Searching for Trump Clinton alternatives? There is one…


America has a problem. Their quest to find the wisest leader; the most experienced negotiator; the most honest, committed, charismatic and cool politician to be the next President of the United States has led them to a manichaean choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. This heralds either national salvation or the end of civilisation, depending on your demarcations of social goodness and apprehensions or political virtue. Polls show that a majority of the electorate (58 percent) is dissatisfied with the major party candidates for president: 47 percent strongly dislike Hillary Clinton; 49 percent strongly dislike Trump.

Trump is a bit different. His world is very simple. He uncomplicates complicated stuff. Problem with Islamists? Ban all Muslims. Illegal Mexican immigration? Build a wall (and bill them). Lawlessness and violence? Let’s have guns. Mass murders and police shootings? Let’s have more guns. Trade deficit? Leave the WTO. Military allies shirking defence obligations? Leave NATO. And thereby the United States is made better swiftly and completely. No need to endure the problems and confusions of the status quo: America can be made great again with a big stick. No need to use it: just carry it. And so he will end all evil and heal the planet. He is the Chosen One.

You may think Donald Trump is a destructive, dangerous and naive buffoon: ugly, finger-pointing, boorish, blame-gaming, dysfunctional and embarrassing. But millions of American Christians love him. And millions loathe him.

Clinton, on the other hand, is the same old, same old. She is not at all scary and has a reassuring smile. Some say she’s just Obama-lite and full of hot air, but she’s a woman, and her time has surely come. Put her in the White House, and America will carry on exactly as before: promising this; promising that; promising everything under the sun. She will talk incessantly of health, wealth, security and prosperity, but nothing will change, principally because she is mired in scandal. Black people will still be summarily executed by white cops, and white cops targeted by angry black crazies. Chaos, division, lies and deception will reign. She won’t end all evil or heal the planet, but she will manage both very competently.

But what can you expect from a manipulative, duplicitous, audacious, bullying harpy? Yet millions of American Christians love her. And millions loathe her.

Perplexing, isn’t it? How can American Christians choose the lesser of two evils when both candidates are the spawn of Satan? Both spout divisive rhetoric, because both seek to divide.

There is a third way. But in a polarised world of Cowboys and Indians, he doesn’t get much of a look-in.

Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for President of the United States. He, too, promises to make America great again, and his Libertarian Party has lots of reasonable, intelligent policies to make it so. “If you’re tired of crony politics there is another option,” he proclaims. And that option is Gary Johnson. His pitch for President chimes with the anti-politics zeitgeist:

Governing across party lines means each is comfortable at compromise, a spirit at the heart of their quixotic campaign. Johnson and Weld aren’t running as anti-government-free-will Libertarians with a capital L. They are agile, practical-minded thinkers with a few quirks: Conservative on money issues, socially liberal, skeptical of government power and military entanglements. Not so scary, right? “Most people are Libertarian,” Johnson told us. “It’s just that they don’t know it.”

Of course, third-party candidates tend not to do very well in the red and the blue. The likelihood of Americans electing a president who is neither Republican nor Democrat is remote, to say the least. But stuff happens. For those Trump-despising Christian Republicans who can’t bring themselves to vote for Clinton; and for those Clinton-despairing Christian Democrats who wouldn’t dream of voting for Trump, there are Trump Clinton alternatives. Or at least an alternative. The Libertarian Party isn’t perfect, but in this race for the White House it may embody more co-belonging grace than either the Democrats or GOP. If only we could move beyond our lamentable notions of universal rivals which seems to subsume all reason, truth and civility.

  • Inspector General

    Whoever wins, the Inspector would like to see the ‘special relationship’ between our two countries renegotiated. At present it consists of Uncle Sam tying a lead to our collar while we woof and wag our tail. Then to be sent off into a minefield dragging chains behind us to detonate awful things hidden in the ground.

    If Johnson could assure us that we won’t be abused like that anymore, then yes, we’ll wave his flag…

  • magnolia

    Unfortunately the electoral system seems to be very heavily skewed against any third party.

    Ron Paul stood for almost the identical platform but was effectively sidelined despite great public support, and also being a delightfully pleasant man, as Johnson looks.

    I fear they will largely have a choice between the world and the flesh, and the world, the flesh and the devil.

    The Clintons’ record seems to be probably even further from squeaky clean than is largely imagined……

  • Hi

    Alternatives for the American elections :

    Dick Dastardly and Muttley [GOP]

    Donald Duck and Gofy [Democrats]

    Jefferson Smith (James Stewart) and Joseph Paine (Claude Rains) for the Speaker and Senate leader.

  • Philip___

    Although the search for an alternative to the two main candidates is understandable, Gary Johnson is surely hardly someone a site known for conservatism (influenced a bit by Christianity) would support? He’s a social liberal supporting abortion, same-sex ‘marriage’ and liberalising drugs laws.

