Mohammed prophethood

The plot to terrorise the mushrikin of Manchester – where’s the analysis of this prophetology?

"'Mecca is BELIEVED TO BE the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammad.' Good to see the doubts over that breaking through!" tweeted historian Tom Holland, who knows a thing or two about the origins of Islam (which may no longer be…
St Stephen funeral 2

On the Feast of Stephen

The funeral of St Stephen, by Filippo Lippi (1460). St Stephen – 'a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost' (Acts 6:5) – was chosen to be a…
China crosses 2a

China abolishes the cross of Christ

  China's stock-market has plunged: its GDP has crashed, the yuan has been devalued and economic confidence is in free fall. Another boom-and-bust bubble has burst: Mammon threatens another tidal…