False Prophets

Scientology cult - Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan on the “evil cult” of Scientology – why is Dianephobia not a hate crime?

"Why do you not want to read the violent paragraphs of the Qur'an?" Piers Morgan was asked by Ramthrax on Twitter after interviewing the 'hate preacher' Tommy Robinson. To his credit, the Twitter colossus (5.8million followers) bothered to respond to…
God told me to 2

"God told me to.."

  Have you ever had a Christian say to you: "God told me to..", followed by a directive or (more usually) a subtly coercive exhortation to do something (usually) for…
Cameron Pope2a

Cameron rebukes the Pope

  The Pope of Rome hath erred. Again. In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Pope Francis was asked by journalists aboard the papal plane what he thought of the…