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Murderous Mugabe has fallen – now prosecute him for crimes against humanity


Robert Mugabe has finally gone. A tyrannical rule of 37 years has come to an end, with some apparent deal having been done to permit him to leave by the back door and live out a happy retirement in South Africa or Singapore or Dubai – or somewhere else with great Gucci shopping and a convenient 10-bedroomed mansion he could buy with his billion-dollar fortune. As thousands dance and rejoice on the streets of Zimbabwe, you might understand why they’d just want to turn the page on this dark chapter and look to a better future with Emmerson ‘Crocodile’ Mnangagwa. Surely anyone is better than Robert Mugabe? Even the Crocodile? Surely this is certain a case of better the devil you don’t know?

Under the Mugabe devil, life expectancy in Zimbabwe fell from 62 to 36. He destroyed the nation’s healthcare and economy, decimated food production, and shut off water supplies. He is considered to be responsible for around 50,000 deaths, not only from cholera and other diseases, but people have been made destitute ejected from their homes, abducted, tortured, sexually abused and systematically massacred.

Why should a psychopathic murderer be permitted to flee? Doesn’t he need to face justice?

The pictures reproduced at the bottom of this post might move you to disbelief or tears of rage. This is a warning again to read no further if you are of a sensitive disposition, but sometimes pictures speak far louder than a few column inches or a bland comment by the British Foreign Secretary.

There was a story recounted by Peter Oborne in the Daily Mail a decade ago. It is reproduced below, lest it might disappear and we should forget. It is a tale of suffering and depravity, and yet also one of hope, for the victim’s spirit was not extinguished by her experience of Mugabe’s hell. We knew it was happening, but our ‘ethical foreign policy’ turned a blind eye. The Southern African Development Community knew, and they made a  few speeches. The EU also knew, and froze a few assets. The UN also knew, and issued a few directives.  The Vatican also knew, but the devil Mugabe was never excommunicated. They (/we) have been complicit in the propagation of evil.

You are again STRONGLY WARNED that the pictures at the bottom of this post are shocking. They were considered too graphic for the Daily Mail to publish.

How one woman’s extraordinary bravery is a haunting rebuke to a world that is ignoring Mugabe’s genocide
By PETER OBORNE in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe’s paid assassins came hunting for 22-year-old Memory, a married mother-of-two.

They burst into her home, seized her and her children, and took them to their temporary headquarters in the local village school.

Four men held down her arms and legs, while a fifth gripped her head, placing his hands over her mouth to prevent her screams being heard.

Two others, wielding heavy wooden poles, then took turns to thrash her on the buttocks in a beating that lasted half an hour.

I saw Memory in her hospital bed after she had been brought in from the bush more dead than alive a week ago last Monday, several days after her beating. She was lying on her front: it was obvious why.

Where her buttocks should have been was just a mess of raw flesh.

I watched as a blue-suited nurse removed one of the bandages.

Memory whimpered and moaned with pain. With me was a hardened welfare worker who had witnessed many terrible things.

She broke down in sobs. I must tell you that tears poured down my cheeks, too.
Memory was in far too much pain and shock to answer any questions.

I pressed her hand gently and left her.

The following day, I returned to the hospital and saw Memory’s beautiful face and, since her pain was beginning to subside, heard her sweet, low voice for the first time.

She told me how on arrival at the school (which she had attended as a child), she had been ordered to sit in the playground with a group of supporters of Zimbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) – the opposition party led by Morgan Tsvangirai.

On the dot of 8am, the beatings started. Groups of eight people at a time were ordered out for treatment at the hands of a band of around 200 members of Robert Mugabe’s militia, each wearing Zanu-PF T-shirts and green, red and yellow bandanas signifying the national flag.
Many of them were high on drink or drugs.

She watched as four of her close friends were beaten and kicked to death. A fifth friend later died, and others remain unaccounted for.

The militiamen chanted songs and spat insults at Morgan Tsvangirai as they did their work.
They told Memory, whose farmer husband was away: “You and your husband are MDC members so we must beat you.’ They said that she belonged ‘to a party of animals”.

Memory told me how she could hear her children screaming “Mamma, Mamma, Mamma!” during her beating. They were held back by female members of Zanu-PF.

Later, Memory was ordered to sit for two hours on her wounds. Mugabe’s thugs told her she would be thrashed again if she moved a muscle.

“We spent the day without eating or water in the hot sun,” she told me. “If we asked for water, they said: ‘Get your water from Tsvangirai’.”

Believe it or not, just by being alive, Memory is one of the lucky ones.

She is just one of tens of thousands of victims of the campaign of violence launched by Robert Mugabe after he comprehensively lost the presidential elections on March 29.

Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has agreed to contest a new runoff against Mugabe, even though he knows he won outright in the first round and accuses Zanu-PF of blatant vote-rigging.

A stand-off over the MDC’s demand for international observers and media to be given full access to ensure the vote is free and fair has brought matters to a standstill.

The decision last night to delay the poll until the end of July raised the terrifying spec-tre of Mugabe’s Green Bomber youth militia carrying on their reign of terror for ten more weeks.
An MDC spokesman said last night the law change was “illegal and unfair”.

Shamefully, as a result of the standoff, the world’s attention has shifted away.

Now, with the focus no longer on him, Mugabe is free to continue this unprecedented campaign of electoral cleansing.

For the past week, having slipped into Zimbabwe as a businessman, I have seen the relentless increase in intimidation from government forces.

I can report that every day it is reaching a new level of intensity, sweeping like a killer virus through the country.

Even by Mugabe’s standards, the scale and brutality is horrifying.

It’s the worst seen since he ordered genocide in the west of Zimbabwe 25 years ago, when some 20,000 people were killed in an attempt to eradicate all political opposition.

The world turned a blind eye then. Tragically, it is doing so again now.

And make no mistake: there is nothing spontaneous about these attacks.

They have all been carefully and deliberately planned by Mugabe, his loathsome deputy Emerson Mnangagwa and the 15 or so senior military police and intelligence officers in the Joint Operation Command (JOC) which now runs Zimbabwe.

Their intention is to intimidate the supporters of the opposition so that they either cannot, or are too afraid, to vote in the run-off elections.

Mugabe has made it plain that he will never hand over power after 30 years as ruler – even if he loses the vote again.

According to senior security sources, government officials have been told that he intends to win the election by use of intimidation, backed up by ballot-rigging on a massive scale.
And if that does not work, the result will simply not be published.

