Vicki Kirby Jew-hate

Corbyn's accommodation of Jew-hatred is a betrayal of Labour's morality

  Jews have "big noses" and "slaughter the oppressed", and Hitler was a "Zionist God", according to Vicki Kirby, former Labour parliamentary candidate and now vice-chairman of the party's Woking branch. Further, she exhorts Islamists to attack Israel: "Apparently you…
prayer shawls auschwitz

The Prayer Shawls of Auschwitz

This is a guest post by Brother Ivo. ____________ Those who have visited Auschwitz are likely to find their thoughts straying back there on this day of Holocaust remembrance. A…
Destroyed Church Syria

#ChristmasMeans anything but peace on earth

  Today marks the official  start of the Church of England's #ChristmasMeans Twitter campaign. Church congregations and clergy are being encouraged to get out their smartphones to let the Twittersphere know…