery is well and truly entrenched now on-line, everywhere. One imagines that if the NAZIs had seized control during this IT era, it would be their thugs roaming the World Wide Whatever looking to bully Jews. Today of course, it is the traditionalist who takes the place of the Jew. The vitriol directed his or her way today is every bit as full strength as the NAZIs used. Although obviously violence is not employed, they still seek to ruin peoples reputation and even financially if they can. Even corporations that don’t tow the Queer line are victims – of boycott. When it comes to politicians, none are safe. They will be especially targeted if they fail to bleat ‘four legs good, two legs bad’ – just as they were during the SSM fiasco. Some vile comments were directed at various MPs then. We know this as the guilty crowed about it on PN, urging others to adopt the same.

    By the way, fellows. Below is probably the first example of a Queer Wedding where one of the happy pair is a corpse. Interesting ‘wedding night’ that would make. Perhaps another letter on the end of LGBTQWERTY is called for…

    “Posthumous wedding for French policeman killed in ISIS attack”


    • Anton

      Actually, Inspector, I think that Jesus would have had a word about sin had he encountered any practising homosexuals, but if heterosexuals had asked him about homosexuals then he might have reminded them that they risked ending up where they thought the gays were going if they didn’t repent.

      • Inspector General

        Indubitably, sir. One is quite sure no one ever did get the better of Jesus…

        • Manfarang

          The authorities put him on the cross. You can’t get the better of someone than that.

    • Manfarang

      The Nazis put homosexuals in concentration camps.

  • Inspector General

    The Inspector has Tim Farron as the party leader most like Hitler. You must have heard the blighter in full rant…(Farron that is – we’ve all heard Hitler)

    He’s an “Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer” man, of sorts. (In this case, one undemocratic people, one EU, one EU Head Commissioner)

    He must have contempt for our democracy. There can be no room for an institution that has us out and free of the enslaving continental empire. Never again will our economic and demographic demise be challenged by the will of the people. He’ll see to that.

    Did you know this slippery rascal only escaped the Lib-Dem cull because he has a particularly strong following in his Lake District constituency. Or maybe he did have. You see, he has to get by now on past performance. He can’t be party leader and caring MP at local level. It could be that his area, reliant on farming and hospitality, both needing nurturing, would rather go back to having their MP work for them. Not his master, Satan Junckers.

    Let’s hope so, what!

    • Royinsouthwest

      Only one EU Head Commissioner? Are you sure he is in favour of that, Inspector? I thought EU Head Commissioners were like buses, or even fleets of buses.

    • Paul Greenwood

      Do you know why it was “Ein Volk” ? Maybe you don’t………bit like Jews being strewn across Europe and separated by national borders especially post-Saint-German Treaty……….German-speakers were – thanks to Woodrow Wilson – trapped in new states like Czechoslovakia, Romania, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and even the Weimar Republic had a Minister for “Occupied Territories” Das Reichsministerium für die besetzten Gebiete

      Der Versailler Vertrag nahm Deutschland nicht nur sämtliche Kolonien, sondern auch 13 Prozent seines Territoriums und zehn Prozent seiner Bevölkerung, damit verbunden 50 Prozent der Eisenerzversorgung, 25 Prozent der Steinkohleförderung, 17 Prozent der Kartoffel- und 13 Prozent der Weizenernte.

      • Inspector General

        If you start a war, make sure you win it. Otherwise you suffer the consequences…

        • Paul Greenwood

          Do bear that in mind now you posture on the Russian frontier

      • Anton

        Hungary and Poland, at least, were ancient entities and peoples that regained their freedom from empires at the end of WW1.

        • Paul Greenwood

          Yes but in different borders and Hungary was in a Joint Monarchy just like Scotland and England….in fact if you look at Hungarian, Bohemian, Austrian history it was a Union of Monarchies. As for Poland, it never had very stable borders and today sits astride 30% German territory having given its own to Belarus and Ukraine and Lithuania

  • jsampson45

    Which party leader is most like Jesus? That adults instigated this poll seems to me the best argument against democracy I have heard so far.

    • betteroffoutofit

      And that adults actually responded to it . . .

      No wonder there’s nobody worth voting for, if this is what passes for thinking.

  • CliveM

    Most like Jesus? Well she’ll need to pull out a miracle and resurect her standing in the polls.

    She has only herself to blame. Even if she wins, her position has been damaged, possibly beyond repair.

    • David

      Win or lose her tenure is now limited. I’ll predict a GE win, simply because the opposition is so awful, followed by about one year before she retires to the back benches on some pretext.