    • Inspector General

      Thanks for that. Why on earth is our blog host so keen then…

    • Longinus

      The following is from Johnson’s view on abortion as found at his campaign web site. I do not view this as “pro-abortion”.

      Gary Johnson has the utmost respect for the deeply-held convictions of those on both sides of the abortion issue. It is an intensely personal question, and one that government is ill-equipped to answer.
      As Governor, Johnson never advocated abortion or taxpayer funding of it. He supported a ban on late term abortions. In his personal life the Governor believes in the sanctity of the life of the unborn.
      However, Gov. Johnson recognizes that the right of a woman to choose is the law of the land, and has been for several decades. That right must be respected, and ultimately he believes this is a very personal and individual decision. He feels that each woman must be allowed to make decisions about her own health and well-being and that these decisions should not be dictated by the government.
      Further, Gov. Johnson feels strongly that women seeking to exercise their legal right must not be subjected to persecution or denied access to health services by politicians in Washington or elsewhere who are insistent on politicizing such an intensely personal and serious issue.

      • carl jacobs

        That’s a classic pro-abortion position. It may have some (condescending) pro-life garnish here and there, but it makes no positive impression on me.

      • carl jacobs

        btw …

        In his personal life the Governor believes in the sanctity of the life of the unborn.

        Think about this statement. This translates as “I personally believe in the sanctity of life for the unborn, but I do not believe they deserve legal protection.” That statement is morally incoherent. If you believe in the sanctity of unborn life then you are bound by consistency to assert the necessity of legal protection for the unborn. To do otherwise is to tacitly deny one’s claim of recognizing the sanctity of unborn life.

  • Uncle Brian

    Meanwhile, back in the Kremlin, Putin has come down firmly on Trump’s side and is giving him a helping hand by putting hackers on the trail of anti-Sanders plotters in the top echelons of the Democratic Party … True or not, that’s what they’re saying in Philadelphia.

    • Ivan M

      Putin orders Russian weather experts to rain on Blue states on November 2 to suppress the Negro vote.

      Putin prepared to unleash modified Zika virus, virulent to those of Hispanic descent to destroy Mexican preggos on Voting Day.

      KGB plans to spike US urine samples with urine from Brazilian gay gyms during the Olympics.

      Putin taking English lessons from David Irving to appear Churchillian

      Russian hackers vow to hack into Diebold machines in Black neighbourhoods, promising jungle juice if they vote Trump.

      Putin upset at Indians voting en bloc for Democrats, instructs Russian agents in India to get the dirt on arranged marriage scams.

      Putin woos Hasidim in Poconos with property seized from Gulen schools in Russia.

      Putin orders Xi to get Chinamen in the US to vote Republican.

      Putin prepared for joint control with Vatican of his nuclear arsenal if Pope endorses Trump.

      Putin threatens to expose closet Filipino lady boys if they vote for Hillary .

      • bluedog


    • I wouldn’t put much past Putin, but I doubt he can trust Trump on anything he says. With hawks like Newt Gingrich on his team and his stated preference for doing as little real work as possible, a Trump in the WH could mean a technocratic admin that does what it wants while he is busy scooping up the big infrasructure bucks to forestall the impending bankruptcy he’s trying to forestall.

      As for the NYT and the MSM, their resorting to what they woukd otherwise scoff at as conspiracy theories, is a demonstration of their panic to obscure the *content* of the leaked emails. Now that they are no longer being ignored, Assange is ready to dump the next set in October, just when it will wreak maximum havoc.

      • Ivan M

        You really have the measure of Trump.

        • chefofsinners

          A mile wide at the mouth, and an inch deep.

        • It scares me.

      • Uncle Brian

        … their panic to obscure the *content* of the leaked emails.

        The content can’t stay hidden for long, surely. And is Assange really going to hurt Hillary and boost Trump?

        • The content’s been out as early as late May, I think. The MSM has managed to totally ignore it. It was only because Bernie and his Moonies went ape over the evidence that the DNC (Democratic National Convention) conspired to ruin his chances at a nomination, that the MSM had no choice but to mention it, and they are doing so by trying to divert attention to anti-Hillary conspiracies.

          Even without future Assange stink-bomns, the white blue-collar vote is already disgusted by Billary. Bernie Sanders and his socialist crowd are livid. Nor is she going to get 90% of the Black votes, as Obama did. With them and the undecideds, Trump has a chance, especially if he keeps his mouth shut, shares the stage with his mainstream-type keepers and aides and listens to his wife and kids about how to look “presidential.”

      • bluedog

        ‘…while he is busy scooping up the big infrasructure bucks to forestall the impending bankruptcy he’s trying to forestall.’

        Trying to tell us something, Avi?