Shockingly, the strategy of murder and retribution has the support of Mugabe’s close friend, the despicable President Thabo Mbeki in neighbouring South Africa.

Through illegal methods, including the torture and blackmail of abducted opposition activists, Zanu-PF has obtained a list of all the polling agents and leading activists who work on behalf of Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC.

Now, village by village, town by town, it is embarking on a savage campaign to eradicate them all.

The attacks happen at night or in the early morning. Typically, MDC supporters such as Memory are seized and subjected to terrible tortures. For example, boiling plastic is poured on their backs, their extremities are burnt, or they are nearly drowned in water tubs.

The aim is to force victims to betray the identities of those on their own side – thus providing human fodder for more attacks.

“We can trust nobody now, not even our friends,” an MDC activist called John told me.
“You do not know if they have been turned.”

Today, everyone in this tragic country lives in a state of permanent fear and suspicion. They believe that their phone lines are tapped, and that they are being watched by police informers and betrayed by their own friends.

Above all, they live in terror of the early morning knock on the door.

Mugabe’s thugs are nothing if not imaginative in their methods.

One MDC organiser, Moses Bashitiyawo, was beaten by Zanu-PF activists and then forced to climb a tree with a rope round his neck before being told to jump to the ground, hanging himself.

Others are driven down mineshafts – as happened in the genocide of the 1980s.

I experienced a small element in this campaign of terror in the rural areas when, shortly after my arrival in Zimbabwe, I hired a guide to take me to his home village some 50 miles from Victoria Falls.

The village head man told me there had been two Zanu-PF meetings there during the past 24 hours in which suspected MDC supporters had been driven away.

He also revealed that those who survive Mugabe’s murderous purges are then subjected to food deprivation.

The village elder produced a ration card entitling each Zimbabwe family to 10kg of Mealie Meal (a kind of maize that is the national staple diet in a country plagued by food shortages) from a local relief organisation every month.

The months of February and March had been ticked off, showing that the food had been handed over.

But there were no ticks for April and May, revealing how hand-outs were stopped as a way of punishing Mugabe’s political opponents.

The elder told me his children were away in the forest looking for wild fruits. “We are so hungry,” he said.

“People are dying.”

My guide took me to see his mother – a frightened woman who told me: “We don’t sleep any more at night for fear of being caught in our beds.”

The worst atrocities are concentrated in Mugabe’s Mashona heartlands in the east of the country, where he is wreaking horrific revenge on the voters who opposed him during the March presidential election.

Here, the stories of burnt villages, casual massacres and roving statesponsored militia bands are all too reminiscent of the ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Western Sudan.

Indeed, Mugabe’s government is even using the language of ethnic cleansing. Augustine Chihuri, the country’s hated police chief, says: “We must clean the country of the crawling maggots bent on destroying the economy.”

Grotesque language such as this is widespread.

The violence, originally confined to rural areas, has been spreading into towns. Details are beginning to emerge of a police operation to close down Anglican churches in Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital.

On Sunday, churchgoers were met by riot police barring the doors.

At Christchurch, in Harare’s northern suburb of Borrowdale, parishioners found the church doors locked and groups of police waiting outside. Laymen who attempted to protest were beaten up, while the brave churchwarden was arrested.

Riot police also arrived at St Francis Church in the Waterfalls district, where Communion had already started.

Police charged to the altar and seized women worshippers, pulling them from the Communion rail and beating them senseless.

The reason? Mugabe’s henchmen accuse the Anglican church of being in league with the MDC opposition.

It is all part of a cynical attempt to break the spirit of the Zimbabwean people.

In some cases, inevitably, the campaign of terror is working.

And I am ashamed to say the world’s seeming indifference since its attention turned away from Zimbabwe is leaving Mugabe emboldened.

In one hospital, I spoke at length to a 35-year-old farmer called Felix.

He described how he and his wife had spent a week on the run from Zanu-PF thugs after they invaded his village. They managed to walk 70 kilometres to Harare, where they found refuge.
Friends have since told him that his home has been burnt down and his 15 cattle slaughtered. Worst of all, his mother and his children have disappeared. Despairingly, he says: “It would have been much better if they had killed me.

“My mother was always telling me to stop working for the MDC. She was always telling me I was putting our lives at risk. But I refused to comply with her.”

Now, in a state of collapse, he is consumed with bitter regrets about joining the MDC.

A party activist, who was accompanying me, tried to comfort the farmer, telling him: “You did the right thing. There are a lot of brave people like you, and we’re going to succeed.

“We are in a war where we are not allowed to fight and have guns. But we will win – because we have God on our side.”

Again and again, during my visit to this country, I met ordinary Zimbabweans who shared this optimism, despite all the horror they are suffering.

As I stood up to leave the bedside of Memory, I asked if, despite all she had been through, she would still vote for Morgan Tsvangirai in the presidential run-off.

Her face lit up with a wonderful, radiant, artless smile. “Oh, yes!” she said.

“I would. I will vote with confidence.”

While this amazing spirit of courage and optimism remains, there is still hope this wonderful country could soon rid itself of its appalling despot Robert Mugabe – if only the world would stop averting its eyes and finally take the moral responsibility to help end this tragedy.

mugabe totruremugabe torture







What is the purpose of an International Criminal Court if murderous monsters like Robert Mugabe can inflict this sort of barbarism on a fellow human being and get off scot-free? Where is the retribution? Where is the justice? Where is the repentance? Where is the excommunication?

  • Gross. Send him to The Hague.

  • Anton

    I don’t know whether to be glad or sorry that Africa is starting not to kill deposed evil dictators out of hand.

  • Inspector General

    Absolutely right, Cranmer! Can’t see much to celebrate in
    Mugabe’s deposition. Invariably, the henchmen who replace the cruel leader are
    a damn sight worse…

    One is somewhat struck by what isn’t being reported about
    that black thug cursed country. It wasn’t just Mugabe in charge, but his tribe.
    Members of his tribe hold the power lower down. Black Africans are the most
    racist people on the planet. Rwanda has shown, to its eternal shame, that living
    side by side with others of a different race for decades won’t save you if they
    decide or are ordered to turn on you. So it is in Zimbabwe. Nowhere in Sub
    Saharan Africa is safe from ‘the cleansing’ ehen its needed.