      • CliveM

        She’s been found wanting it has to be said.

        But that’s true of all our political class at the moment.

        A plague on all their houses.

    • IanCad

      Let’s hope.

    • Paul Greenwood

      You think so ? It is a stunt to keep Conservative voters away from complacency

      • CliveM

        Well if it was, it’s backfired.

  • IanCad

    I didn’t listen to the whole debate. I am a tender and sensitive soul and such ranting and excitement upsets me and is injurious to my health.
    Did any of the candidates say it is immoral to steal health care workers from poorer countries? WWJS about that? What about importing higher skilled workers and thus impoverishing and stifling the aspirations of our own folk who would like a crack at a better job? Didn’t hear a peep about cutting our educational budget; nor anything that may serve to quash the march of the nanny state.
    We are in deep trouble.
    If we Conservatives fail to get an outright majority would it be finis for Theresa May – Remainer at heart? Could we then hope for new leadership? David Davis for PM. New blood from the ranks? David Davies, John Baron. There are men out there who do still cleave to the principles of sovereignty, liberty and decency.

  • Sarky

    Shes a bit like jesus in reverse. She’s managed to turn wine into water for quite a few people.

  • Inspector General

    Actually, old fellow, keep this to yourself. You see, it’s suddenly become unpopular to announce your support for TM, so people don’t. But in the quiet of the polling booth this time next week…

    You’d think the pollsters would have learned from last time. They have learned nothing…

    • CliveM

      Well considering the alternative I hope you’re right.

  • Chefofsinners

    In difficult times, democracy needs Christians. A Christian faith gives a politician many things:

    Moral clarity to make key decisions.
    Courage and conviction to see difficult tasks through.
    A geniune humility and desire to serve others.
    Strength and wisdom beyond what is humanly possible.

    For these reasons, it matters that Theresa is a Christian. It is as William Penn said: “Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

  • Chefofsinners

    Theresa May in that photo: looking a lot like a lobster. And as the temperature rises, she slowly turns from blue to red.
    Politics is being overrun with fishy women: Nicola Sturgeon, Amber Rudd, Aung Sang Sushi…

    • betteroffoutofit

      Not to mention the Merky Messenger.

  • Chefofsinners

    Shall we see Theresa as head of the Church of England? It May Welby.

  • prompteetsincere

    It cannot be Sturgeon: JESUS just ‘Left’ the ‘Church of Scotland’ building;
    Holyrood/wood showed Him the door!

    • betteroffoutofit

      The Holy Cross showed him the door? Indeed it did; or at least it provided it: to Hell and Back — and then above and beyond. That Holy Rood did a lot for us all . . .

  • Tim Chesterton

    Given that Jesus refused all invitations to exercise political power – despite the fact that this was the very definition of ‘Messiah’ in his day – there’s a problem with any of them being considered to be ‘like’ him.

  • Hi

    But I always thought Jesus wasn’t afraid of his views and liked to debate in front of crowds and his political opponents?

    My bad , I forgot :

    “And low did the Judea Broadcasting Company invite Theresa of May , The Pharisees , the Zealots, Sadducees, Temple Priests and UKIP to a Sanhrdrin election debate. Yet behold! Theresa of May said unto them “look I’m not debating with Jeremy the Zealot, I’m too busy moving around the (predestined ) crowds . I’ll send Amber instead, Boris the rock that my party is build on , has already said it’s all a bunch of leftists….. oh and who are you going to trust to negotiate Jexit from the Roman Empire:

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    But Theresa you wanted this election and you want us all to write a blank cheque for the policies you’ve not costed or explained in any detail…. you’ve already upset Emperor Merkel and Prefect Pontius Junckner?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    And what’s this nonsense- Labour policy last time – about capping fuel prices?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    But what about your pensioners asset “dementia” tax?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    Well what about Galilean fishing rights …

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    And the massive business rate tax increase?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    And the NHS?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”

    What about how you’ve failed to cut the deficit despite years of tax increase and welfare cuts ?

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    I give up.

    “Strong and stable leadership , in the national interest, coalition of chaos”!

    • Dominic Stockford

      I seem to remember Jesus standing silent before the Sanhedrin….

  • Mike Stallard

    I am not usually shocked by this blog. Now I am. To compare any of the dwarfs who set themselves forward to lead us with the Son of God is pretty near blasphemy.
    Look at it like this: Mr Corbyn is better than the Prophet Abi. Mrs May is most like the King of Thailand.
    Now watch out when you walk down the street!

    • Dominic Stockford

      It wasn’t this blog that began it, he merely comments on it.

    • Paul Greenwood