        • Presidential elections are financially good for all candidates. Whatever happens, Trump will profit from increased profile…free multi-million m,arketing…and if his critics are correct, his empire’s in trouble and could use a boost. Inf the conspiracy theorists are right, and Trump, a long-time Dem and a friend of the Clintons, is a “Manchurian candidate,” set up to kill the Republican Party and lose for Hillary, there will be plenty of infrastructure spending dollars for him.

          • bluedog

            Thanks, Avi. It does seem that even if the conspiracy theorists are wrong, one way or another, Trump will wreck the Republican Party.

    • bluedog

      Kaspersky strikes!

  • Johnson may be a truly wonderful human being but his chances of becoming president are currently hovering between zilch and diddly-squat. He advocates cutting ‘all support and aid’ to Israel. Up with that, the Jewish lobby will not put.

    • Inspector General

      Anti Israel too, JR! He’ll be over here shortly then as a guest of the Labour party, what!

    • Ivan M

      Lyndon LaRouche, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul otherwise sensible men hewing at least partly to the Libertarian ideas fell afoul of the same Talmudists.

      • Yes, that’s right, Ivan. And when we are done with them, we’re coming after you and Johnny too. You just wait.

        Feel better now? I’m sure you do. I’ve concluded that imagined persecution by the “Talmudists” is the last status symbol and claim to masculinity of the low/demented-information loony fringe. You pussies don’t even have the balls to say “Jews” anymore.

        • Ivan M

          You and who else?

          • Me and the Zionist Lizard People Elders.

            We can see you through your phone camera, so eat with you mouth closed, please, and don’t pick your nose.

          • Ivan M

            Oh that. Mine doesn’t have a selfie camera.

  • IanCad

    Given that the US Constitution is essentially a Libertarian document, logic would suggest candidates of the LP would do well in presidential elections. Alas! Not so.
    Mr. Johnson will remain a fringe alternative.
    On the other hand,it would seem Mr. Trump’s prospects have increased enormously with the selection of Tim Kaine as Clinton’s VP pick.
    In what must be the most idiotic, daftest, and unparalleled act of stupidity, he made his first speech of his new role in Spanish. I wonder how that will play out in Chapman, Kansas?

    • Uncle Brian

      Ian, you’ve lived in the U.S. and I haven’t, and you know the country much better than I do. But I’m surprised you should see Kaine’s speech as a tactical error. Many years ago I was visiting relatives in Texas when Lloyd Bentsen was running for the Senate for the first time and I was impressed to see him, on television, addressing a campaign rally in Spanish and answering questions easily and fluently. It didn’t do him any harm. He won that election and went on to win three more. Have things changed so much since then, that an ability that could win elections in the seventies and eighties can only lose them now?

      • IanCad

        What may work in Texas, when the candidate is running for state-wide office where, for much of the electorate, Spanish is their spoken language, may be political suicide when those same tactics are presented to the nation as a whole.
        Take Gov. Bill Richardson, a high profile insider who fancied his chances in the 2008 presidential race; He announced his candidacy in Spanish. That was the end of his campaign.
        Kaine is going to alienate every black voter. His support for amnesty will lose him votes in the (legal) Hispanic community. All the workers who have seen their jobs replaced and wages stagnate because of high immigration rates will go over to Trump.
        Take Heart! I have a lousy record for predicting US election results.

      • RobinHMasters

        Just as an aside, and with no disagreement to your point, as late as the 70s and 80s there were still “Old Texan” (white) families that spoke Spanish as their first and family language. A son of one of these families, William F. Buckley, did not learn English until he was seven.

        That is one insight into how much Texas has changed in the last 40-odd years.

        • Uncle Brian

          That is one insight into how much Texas has changed in the last 40-odd years.

          The Americanization of Texas?

    • I wouldn’t assume a speech in Spanish was a mistake. The Dems have top staffers and strategists who know the demographics, district distributions and electoral college votes.

      As for why Americans are not Libertarians, as much as I hate to feed Carl’s ego, he gave the best explantion I have ever come across:

      This “devil take the hindmost” attitude does not account for the very real fear that ordinary men feel at being left behind, and explains why Libertarianism has never achieved any traction in the US. It is a philosophy for “winners.”

      • IanCad

        I have little faith in political professionals. They can get it wrong with the best of us. Look at the Brexit result.

        As to your stoking Carl’s ego – I wouldn’t worry. He’s a mild self assured American who cares for little but truth. Modest to boot. Typical Mid-Westerner. Wrong on some things; right on a few more.

        I must say though; there is much truth in his statement you cited.

        A flavor of “Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers” about it. The poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind may not fare so well under such an order.

        I’ll go and give him an uptick.

        • Uncle Brian

          I’ll go and give him an uptick.
          Me too.

        • carl jacobs

          Don’t go saying I am wrong about things when Jack is around. He won’t be able to handle the disillusionment.

