Hate speech

Stephen Holland 2

There's one surefire way of silencing objectors to women bishops – without changing the liturgy

  There is a serial objector who pops up at the consecration of just about every woman bishop in the Church of England, and he isn't even an Anglican. The Rev'd Stephen Holland is pastor of Westhaughton Evanglical Church, which…
Corbyn clause iv 2

The cult of Comrade Corbyn

  A cult is a small, unpopular religion. A religion is a large and fashionable cult. When the disesteemed and shunned become desirable and popular, there follows respect, if not…
Jeb Bush2

Christians are the new lepers

  Speaking at Jerry Falwell’s Liberty University in Virginia last week, the next Republican nominee (if they have any sense) for President of the United States spoke of the increasing…