    The sad fact is that the pure blood African is incapable of
    thriving in the countries that exist. Each inherit on birth the behavioural
    pattern in the brain that is responsible (the true ‘Original Sin’ if ever there
    was). It will NEVER go away. Non Africans who have no concept of this argue
    that the countries were doomed to fail on independence. That the countries cut
    across traditional tribal boundaries and force enemies to
    live as one. Yes, different tribe, then you are an enemy, and if you are an
    enemy, you can be beaten to death by men who will sleep well the same night.
    Barely thinking about it.

    To redraw country boundaries is impractical. But let’s say
    it can be done. Would the situation improve. No it wouldn’t. You’d still have
    tribes at war with each other, just as the European found hundreds of years ago
    on arrival. They will regress back hundreds of years. They are regressing right
    now. In time, there will be no one left to remember the peace and prosperity
    European civilisation brought to Africa. They’ll be back where they were before
    any of them had ever seen a white man in Africa.

    • It’s a point I make when people talk about the evils of the slave trade. The traders didn’t capture those who became slaves, they were traders. They bought and sold goods and the goods happened to be slaves. The slaves were brought to the traders as captives from other tribes, or criminals of their own tribe. If they hadn’t been sold to the traders, they would have all been killed, there was no such thing as prisons or prisoners of war. Killing was the norm and it only stopped for a while because the prisoners were worth more alive than dead.
      So every single descendant of a slave would never have been born had it not been for the traders, their descendant would have been killed by his captors.

      • Dreadnaught

        Its a mistake to give the traders a free pass as we all know to our cost that demand drives supply.

        • It may have been a mistake to have had traders, but it was acceptable at the time. My main point stands, the descendants of slaves would never have been born as their ancestors would have been killed as prisoners of other tribes.

          • Dreadnaught

            I think that you are focused on the Trans-Atlantic slave trade which Great Britain lead the world in its abolition. My point is that slavery has existed since existence of the human race. Slavery was not contingent on Race or skin colour.

          • Of course. It still exists along the east African coast and in the Arab countries. They’ve even been brought into this country by wealth Arabs and there was something recently on the local police web site about “modern slavery”

      • Inspector General

        The pure blood African is so different to the rest of humanity, especially behavioural, his attitude and average IQ, that the species
        classification Homo Sapiens Sapiens just doesn’t apply to
        them in one’s opinion. Homo Sapiens Africanus is a better
        suit. Black is merely a skin colour, nothing more. We know him by his behaviour and they certainly know him in American cities by his behaviour and attitude.

        • I’ve never really studied the subject, but I have noted that in spite of the “Black lives matter” campaign, far more blacks are killed by other blacks than by any other group. Seems to be a reversion to tribal instincts.

          • Royinsouthwest

            Isn’t the same true of most races? People are tend to be killed by people in geographical proximity with them.

          • Yes but in the US far more fuss and protests happen when there is a (frequently justified) police killing if a black man than about the killing of many times the number in black-on-black killings

          • Dominic Stockford

            This is true, to the extent that there is a dedicated Metropolitan Police Unit to deal with black-on-black crime/murder. There is seen as being no need for one for any other racial group (at the moment).

          • I wasn’t aware of the fact that they had a special unit to deal with the problem, but presumably it needs to have a low profile to avoid the need for a similar unit for white killings in order to ensure racial equality.

          • Dominic Stockford

            It is called Operation Trident, unless it has changed its name. And for those of us living in London it isn’t that low profile.

          • I don’t hear so much about what’s happening in London these days; last time I went there for my daughter’s graduation, I said ‘Never again’. It’s not the London where I grew up and worked for many years!

          • Inspector General

            Black Lives Matter is a racist organisation aiming to shame police forces for upholding law and order.

          • And for the Luvies to show their “Oh so politically correct” credentials!

          • carl jacobs

            BLM is a malignant organization that wants to raise the threshold required for a police officer to use deadly force. It wants to shift the risk of non-compliance from the suspect to the officer on the theory that cops are paid to get shot. The “problem” it sees is that the shootings in question are all legal and justified. It wants the law to be changed so they become illegal and unjustified. Yes, that will get cops killed. But to BLM that’s a feature and not a bug.

    • Anton

      Er, you talk about different tribes and then you talk about the “pure blood African”. Let’s have some consistency!

    • Dreadnaught

      The sad fact is that the pure blood African is incapable of thriving in the countries that exist. Each inherit on birth the behavioural pattern in the brain that is responsible

      There is usually a content portion of your posts that I generally agree with once I have filtered out your trademark and occasionally hyperbolic excesses. The same view I take on this one.
      However, I can find no merit or amusement in the lines above; they simply does not stand up.
      They don’t stand up because you ignore the historic record in Europe alone, that fundamentally asserts that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and that extends to the shifting sands of the moral rectitude of the time. You know exactly the 20th Century non-African despots to whom I refer but more acutely, I would reference the atrocities dressed as lawful punishments ladled out in this country by Kings, Queens and Clerics since the Norman conquest that legitimised rape, torture, theft and murder by the entourage of a powerful individual.
      Let the Zimbabweans bring the prosecutions if they can. If not let the African Nations take the measures take him to the HR Courts if he stays alive long enough.
      You can rest assured that the billions he will have siphoned off are being safeguarded in European, Chinese and Middle-eastern Banks. We should be looking at taking the bank owners to court for facilitating the laundering the cash of that nations coffers.

      • Inspector General

        Marriage did not happen in Africa, apart from the sort of
        marriage the tribal chief enjoyed with his harem. The most valued member of the tribe was (is) the warrior. Only he was allowed to breed with the tribe
        maidens. For all his failings, the African knew all about eugenics. Thousandsof generations of this, the males are now as they are, swimming in the genesfrom which warriors are made. Able to give that tragic lady the wounds that would be associated with a psychopath outside that hopeless continent.

        Another point to make is that the African never needed to perfect anything other than the throwing spear. If he wanted to expand or improve his herd of domestic animals for example, a raiding party on a neighbouring tribe
        would see to that. No animal husbandry then. Life was based on violence and taking, including people as English Pensioner raises. Interestingly, violence and taking what isn’t yours is the way the low intellect American inner city black tends to occupy his time with.

        • Andy P Clarke

          What tosh. The problem, if there is one, is culture (learnt behavior) and not “Each inherit on birth (that is unavoidable and not learnt) the behavioural pattern in the brain” as you spuriously claim.

          Racist nonsense – we are ALL “One blood” and ALL fallen in the original sin you mentioned (not just “The true ‘Original Sin’ if ever there was one” you attribute to “pure blood” Africans.

          Its or culture that differentiates us.