  • Martin

    I suspect that the chances of a godly man even becoming nominated for political office are somewhat akin to those of a snowball in that place no godly man will enter.

    • sarky


  • carl jacobs

    There was a time when I spent alot of time reading Libertarian thought. I was principally interested in this question: “Why is there such a strong correlation between Libertarianism and atheism?” Believe me when I tell you that such a correlation exists. God is generally not allowed to exist even in the interstices of Libertarianism. He is relegated to the private world where each man invents his own truth story. In this sense, Libertarianism is very much a modern system of thinking. It begins and ends with the sovereign autonomy of man, and differs from modern Liberalism primarily in its attitude toward the collective responsibility for outcomes. To the Liberal, “fairness” is achieved when each man receives what he is due. To the Libertarian, “fairness” is achieved when each mean receives what he earns. This “devil take the hindmost” attitude does not account for the very real fear that ordinary men feel at being left behind, and explains why Libertarianism has never achieved any traction in the US. It is a philosophy for “winners” that has no words to speak to those who fear losing. And the vast majority of people fear losing the race much more than they expect to win.

    A vote for the Libertarian Party is primarily a vote to raise the profile of the Libertarian Party. Gary Johnson is not a serious candidate for the office. He is running to make the Libertarian Party a credible alternative in future elections. He hopes only to receive a significant vote total – where 5% would be a staggering unimaginable success. So the question to the voter then does not revolve around Gary Johnson and his particulars. It revolves around the Libertarian Party as a whole. Does he want to elevate the status of the Libertarian party? Given the status of the other two parties, it’s a legitimate question. But there is only room in US politics for two significant parties. So does the voter wish to displace (what in practice would be) the Republican Party with the Libertarian party?

    I for one do not. I distrust Libertarianism for the same reason I distrust Liberalism – because they are half-brothers of the same mother. And they share too strong a family resemblance.

    • I feel for you Carl. And if we didn’t have an elitist social justice warrior flake for a PM (Canada, for any passerby here ), you know I would be teasing you 24/7 about your predicament.

      Didn’t think you’d go for Johnson…neither would I…but what’s your option? Down-ticket? Write-in?

      And the bigger picture is, what will happen to the GOP? Can it clean out the RINOs and the alt-right Trumpkins who slid out of the sewers for the Orange Ape? Probably not if The Donald gets the WH, what with his il Duce shtik, Bernie-bots going on a rampage and upcoming Wiki-leaks.

      Inquiring minds want to know what the token Yankee here thinks.

      • RobinHMasters

        This Yankee quit the republican Party after 30 years. The Grand Orange Party can continue on without me. American conservatives need a new political vehicle.

        • Greetings, Yank! Seen you often on NRO; usually fighting off a swarm of semi-literate Trumpkins going for your ankles. Much more relaxing here; good place for some R&R before jumping back into the fray.

          • RobinHMasters

            Thank you for the welcome!

          • Pleasure! Don’t be a stranger here.

        • carl jacobs

          My political formation began with a book by WFB called “Up From Liberalism.” I spent a long time as a subscriber to NR. Glad to see you here. This website is insufficiently leavened with Americans.

          • Renew you subscription! Still the best opinion mag and they can use it now, if for no other reason than to cover the extra moderators for the flood of alt-right trolls.

      • IanCad

        Isn’t that SJW flake a martial arts expert? Politeness should be the order of the day in his presence.

      • carl jacobs

        So … I won’t vote for the Felon. I have determined that much. It’s also guaranteed that I will vote for others down the ballot so I won’t stay home. The problem is the Presidential election.

        Option 1. Vote for Trump. But then I would have to shoot myself, and Jack would follow me around for months saying “Shoot! You promised!”

        Option 2. Ignore the Presidential election. Basically a vote for the Felon.

        Option 3. Write in a candidate. This is my wife’s suggestion. Also basically a vote for the Felon.

        So, here is the fundamental question. Can I trust that The Idiot will surround himself with enough people of sense in order to compensate for his inevitable stupidity and buffoonery? Would he submit to being a figurehead President? If he tries to actually be President, he will be worse for the Republic in the long term than Hillary. If the former, I could maybe induce myself into a coma and vote for Trump so I won’t remember what I did. If the latter, I will probably write in a candidate and endure the unendurable.

        Either way, I am also done with the Republican party. Although Cruz giving Trump a prime-time middle finger sure did make me happy. That really impressed me. Maybe for him …

        • Ok, so this is my guess about what you’ll do: Write-in a candidate, because the system has become so corrupt, that even privacy in the voting booth can’t be guaranteed and your wife wIll find out if you disobey.

          But seriously, I think that in the end you’ll vote with your conscience, that you won’t pull that lever or mark that hanging chad for Trump, because amidst all this mess and filth, holding your nose whike casting a “strategic vote” and getting behind the Trumpkins and their call to “get behind the nominee” will not be an option for you. Of that I’m certain.

