Gina Miller 2

Gina Miller: “Brexit is about emotion. It is like a religion.” No, Ms Miller, that’s Europhilia

Gina Miller, the lawyer leading the legal fight against the Government's use of its prerogative powers to trigger Article 50 and thereby commence the process of leaving the EU, was asked if she thinks the Supreme Court will rule in…
Pope Francis communion Lutherans 2

Is the Pope Anglican?

  The American Spectator isn't at all happy with the "liberal" Pope Francis and his "caricaturing of conservatives". That's Roman Catholic traditionalists, as opposed to the GOP-type conservative. "Under the…
Reformation Day Halloween

Happy Reformation Day

  Quite why Martin Luther chose to protest against Tetzel and his sale of indulgences on All Hallows' Eve is unknown, unless it was simply a marketing decision to ensure…