          • Inspector General

            If only. If only…

        • Dreadnaught

          Another point to make is that the African never needed to perfect anything other than the throwing spear.

          I suppose building the Pyramids doesn’t count or
          or gold and bronze working for instance?
          The inhabitants of Igbo-Ukwu (present day Nigeria) had a metalworking art that flourished as early as the ninth century. Three sites have been excavated, revealing hundreds of ritual vessels and regalia castings of bronze or leaded bronze that are among the most inventive and technically accomplished bronzes ever made…

          • Inspector General

            The Pyramids were not built by sub Saharans. One has looked up your metal working by the Igbo-Ukwu. Quite impressive then what they managed to do. But no longer extant by the time Europeans arrived.

            A spark of civilisation that was metallurgy became a small flame, but was snuffed out along the way. Not by other Africans for they don’t do that kind of thing to each other, but by (white) Spacemen, probably.

          • Dreadnaught

            I think I have made my point that you have graciously acknowledged.

          • Studies into African IQ’s have produced findings between 60-80 points. African nations have been oppressed by colonialist imperialism, capitalist exploitation and authoritarian regimes for centuries. Add rampant diseases, famines, poor health care, domestic violence, child sexual abuse and marriage to cousins, and it’s no wonder there’s a cycle of underachievement.

            Why do East Asians have IQ’s in 3 digits and Westerners in the high-90’s? The top ranked nation is Singapore.
            The UK lies joint 7th and the USA is further down the list.


            (“These results are controversial and have caused much debate, they must be interpreted with extreme caution”)

          • CliveM

            I have been led to understand that the IQ test can be culturally biased. The African scores, are they for all of African descent IW even those living in USA etc, or just Africa? If just Africa, how do western ‘Africans’ score?

          • Inspector General

            The Chinese are the cleverest. Average IQ 108. UK comes out at 103. Minimum IQ needed to go to college is 85. Of note is that Black America’s IQ is rising. There is a suggestion why the latter has occurred but its far too controversial for your PC sensibilities…and you may well die if the Inspector published it.

            And lets not forget Oxbridge graduates who have no idea how to put wallpaper up, or change a vehicles oil, unlike an Inspector…

      • IrishNeanderthal

        Upticked that one.

        Do not these lines, from an essay entitled The Sultan, by G.K.Chesterton, remind you someone?

        There is an obvious and amusing proof of this in a recent life of Rhodes. The writer admits with proper Imperial gloom the fact that Africa is still chiefly inhabited by Africans.

    • carl jacobs

      Yes, Belgium certainly brought peace and security to the Congo.

      • Inspector General

        It must have been frightfully upsetting for the Belgians when in their efforts to civilise the natives, to find them using pygmies as slaves and as a food source…
        Native Congo cuisine, anyone?

        • IrishNeanderthal

          Absolutely appalling.

          Regarding the Congo Free State

          Leopold formally acquired rights to the Congo territory at the Conference of Berlin in 1885 and made the land his private property. He named it the Congo Free State. Leopold’s regime began various infrastructure projects, such as construction of the railway that ran from the coast to the capital of Leopoldville (now Kinshasa), which took eight years to complete. Nearly all such infrastructure projects were aimed at making it easier to increase the assets which Leopold and his associates could extract from the colony.

          In the Free State, colonists brutalized the local population into producing rubber, for which the spread of automobiles and development of rubber tires created a growing international market. Rubber sales made a fortune for Leopold, who built several buildings in Brussels and Ostend to honor himself and his country. To enforce the rubber quotas, the army, the Force Publique, was called in and made the practice of cutting off the limbs of the natives a matter of policy.

          During the period of 1885–1908, millions of Congolese died as a consequence of exploitation and disease. In some areas the population declined dramatically – it has been estimated that sleeping sickness and smallpox killed nearly half the population in the areas surrounding the lower Congo River.[ A government commission later concluded that the population of the Congo had been “reduced by half” during this period, but determining precisely how many people died is impossible, as no accurate records exist.

          I have seen the term “democide” used where a people has been depleted by the cruelty of foreign rulers, as opposed to “genocide” where such depletion is the main aim. As for

          . . . aimed at making it easier to increase the assets which Leopold and his associates could extract from the colony.

          , does that not sound like someone we’ve been hearing a lot about in the last few days?

        • carl jacobs

          civilised the natives

          By cutting off their hands.

          using pygmies as slaves and a good source

          Source? You need to back up that assertion. In any case, it’s more than a little ironic that you would shout in high dudgeon about the Congolese enslaving people to deflect attention from (white Belgian very European) King Leopold enslaving people.

          • Inspector General

            From Wiki article on them. First time one has posted an article index to make a point. Now, do you think you can ask your beloved and no worse than Johnny Whiteman full blood Africans to go easy on Pygmies. They’re only little fellas, you know…

            3 Africa
            3.1 Groups
            3.2 Origins
            3.3 Abuse by non-Pygmies
            3.3.1 Reported genocide
   In the Congo
   In Rwanda
            3.3.2 Slavery
            3.3.3 Ethnic violence
            3.3.4 Systematic discrimination
            3.4 Culture
            3.4.1 Music

          • carl jacobs

            No, you don’t seem to understand. I want evidence from a reputable source that cannibalism of pygmies was widely practiced and commonly approved in Congo in the 19th Century. Note I’m not interested in UN reports about coked-up rebel groups using cannibalism as a tactic in the current DRC war.

          • Inspector General

            The Wiki entry has been ‘got at’ and sanitized for more polite reading. The reference to the Congo peoples hunting down the pygmy as game has been removed. They did leave the bit in about pygmies being traditionally treated as slaves and ‘owned’ from birth. Well, it’s there for now. Something enraged the Belgians and the cannibalism they encountered was probably it.

        • Dreadnaught

          Short order service I assume?

    • CliveM

      Don’t get tribalism in Europe, no siree, cough Northern Ireland, cough, cough Ukraine, cough Balkins.

      • Inspector General

        You are safer in NI than if you live in London.

    • tiger

      Unfortunately there is recent history. The Matabele are descended from the Zulu. The original King Mzilikazi, was Skaka’s Western area general responsible for the wholesale genocide of the central area of South Africa. He felt that he had paid enough tribute to Shaka and withheld booty in the form of cattle. Shaka sent a force to exact retribution and Mzilikazi fled to the Northern part of South Africa. He later clashed with the arriving Boer settlers. Not having the resources to combat the Boers he fled North into Zimbabwe.
      He then proceeded to practice the same ethnic cleansing on the indigenous Shona people. The purge of the 1980’s was part of this retribution. There is no love lost between the Shona and Ndebele for this historic reason. The Ndebele regard the Shona as scum and beneath contempt.