          So relax, get some sleep and write-in, AVI BARZEL FOR P.O.T.U.S !

          • carl jacobs

            … You are a Canadian …

          • So is Ted!

          • carl jacobs

            A President can’t be a naturalized US citizen

          • I don’t plan to get naturalized, I don’t even buy “organic” and I’ve already given my oath to our Queen.

            If you guys can even consider, morover *nominate* a felon and an orangutang, surely you can get Justice Sotomayor to “evolve” the Constitution and shoe me in?

          • Are you watching? Crowd’s a bit unruly.

          • carl jacobs

            Sorry. I was distracted by Miss Marple.

          • Bully for you! You only missed Al Franken, Kennedy v.3, Elizabeth Warren, your First Lady, and old Bernie. Lots of hrumbling and squawking from the floor, bit no farting in unison as promised was in evidence. To be sacrificed: The evil hydrocabon industries and Wall Street which would be dismantled. Free Stuff offered so far: Free uni tuition, Federal minimum wage raise and universal healthcare.

            A great time is had by all. Feel the Bern and be With Her. Oh, you also missed Paul Simon doing a Vegas croon act with a voice that sounded like he just sucked down a pack of Camels. On recess now (chairwoman remembered to come back and hit the gavel).

        • bluedog

          Hillary may be a felon but she won’t start WW3. If this communicant was in the US he would vote that way, despite being a a natural Republican. Trump initially appeared like an interesting proposition to break consensus politics, but his price is too high. You have to vote Hillary to do something effective, rather than merely protest. Trump aged 70 is offering dynastic politics and one can see the succession being lined up for the second term he won’t take. Not the way for the American Republic to go.

    • PS On the subject of options, I understand there is a Constitutionalist party that’s formed, perhaps as a catch-basin for unhappy chumps like you to lick your wounds in until 2020. I would go for that,; would salve my conscience and send a clear message to the “eGOP.”

  • Inspector General

    The Inspector is a member of The Freedom Association. Very prominent in Brexit it is. Has been for years. Link below if anyone interested…
    The Freedom Association is a non-partisan, centre-right, libertarian pressure group. The Freedom Association believes in the freedom of the individual in all aspects of life to as great an extent as possible. As such, it seeks to challenge all erosion of civil liberties and campaign in support of individual liberty and freedom of expression. All of the work it undertakes falls within the following Seven Principles of a Free Society:

    Seven Principles of a Free Society
    Individual Freedom
    Personal and Family Responsibility
    The Rule of Law
    Limited Government
    Free Market Economy
    National Parliamentary Democracy
    Strong National Defences

    • David

      Inspector, we are both members of that excellent organisation.
      So well done for publishing the advertisement !

    • “Individual Freedom” is a tad vague Inspector. Care to elaborate Libertarian policies on abortion, homosexuality, same sex marriage, and trangenderism?

      • Inspector General

        The organisation which is the TFA doesn’t seem to have an opinion on abortion. It’s never been brought to its attention as an issue one would think. For the others up there, the membership are sensible right thinking types. This is not to say they would be in any way opposed to whatever, just that these ‘special interests’ are peoples private business and not for the public realm. And certainly no encouragement either…

        • And no Clause 28 then?

          • Inspector General

            Can’t say one is aware or not.

          • Is abortion a “private” or a “public” matter?

          • Inspector General

            It has been pointed out that the number of aliens allowed into the UK roughly equals the number of victims from that disgusting practice.

          • It’s the same across Western Europe. Moral evil always has temporal payback.

          • Inspector General

            You do realise that to end abortion you are going to have to break feminist heads. A lot of heads. With rather large batons. Are you up for that…the Inspector is…but are you?

          • The question is do the Libertarian Party? Jack doubts it will involve “breaking heads” but it will require the enforcement of the law.

          • Inspector General

            If Jack thinks it’s going to be a bed of roses on banning abortion then Jack is somewhat naive…

          • Yes, but is abortion a “private” or “public” matter?

          • Inspector General

            You’ll have to ask TFA that. One cannot speak for them.

          • You are a member of the TFA and Jack was hoping you’d express an opinion. Unlike you to be so coy.

  • Pubcrawler
    • Uncle Brian

      I wonder whether Trump has a brother Billy hidden away somewhere. Probably not – the Dems would got hold of him by now.

      • Pubcrawler

        Unless he’s hiding in his hair.

      • IanCad

        Mustn’t forget the Brothers Rodham. Not the most savoury characters.

    • David

      Yes I agree. But is he literally, able to vote ? Does he have a US citizenship ? But that’s not the point is it !

