Notes from the Webmaster

Welcome to the new-and-improved website. I hope you like it.

Working with His Grace, we have modernised the design/layout and streamlined some services, especially where they were previously taking up a lot of memory – either on His Grace’s servers or on your own machines as your browsers tried to cope with outdated or poorly-written code.

A tremendous amount of work has gone on behind-the-scenes to make vast improvements to the underlying database and other functions that are aimed at improving the speed and reliability of the website.

You may also notice the new advertising banners. These aim to help with the running costs of the website, but they alone will not cover the bills. We need your help.  Here’s how:

  1. Please click on the adverts and buy something that interests you.
  2. Donate – ideally regularly – to the upkeep of the blog. No amount is too small.
  3. Share His Grace’s various posts on your social networks.

Please do let us know if you have any problems or issues with the new website.

Things may be bumpy for the first couple of days as we iron out any bugs or issues, but beyond that we may assume everything is fine unless you tell us otherwise.

To report any additional issues please email [email protected].