  • According to a Rhodesian friend, his replacement is a far more violent and dangerous person the Mugabe. She feels things will get worse as so far he hasn’t had his share of the “spoils”.

    • IanCad

      Heard the same. This ain’t over.

      • No, and as there are no longer any white farmers whose ranches can be stolen, the spoils are now more limited, so things could revert to inter-tribal warfare.

        • Coniston

          I find Matthew Parris’ articles strange. Often he can write good sense. At other times he writes (I think) complete tosh. But in last Saturday’s Times he wrote, as far as I can tell, an informative article on the history of Zimbabwe. One of the besetting troubles in African societies is that much of it is historically based on tribes, not nations. It was Europeans who, largely, divided it into nations.

          • It’s not only the Africans, it also the Middle East and Indian sub-continent.
            One problem with the Middle East was that the division into “countries” by early 20th century administrators was for administrative convenience and made no allowance for tribal/religious boundaries. Hence the present problems. The same when the west merged the Italian run states of Tripolitana and Cyrenaïca into Libya, it ignored the different populations and lead to the present chaos.

    • Andy P Clarke

      The expression (and for many and state of mind) I often heard in Zimbabwe is “A new guys pockets are empty – at least Mugabes were full”.

      • He’ll get all the loot that Mugabe commandeered and had to leave behind, but it probably won’t be enough.

  • John Campbell

    “Why should a psychopathic murderer be permitted to flee? Doesn’t he need to face justice?”

    He will, he will; and it will be Perfect Justice. Whatever happens between now and then, Mugabe will not get away with his crimes.

    • They’d better hurry up then, he’s getting on a bit. Probably will end up taking them to the grave with him.

      • My point was that he will stand before God for his crimes to humanity. Even if not tried in a human court he will be tried in the court of heaven. This is guaranteed.

  • Methusalem

    What’s more astounding about Murderous Mugabe is that he gave asylum to one the most notorious criminals of the last century — CIA + MI5 agent — Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam of Ethiopia — who slaughtered millions of young Ethiopians and her last royal family. This criminal is still living in Zimbabwe, and no one in the West and at the UN has called for his extradition.

  • Father David

    Has Ebor regained his sartorial clerical elegance now that President Mugabe has resigned?

    • Dominic Stockford

      Who cares?

      • carl jacobs

        He didn’t deserve that.

        • Dominic Stockford

          Who didn’t deserve what?

          • carl jacobs

            “Who cares?” was a rather sharp dismissal.

          • Please be so kind as to leave the chatroom, Mr Jacobs.

          • carl jacobs

            Now be nice. I assumed that had to do with British responsibility to defend the Queen. You know, I have self-censored a handful of comments over the years because I was concerned that they would be taken as insulting the Queen. I have always thought that was taken very seriously.

          • Americans most certainly may not insult the Queen. That’s a given. Non-republican members of the Commonwealth are granted some leeway.

          • carl jacobs

            Cressida is French. So if I as an American can’t insult the Queen, she is seven times over prohibited from insulting the Queen. And you should have been on Dominic’s side.

          • Did she insult the Queen? She may or may not be French. Who knows? Jack thought she might be Italian at one time.
            Don’t you have Huguenot ancestry?

          • carl jacobs

            Dominic said she insulted the Queen. Is he not capable of making such a determination? Cressida claims to be French and I have no reason to doubt her. And you are deflecting.

          • About the Huguenot ancestry, Carl. Disruptive French Calvinists as one recalls.

            Saying the Queen doesn’t work is hardly an insult and dismissing someone from the blog in such a priggish manner had Jack in fits of laughing.

          • Cressida de Nova

            just a pompous fool….

          • carl jacobs

            They were expelled from France so they weren’t really French. And the stuff I have self-censored is considerably more benign than saying the Queen doesn’t work. I would never say that here for fear of giving offense.

            Saying the Queen doesn’t work is hardly an insult

            Dominic thought it was. Do you have some infallible Papal bull that says otherwise? I must admit that I thought Dominic was a little over the top. But I also thought it was a British thing that I really couldn’t understand.

          • More benign than saying the Queen doesn’t work? What was it? Her hair doesn’t look too great? Her voice is a little pitchy? What? Jack is intrigued.

          • carl jacobs

            You are just trying to get me into trouble. One I remember specifically was a School House Rock video called “No More Kings” which I almost posted one 4th of July.

          • Lol ….. how shocking!

          • Cressida de Nova

            Cressida has never claimed to be French. Blue dog stated that I was French many years ago. Ernst thought I was a French spy .I have never denied or admitted to either claim.

            It use to be fun here before you contaminated it with your humourless. dour Teutonic presence and sadly you have been joined by others just like you.since.
            Countless times over the years you have said you would never acknowledge my presence on this blog but you just don’t appear to be able to practise any self restraint. Obviously you don’t mind being thought of as ridiculous.

          • Cressida de Nova

            I replied to this above. Carl is a German American

          • Cressida de Nova

            The Queen insulted the Pope by presenting him with some wilted vegetables from the kitchen garden as a gift.The snub and insult was televised on international news . The Pope is a head of the Vatican state and I do not recall her ever treating a head of state like this before not even the murderous Romanian Chiescu. I do not blame her personally because she is just a figurehead and subject to the instructions of politicians. If anyone was in any doubt about England’s long standing cultural hatred of Catholics this clarified the point. The Queen has never had a’ job’ in the understanding of the term. I don’t think this is insulting. It is just a captious response by insecure little men like Carl and Dominic to indulge in blood sport. I did not suggest HM be marched to the scaffold along with the other aristos. Carl is indulging in another KKK fantasy.

          • Cressida de Nova

            You are too kind Jack…just tell him to bugger off 🙂

          • Dominic Stockford

            It was a query. No-one I know has been in the slightest bit exercised by this question of a ‘clerical collar’.

          • Jack rather admired the gesture and, truth be told, at the time he wished similar from his Catholic counterparts in that nation.

          • carl jacobs

            Ah, I see. This would perhaps be a difference in language usage then. In the US, “Who cares?” is a sharp rebuke. It carries the sense of “Shut up! Your statement is neither important nor wanted.” My mistake.

          • You fell for that?! The term means the same in Britain as it does in America.

