Ethnic Minorities

Lisa Duffy 2

Ukip's "positive vision" for British Islam: ban all Muslim schools

  Ukip has a Muslim problem, which is fine if they're not particularly concerned about courting the Muslim vote, but not fine if it leads to the formulation of policies which are not only illiberal, but illegal. Cambridge councillor Lisa…
Warsi - defiant2

What are 'Muslim values', Lady Warsi?

  The problem is her article's timing, and that when David Cameron stretched out his hand in friendship and promoted and indulged her time and again, there was impatience, irritability…
Justin Welby Helmet

Justin Welby's call to battle

  What exactly is the grand plan that is going to result in the disintegration and destruction of ISIS? On Tuesday military chiefs from 22 of the 60 countries making up…