      • Uncle Brian

        But the 58-year-old, who lives in a rural Kenyan village but is still registered to vote in Maryland, —In Pubcrawler’s Daily Mail link.

        • David

          Surprising but clearly the case then.

  • len

    Americans will get the President they deserve.God help them……

  • David

    I dislike both candidates. But if you hold a gun to my head and force me to pick one, I’d vote Trump and then swiftly seek God’s forgiveness.
    As for the third candidate, well I know next to nothing about him, so I’ve no opinion.

    • Dominic Stockford

      “socially liberal”

  • The Trump-Pence ticket is committed to extending protection to children in their mother’s womb, ending same sex marriage and rolling back transgender nonsense. On that basis, they deserve support from Christian voters as unpalatable as their other policies might be. With Clinton it will be more of the same attack on Christian values and freedoms.

    • Ivan M

      If the stupid issue of abortion is on the ticket, Trump will spend all his time backtracking and hemming and hawing. Perhaps that is Mr Pence’s job.

      • Abortion a “stupid issue”? To Jack’s mind, it’s the defining sin of late 20th century man.

        • Ivan M

          Once the scandal over the emails and whatnot are papered over by the Democrats, they’ll go after the abortion issue with the female voters. Trump will not be able to “close the deal” if he alienates any more women. The next President will be in a position to appoint two or even three Supreme Court judges which will have an even greater impact on the abortion issue.

    • Hahahaha! Where, dearest Jack, just where in your wishful thoughts, have you conjured up this profile for your latest Christian warrior hero? You’re going to make Assad and your BFF, Vlad the Putin, jealous!

      Trump’s always been non-religious, pro-abortion, doesn’t care about SSM, and if you watched his hour and a quarter-long bark at his nomination speech, and weren’t too busy shouting “Yeah! Yeah!” throughout, you might have heard that he made three clearly friendly passes at the LGB-whatever sector. “We have bigger problems than what bathrooms to use,” or something like that. The Trumpkins looked mighty confused at those, made that open “o” gopher look with their mouths, worriedly glanced at their cheerleaders in the bright green hats, got their confirmation that all’s ok and went on cheering.

      • Ivan M

        He had kind words for Talmudistan too. America’s closest and oldest ally by dint of getting the Yanks to fight for them.

        • See? Even The Donald is scared of us. You should be too.

          • Ivan M

            Which I am as you noted below.

      • Ivan M

        If Trump was dog whistling all the while about SSM, transgender toilets, abortion and all those other matters, as you say, the Americans are faced with a truly Hobson’s choice. May they have the wisdom to choose wisely.

        • Calling the primaries a joke and started all over for real would be wise.

      • Are you suggesting the Republican Platform is lies?

        The Fifth Amendment: Protecting Human Life
        The Constitution’s guarantee that no one can “be deprived of life, liberty or property” deliberately echoes the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation that “all” are “endowed by their Creator” with the inalienable right to life. Accordingly, we assert the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed. We support a human life amendment to the Constitution and legislation to make clear that the Fourteenth Amendment’s protections apply to children before birth ….

        We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life. We oppose the non-consensual withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from individuals with disabilities, newborns, the elderly, or the infirm, just as we oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide ….

        • Huh? Are you seriously suggesting Trump adheres to, never mind that…that he has even read…the Republican Platform or the Constitution? Hahahahaha!

          • IanCad

            Now Avi, I know you are not a fan of Trump but to suggest that he has not read the Constitution of The United States would seem to me, unlikely.
            It is a short document; concise, beautifully written, and easily read in an afternoon.
            Americans are a strange lot and easy to underestimate. Therein lies danger.

          • “Easily read in afternoon.” Therein is the problem with your hypothesis, Ian.

            Anyhow, I don’t underestimate Trump and the likes of him. He will say and do anything, no matter how dirty, to get into the WH. What makes this upcoming contest scary, is that unlike Trump, for whom this game is lark, the Democratic Machine, with Obama at the rudder wheel and the desperate Clinton Clan are fighting for permanent power, a legacy and a life not involving a Federal Penitentiary. Things are bound to get super-weird.

          • IanCad

            “He will say and do anything, no matter how dirty…”

            In order to make that observation Avi, I take it that you must know him personally, or at least, have some acquaintance of good judgment who does. For if not, the charges of false witness, defamation, and character assassination could be leveled at you.
            As far as I can tell, Trump is a typical American extrovert whose success in life is the result of hard work, commonsense, and the fair treatment of others, along with the good fortune of a substantial legacy.

            Where is the problem with the US Constitution? Surely you are not suggesting it should be longer? That tripartite document – The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, and The Amendments thereto – easily fits into a shirt pocket book of forty or so pages.
            It can be read two or three times in an afternoon, with naps in between.