          • carl jacobs

            I reasoned from his statement that what he intended to convey was “Does anyone care?”

          • “It was a query.”
            Did your nose grow by several inches as you posted that?

          • Cressida de Nova

            He is challenged in the truth dept.

      • Martin

        Not me guv.

    • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

      The Evensong Bongos have been exceptionally resonant since Mugabe resigned…

      • Father David

        Funny you should write that as the Archbishop has put the following on his Website anticipating Advent Sunday –
        “At 2 pm ‘The Big Mouse Hunt’ begins at St. Matthews Church Withernsea at which the Archbishop will play his drums”
        I have no idea what a Big Mouse Hunt actually is?

  • The article ‘Ian Smith has sadly been proved right’ appeared in the Telegraph a decade ago to the day.

    ‘Let us not forget the context of Smith’s determination to hang on to white rule in the 1960s. At the time that he claimed to be defending ‘civilised standards’, Rhodesians had already witnessed the flight of Belgian refugees from the Congo; Idi Amin had trashed Uganda, and Mobutu Sese Seko was about to introduce an even more brutal and dysfunctional regime in neighbouring Zaire; immediately to the north of Rhodesia, Kaunda’s Zambia was in a mess, riddled with corruption and economically mismanaged, and Malawi was being similarly misruled by the eccentric despot Hastings Banda.’

    ‘Mugabe told Smith [in April 1980] he was acutely aware that he had inherited from his old adversaries, the whites, a jewel of a country, and he praised its superb infrastructure, its efficient modern economy, and promised to keep it that way. Smith…told his wife, Janet, that perhaps he had been wrong about a black government being incapable of running his beloved Rhodesia.’

    ‘Mugabe was not the sophisticated, balanced, sensible man Smith had briefly hoped for. Even as he was shaking Smith’s hand, he was plotting the destruction of another group of political enemies, the Matabele, and was soon to send Korean-trained troops into Matabeleland to conduct a campaign of torture and murder that has still to be fully exposed.’

    God knows what lies in store for Britain when Third World immigration brings white rule to an end. I can see no good reason why the politicians directly responsible, plus the broadcasters, journalists and church leaders who are immigration’s cheerleaders, should not be prosecuted for crimes against humanity and hanged.

  • CliveM

    And to think some still see him as a freedom fighter. I saw an interview with a Zimbabwean last night, cautiously defending his record, pointing out he was widely respected amongst African nations.

    Sadly on that last point he is right.

  • Andy P Clarke

    They won’t. Quietly our liberal rulers still love him and think whites in Africa have only got what they deserve because of all the “destruction of their cultures and plundering of resources” and as always these “socially just” “equality” spouting liberals also have little regard for what happens to black Africans either as evidenced by their silence and inaction for all these years!

    The UK even knighted this monster!!’

    All whilst ignoring the fact these beastly settlers built a fully functioning (parliament, judiciary, security, education, health etc) country with the most educated population in Africa and a safe, prosperous and growing economy whose currency was worth more than both the US dollar and British pound.

    Amazingly all done in decades from nothing and by my limited estimate, it was done in the quickest time of any such state in history.

    These same beastly people (black and white), including Ian Smith himself, also fought and died in record numbers in wars to stop the supposedly “civilised” Europeans from slaughtering each!

    Despite their own sacrifices they even sent tons and tons of food, resources and even money to the UK after WW2.

    All whilst holding up the communist assault of Africa on their march for the strategically significant trophy of South Africa …. and almost the WHOLE world against them!

    Sanctions were imposed. So resourceful as every – they made it themselves and but for South Africas treachery in sealing off our access to the oceans the story could be VERY different.

    It’s unlikely there would have been the fall of the Berlin Wall and USSR (certainly not as quickly as it did) without this halting of the communists in their tracks.

    That’s the thanks we got then and since so-called independence, these same cowards have watched this murderous, tyrannical mob led by Mugabe brutalise and pillaging (or selling off to the Chinese) the county and it’s resources for his own self-indulgence.

    So forgive me if we say we did tell you so and will not accept your pathetic apologies now when you sold Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and ALL its beautiful people down the river and forced Zimbabweans to accept this murderous, bloodthirsty, communist, revolutionary and nearly four decades of misery.

    Mugabe was educated by the masters of subterfuge by the way…. the Jesuits!

    • Manfarang

      “The wind of change is blowing through this continent. Whether we like it or not, this growth of national consciousness is a political fact.”

    • ardenjm

      In cauda venenum, I see.
      Whilst I agree with much of your diagnosis, that last statement is just a form of bigoted tribalism of your own. And my money is on you belonging to one of either two lodges: the Masonic or the Orange.

      The Jesuits included those who did this extraordinary work in South America – which fell prey to emergent capitalist depredations:

      This film captures the heroic quality of many, many Jesuits – including our own beautiful flower of England, St Robert Southwell:

      • Andy P Clarke

        Your assumptions are wrong. I don’t belong to either. Finding a few examples of Jesuits who may have done something decent does not negate what the Jesuits are and have done as an institution. OBJECTIVE history shows as much.

        • ardenjm

          Uh huh.
          That’d be it.

        • “OBJECTIVE history shows as much.”
          Is there such a thing and who is its guardian?

          • Mrs Proudie of Barchester

            The Guardian peddles objective history…the objective being to substitute a Marxist anti-white narrative into everything from the Normans to the Spinning Jenny…

          • carl jacobs

            How about St Bede the Venerable. Isn’t he the patron saint of historians or some such Catholic chatter?

          • Saint Bede is a patron saint of historians, yes.

    • carl jacobs

      I don’t think white liberal Europeans cared one way or another about people in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. What they wanted was a means to vicariously expiate their own felt guilt about Colonialism – preferably in a way that didn’t cost them anything. Rhodesia was the chosen sacrifice. Once the sacrifice had been made, the carcass was fit only to be burned.

      You won’t go far wrong if you assume a Liberal always starts his analysis with the assertion “It’s all about me!”

      • Jack doubts the accuracy of that analysis. At the time, even Ian Smith thought Mugabe might prove acceptable. Britain wanted the country prepared for democratic majority rule before independence. Instead of doing this, Smith imposed minority white rule. Bad move.

  • carl jacobs

    Prosecute him for crimes against humanity

    Yes, we need yet another high-profile case to demonstrate the feckless useless incompetent nature of the International Criminal Court. What’s that you say? Zimbabwe isn’t a signatory to the Rome Statute? Well, the Security Council could provide a referral. Surely we must get Mugabe into the clutches of this legal <Opera Buffa. Why if they wait long enough, Mugabe will die of old age. In which case the ICC might have half a chance of getting him extradited.

