Philip North - Martyn Percy

If Philip North can’t be Bishop of Sheffield, the Church of England ceases to be catholic

The Dean of Christ Church, Professor Martyn Percy, has issued an ultimatum circumspectly entitled 'Questions of Ambiguity and Integrity'. It's quite long, but essentially it boils down to a choice: either the Rt Rev'd Philip North, currently Bishop of Burnley…
Sadiq Khan 2a

Sadiq Khan is Muslim. Get over it!

  Sadiq Khan has been elected the first Muslim mayor of London. Muslim, Muslim, Muslim. Islam, Islam, Islam. The council-estate sons and daughters of Pakistani bus drivers are taking over…
Warsi - defiant2

What are 'Muslim values', Lady Warsi?

  The problem is her article's timing, and that when David Cameron stretched out his hand in friendship and promoted and indulged her time and again, there was impatience, irritability…