          • Seriously, Ian? Slander, character assissination? False witness? I must know Trump personally before concluding…like most horrified and disgusted Republicans who would rather lose the election and leave their party than vote for him…that he is a selfish and malicious swine who will destroy the Republican party and sully conservatism for a generation? A guy who mocked his oponent’s wife’s looks, a self-confessed philanderer who accused Ted Cruz of philandering and dropped hints that his dad was involved in Kennedy’s assassination? Just a “hard working” American with a string of bankruptcies he boasted about, a fake “university” he defrauded thousands of students with, and ever-changing positions on every claim he has made? *That* Trump is just your “typical American extrovert”? Wow.

            And I didn’t imply that the is a problem with Constitution; I poorly expressed my certainty that Trump, who proudly knows nothing about anything political, would never waste even an hour reading something that he couldn’t care about anyway. Please inform yourself of the goings-on in this election first before issuing silly admonitions.

          • Ivan M

            Come on your dramatics notwithstanding Trump came under this kind of heavy fire after he said he might be somewhat neutral on the Israeli Palestinian issue. All the rest of it, that he’ll abandon Nato, revise trade agreements etc is just commentary.

          • Me, dramatic? How exactly? I’m just astounded at your eagerness to opine with so little information. No matter which side you cheer, you can’t have missed the magnitute of opposition within Trumps (belatedly chosen) party or his outrageous antics and flip-flops. The situation itself is dramatic, if you’ve spent any time studying it…or just casually scanning US news.

            Your contention that the GOP turned against Trump because of Israel is utter bullshit, not supported by anything. The GOP majority dislikes Trump because of his un-presidential character, his ugly antics and because he is a rabble-rouser who knows nothing about anything, but is willing to lie just to get votes from the ignorant. Trump being Trump has wavered between ignoring or penalizing Israel and that of giving it full and loud support, as at the last day of the RNC, to let it do whatever it wants. It’s not easy for him to appease both the neo-Nazis in his alt-right base and to retain the classic Reagan conservatives and pro-Israel neo-conservatives at the same time, especially when he hasn’t the foggiest about Middle East issues. Still, I’ve no doubt that he would be at least marginally better for Israel if for no other reason than that he would be operating from within the Republican machine, which has been staunchly pro-Israel.

            WTF is wrong with you, Ian? Low blood sugar day? I don’t mind vehement disagreements, but not so much when the guys seems to know so little about the topic and then keeps flinging bullshit at me.

          • Ivan M

            Look in the mirror sometime Avi.

          • “We support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life.”

            This could be the single most important commitment for rolling back liberal progress.

          • Yes, I got it, Jack. All very nice, but I can’t see the connection with Trump. The guy’s been a life-long democrat, good friend of the Clinton family and blithely announces substantial changes to fundamental positions depending on who is interviewing on daily basis. He’s now included in daily US weather reports. He’s not a Republican and he doesn’t respect the US Constitution, Republican or conservative principles.

            I promise you, Jack; when I spot a viable strong-man for a dictator who will restore the Holy Roman Empire, save the unborn and stuff all the Gays in the closet, I’ll let you know, so you can swear your fealty. But it’s neither Putin, not Trump. You’re looking for someone more like, lessee, Kim Jung-un! Now there goes a real man of principles and upright morals….

          • Don’t be ridiculous!

            In a straight choice between Hilary and Donald, based on the issue of appointments to the Supreme Court, it’s Donald every time.

          • Don’t be ridiculous yourself. Presidential appointments can be blocked with Republican majorities in House and Senate. Trump’s nomination might end those majorities, especially if he loses, and given his record on flipping positions, we simply don’t know who he would select and why.

            You don’t seem to understand the difficult position of the genuine conservatives and serious, principled Republicans; unless they distance themselves from this vulgar apparition and his distasteful power base, the Republican party and the conservative brand will be dead for a generation. Yes, it’s that bad, it’s not your normal American election…even for the Dems.

          • Ivan M

            Bullshit. This was how the Republicans were under Nixon.

          • Bullshit back to you. Nixon’s shenanigans were ludicrously minor in comparison to the corruption of the Clintons and the grossness of Trump.

          • Ivan M

            Don’t talk bloody nonsense man. There is nothing unprecedented in Trump if you have some understanding of how the Republicans once were.

          • “Nothing unprecedented” is meaningless. It’s the volume and intensity that count. You have no idea what you are talking about. Again.

          • bluedog

            Trump is unprecedented because of his financial power. Under his Presidency the art of using political patronage would massively expand to have an economic aspect too. If Trump were President and with the children managing Trump Corp yet preparing themselves to follow him in 2020 or 2024, Trump becomes a sort of third-world potentate. The scope for the total corruption of US politics under Trump is unprecedented. Old-style Republicans were never men of great financial substance. Look at the saintly Eisenhower, or Ford, and even Nixon. None of them had the resources of Trump.