    On the other hand you could simply hang him from a tree. Kind of traditional yet effective. The old ways are often the best ways. Especially when they undermine this nonsensical load of fecal matter called “International Law”. It’s not law that governs the relationship between nations. It’s power. Don’t pretend after the fact that it was ever about law. Don’t create a facade about how justice can now be done. If there was no will to enforce the “law” when he was in power, then there is only hypocrisy in trying to enforce it now that he has lost that power.

    Mugabe was old and weak. This outcome was the result of a power struggle among those fighting to take his place. His wife lost. His vice President won. The nature of the Gov’t won’t change. Only the faces. If you want to prosecute someone, go after the Gov’t of Zimbabwe. Oh wait. That’s hard. Lets find a deposed tyrant to prosecute. They don’t have states to protect them any more.

    As I said. A tree and a rope. Efficient. Fast. Final. Would have worked for the SS as well.

  • Dolphinfish

    Cool. Twenty-five comments in and nobody has run with Cranmer’s Catholic bait. There’s hope for the English yet. As for Mugabe, as my shire county English mother-in-law once announced around the dinner table, he looks “rather like an ape”. I’d say he acted like one, too, except the great apes are not, despite their appearance, particularly savage or brutal creatures. Perhaps we could find an enclosure somewhere in Mugabe’s size?

    • Dominic Stockford

      Let me begin. The ‘bait’ wasn’t a ‘bait’, but a comment of fact which should appal any RCs. As with Albania and the MT narrative, and Argentina (South America) and what was done to liberation theologists, here is another example of how the RC Church (institution) has a serious failure – just as the CofE is getting castigated, rightly, for its failure to deal with sexual abuse scandals, the RC institution has a major problem in the way it cosies up to dictators.

      • You support Liberation theology?!

        What evidence do you have the Roman Catholic Church cosied up to Mugabe?

        • carl jacobs

          Ok, so I could mention that Mugabe was present at both JPII’s funeral and his beatification. That would be unfair, however. Quiet diplomacy and all that. There were people on the ground who would have received the consequences.

          Realpolitik is relentless in its scope of applicability.

          • That hardly constitutes cosying up to Mugabe.

          • carl jacobs

            Yes, that’s what I said. My point was rather that (in the end) even the RCC is governed by Realpolitik.

          • Concern for the welfare of souls that involved staying silent in public. No possible good could have come from it. However, the maxim: “do no evil that good may come from it” was not breached by this and so it’s hardly the moral consequentialism you support.

          • carl jacobs

            Oh, yes it is. Mugabe purchased a public photo op from the RCC and public good will to go with it. He didn’t attend for his health.

          • No, it isn’t. You think that photo did him some good? One doubts it changed the perception of him by those in Zimbabwe. The number of Catholics in Zimbabwe is lower than the various Protestant sects.

          • carl jacobs

            It allowed him to defy an EU travel ban, be seen as head of state amidst other heads of state, and (among other things) shake Prince Charles’ hand. Yes, it did him some good. That’s why he went.

          • Come off it, Carl. We both know it did him no good at all. The photo only served to underline his hypocrisy. What would you have had the Vatican do? Ban him? And, like it or not, he is a Head of State.

      • Jon of GSG

        It appals me as a Christian – the Roman Catholics may have been (may be) at fault but I’d be loath to say it’s not a fault almost any church might make.

  • carl jacobs

    Editors Note:

    A thread of this nature allows the Inspector General to wax eloquent on his rather peculiar theories about race and genetics and his view that black men are fit primarily to wear white coats and serve him drinks in the club. The reader is advised that his animadversions do not represent the weblog or its commenters.

    • Inspector General

      Perhaps if you were grabbed and had your buttocks beaten to a pulp you might have a different opinion, Carl. Sort of glad the truth has come out. That kind of thing…

      • W⚓

        • Inspector General

          Ah! Good ol’ gratuitous abuse, for when counter argument is not enough or somewhat weak in its object to convince otherwise…

      • carl jacobs

        Oh you are correct. I failed to realize that the Soviet Union was in Africa. It must have been considering what all those Russians did to people. They just had to be black.

        • Another “lesser race”, them being Slavs.

        • Inspector General

          If that’s your best shot, then it will have to do. Meanwhile our African brothers and sisters call out to us…

          • carl jacobs

            Oh my mistake. I assumed you knew something about Russian history …

        • Mike Stallard

          That is not fair. The Russians were coming from a very large, historically tsarist environment where terror was a normal part of the process – Stalin, for instance, spent a winter on his own in the snow in the far north. Before the tsars, were the dreadful Mongols with their legacy of full on enjoyment of murder and heaping heads up in piles.
          Rhodesia, after the land had been pacified by the British (before that it was dominated by tribal warfare, slavery and raiding parties), was peaceful, farming, educated, nice. The breadbasket of Africa. You could walk down the street and come back with your behind intact.
          It is so easy to forget that in all the slurs about Cecil Rhodes and so on.
          At independence it was a going concern. Mugabe and his henchmen wrecked it – just as Mr Smith predicted.

          • carl jacobs

            It’s completely fair. He is differentiating moral behavior based upon some speculated genetic difference. This is what he wrote below:

            The pure blood African is so different to the rest of humanity, especially behavioural, his attitude and average IQ, that the species classification Homo Sapiens Sapiens just doesn’t apply to them in one’s opinion. Homo Sapiens Africanus is a bettersuit.

            He is flat out asserting the moral superiority of the “European” based upon the “European’s” superior genetic makeup. There is no other way to read this. And his principle evidence will always involve some terrible litany of crimes that he will attribute to that inferior genetic makeup. But he never gives account for people outside Africa who are guilty of the same crimes. Like in Russia for example.

            Evil is a universal characteristic of man because man is universally sinful. We all share the same nature. We all share the same genetic makeup. He is no different from the African he disparages, no matter how much he wants to think otherwise.

          • Mike Stallard

            Sorry – as stated, I was replying to the post of his directly above my own.
            PS I have lived in West Africa twice. It changed my entire life. I love it. I am not a racist actually – I am a Catholic. But I believe that historic accidents are crucial in deciding the present and the future too.

  • not a machine

    20000 at least murdered, a bracing figure your grace, a Marxist president as well to this terrible and terrifying rule. As for guilt outside of Zimbabwe, your grace makes some thoughtful points which I am trying to digest. Mugabe has resigned and we do not know if his replacement will change what should be changed, and what he will do with those cries of justice. For now we see something of what African workings with democracy can end up, and more sorrows to consider about if Marxism was little more than a racket, in this obvious revealing of thugs wearing zanu pf badges with murder in mind. I doubt Mugabe will escape being changed, whether he escapes appearing in front of man’s justice is another matter, he as we all do not escape Gods justice.

    • CliveM

      “20000 at least murdered” oh well, where you have socialism you get large number of deaths in one form or another.

      • not a machine

        And not forgetting the missing Mugabe millions and the recipient of aid.

        • Mike Stallard

          I was in Sierra Leone just before it went belly up. Nigeria had a dreadful civil war. Uganda went belly up. the Sudan is still belly up. Rhodesia: Mr Smith: “Don’t give it to the blacks, they will b***er it up.”
          They did.

  • Martin

    Seems to me that ‘Crimes against humanity’ is a case of the powerful beating up the weaker. It’s a pity no one prosecutes the likes of Planned Parenthood or the NHS for the babies they have killed.

  • Mike Stallard

    I am reading the story of the three Baltic States in the time of World War II. The Jews were treated like this. We are looking here at serious crimes. The Baltics ended up badly in 1945 and it took a couple of decades to free them up. I say this to put the horror in perspective.
    Mr Mugabe, trained as a Catholic, fooled everyone (I was talking to a missionary who knew him personally in the early days). God is watching. The Great Judge.

  • tiger

    When his forces were doing exactly the same thing in the 1970’s during the war everyone proclaimed he was a hero, a “freedom fighter”. I was in a hospital that saw and treated the results of this brutality on a daily basis. How about tongues and lips ripped off with pliers. Women forced to execute their husbands with an axe because they refused to feed them.
    Yet the Lord Soames was happy to unleash this barbarian on this country.

    • Inspector General

      If you read the smug posts from the “all men are born equal” crowd here you will probably come to the conclusion that “all men are born” period. As this man has. The differences in the behaviour of the races is striking, but generally ignored. The smug are unable to cope with reality…

      • Anton

        Inspector, I am perfectly prepared to incur the wrath of politically correct types by declaring that some cultures are better than others, and that traditional English culture which managed to enact freedom of the individual under just laws which were largely respected in an industrialised society, is superior to traditional African culture. Where I disagree with you is that this difference is due to genetic factors. You simply assert it without considering the many other possible explanations and then ruling them out. That’s not an argument!

        Here is why you are wrong. It has been found that genetic diversity within Africa far exceeds genetic diversity between Africans and everybody else. Africans are therefore much more justified in lumping everybody else together than we are in lumping them all together.

        Skin cells are less than 1% of body cells.

        • Inspector General

          …and what if the rest of the world has left the African behind?

          The R.O.W. lives in countries. The African it appears cannot develop beyond tribal boundaries. The ladies torturers would have been of a different tribe. Your politics is determined by your tribe.

          You cannot improve when the ability to do such a thing is finite and you are working at your maximum.

          • Anton

            Inspector, we probably agree about the relative merits of African and traditional British cultures. But what is wrong with my demonstration that it cannot have anything to do with genetics? The favour of a specific reply is humbly requested.

      • Anton

        Do you consider, in the words of many Victorians, that Africans are “primitive savages”? If you take that patronising view then you might consider Europeans to be advanced savages in view of 20th century history.

        Now, can you think of a book which informs the human race that we are all savages…?

        • Inspector General

          Anton – you might want to view those now deformed buttocks once again and maybe accept that ‘primitive savages’ were responsible.

          • IanCad

            Horrible indeed Inspector; but we had better be careful about those “Primitive Savages.”
            On the island of Guernsey, in 1556,; One, Perotine Massey, was burned at the stake, during which she birthed a child. The executioner took the baby to his superior and they ordered the little soul to be cast into the flames with his mother.
            In 1890 the US 7th Cavalry massacred 200 or so Sioux men women and children.
            How many Kulaks? Armenians? Serbs? About 6 million Jews as well, if I recall.
            That poor lady’s ass looked dreadful. Monsters! In the ways of brutality we can teach them a lot.

          • Inspector General

            Not the same, Ian. What is happening in Africa happens every day and is the norm.

      • IanCad

        More accurately perhaps, IG, would be to substitute the term “Tribes” for “Races.”
        Look at are own fair land. That Conservatives are different from Marxists is a function of character only; and not of race. The former; stalwart, sturdy, just and responsible – lovers of liberty. The other, fearful, jealous, intolerant and ever ready to appeal to the state to stifle dissent. They are religious fanatics whose creed is equality and diversity, compounded with an absolute faith in their own inerrancy.

        • Inspector General

          The race begets the tribe, Ian. Unfortunately, one cannot accept your attempt to link political allegiance to inherited traits so profound as to be present at birth.

    • Demon Teddy Bear

      Well said.

  • Malcolm Smith

    How many white Rhodesians, own own flesh and blood, have been allowed into Britain as refugees?

    • Demon Teddy Bear

      I’m sure the immigration rules have been applied without mercy. And where are the tv programmes, looking for our people, marooned in hell?

  • Dodgy Geezer

    Has anyone got any idea whether Mnangagwa will be better, or worse than Mugabe? I understand that he used to be the National Security Chief, and hence closer to the massacres than Mugabe was…..

  • Royinsouthwest

    The British left and most of the mainstream media paid little attention to the massacres of the Matabele early on during Mugabe’s rule. It was only when Mugabe started criticising gays and lesbians that the British, and international, left and the media started to turn against him. In fairness to the gays, however, I should mention that Peter Tatchell did attempt a “citizen’s arrest” when Mugabe was visiting Brussels and got beaten up by Mugabe’s bodyguards.

    Mugabe still seems to be popular with other African leaders. That probably tells us all we need to know about them.

    • HedgehogFive

      Many of those leaders would lick a hyena’s Arsch if it was baring its teeth at the West.

  • Demon Teddy Bear

    We have no power to bring this villain to justice. But I’d like to see those in this land who enabled him brought to justice. I’d start with those who handed over a British colony to this bandit, knowing what he was, and disarmed our people there. But we really need to lock up the British embassy officials who, when Mugabe demanded our people surrender their British passports, worked hand-in-glove with him to inconvenience British people, even abusing the victims. Treason needs to be punished, or none of us are safe. This whole business could never have happened without treason among the elite.