          • Ivan M

            Please all they have to do in that case is to call in his loans. The US can do dynasties as the come. Roosevelt, Kennedy, Bush, Clinton…

          • Dominic Stockford

            But Trump hasn’t spent even 1/9th of what Clinton has spent, and she has all those Saudi Petro-dollars to help her too.

  • Politically__Incorrect

    The word “Libertarian” immediately makes my blood run cold. It conjures up weak leadership, pandering to pressure from permissive and amoral minorities, trying to be all things to all people but being nothing at all, and having no political direction other than following social trends. Mr Johnson is also largely an unknown character. He is probably less well-known because he has little to say that resonates with the public. Clinton thinks she is entitled to the presidency simply because she is a member of the victimised sisterhood. Trumps presentation skills are clumsy and inept, but he at least has a sense of direction for the nation. He also doesn’t bow to political correctness which sets him apart from the others.

  • Inspector General

    Was he really!

    • Hi

      Yes: upper east side , New York City….

      • CliveM

        “Boris is the first Foreign Secretary to also be a US citizen. Johnson is technically an American, born in New York where his parents were there. He announced in February last year he was renouncing his American citizenship after a dispute with the IRS which hit him with a $44,000 tax bill for selling a house in London”

  • chefofsinners

    There is no space for a third candidate in this election. It will be decided on whether the swing voters are more desperate to stop Trump or to stop Clinton.

    • Gets messier than that. Republicans have to decide whether it would be better to hold their nose and hope a Trump in the WH will lead to favourable supreme court nominations (or that the Orange Ape won’t blow up this sorry vale of tears with his elbow), or whether to vote third party or down-list and hope that the GOP will survive the fall of its establishment and the influx of lunatics.

      The Dems, too, have their issues. Clinton is flexible and will go wherever the wind blows (she’s been on every side of every issue, like Trump is now), but she is repulsive and in trouble. Her trouble is that the Dems are breaking apart between old style labour types, third-wave feminists, millenial socialist dingbats and the sexual identity crowd. All Trump has to do is address the issue all of the above fractions agree on: Keeping the Free Stuff flowing. He already hinted at this by not promising social spending cuts. He masked this by going on how he’ll make USA rich again and the Trumpkins missed that one too.

    • The swingers will support the Demoncrats.

      • chefofsinners

        Trump is giving them swingeing rhetoric.

    • IanCad

      Swing voters; they bend to every wind of doctrine. Unstable, unprincipled, opportunistic; it is they who always dictate the course of nations’ fortunes.
      The stable, the knowledgeable, the loyal, are left in the dust.

      • Ivan M

        In the US context, swing voters or independents are as principled as the others. They as opposed to the partisans are supposed to vote on issues and not on their loyalties. That is the theory anyway.

        • IanCad

          A valid point Ivan. My comment was based on my observations in the UK as a child. The differences between left and right seemed so profound that to jump from one to the other would demand an unstable mind.

          • Ivan M

            These days much of the decisions concerning the economy have already been made for us. I don’t think either Clinton or Trump can change that.

  • Uncle Brian

    Trump has overtaken Clinton in the latest CNN-ORC poll. Trump now has 48%, three points ahead of Clinton’s 45%. The previous CNN-ORC poll had shown Clinton ahead by 49% to 42%.

    • No sh…..

      • Uncle Brian

        Yes, Avi, as you wisely observe, No sh… . However, from what I’ve read, this may reflect the immediate favourable impact of the Republican convention, not yet evened out by the Democratic convention. So it may be a one-off, to be followed next week by a swing back to Hillary.

        • Watching the DNC live feed now. Rather lame so far; millionaires getting on trying to sound like they’re ordinary folk. Just like us. will switch to YouTube live; the DNC feed is not showing the crowd from up close…must be trouble.

        • Ps: Bernie the Commie coming up soon. That’ll be exciting, esp. if he’s still pissed off and has the gonads to kvetch about it.

          • Uncle Brian

            I saw him briefly on the news an hour or so ago. I only caught the tail end of it, but if I understood correctly, he was telling his followers, We have to back Clinton to stop Trump, and the followers were booing him because they’d been expecting him to attack her over the emails. One placard read, “She didn’t win it, she stole it.” They’d been looking forward to a bit of aggro.

          • Yes, watched the whole thing. Never seen anything like this convention. I should say, like these two conventions. Cringed at the woman Reform “rabbi” and her overtly politicised “prayer.” Thankfully, no one seem to hear it from the loud squabbling on the floor.

  • DP111

    Like it or not, Americans have a choice between Trump and Clinton. No other.

    Normally, one would go for the devil you know, but Hilary is too far in the pockets of Saudi Arabia and Wall street.

    So its Trump for me. At least he had the courage to name the problem sometime back, when even now, after Paris, Brussels, Nice and several places in Germany, our political leaders dare not say.