UK Constitution

God who made thee mighty?

Doe wee not remember, that this Kingdome [England] was divided into seven little Kingdomes, besides Wales? And is it not now the stronger by their Union? And hath not the Union of Wales to England added a greater Strength therto?…I desire a perfect Union of Lawes and Persons, and such a Naturalizing as may make one Body of both Kingdomes under mee your King. That I and my Posteritie (if it so please God) may rule over you to the Worlds End; Such an Union as was of the Scots and Pictes in Scotland, and of the Heptarchie heere in England.

So spake King James I of England and VI of Scotland to the Houses of Parliament in 1603. Soon after he became as James I of Great Britain, and is so styled in the Preface to the Authorised Version of the Holy Bible.

James VI became King of Scots at the tender age of one; he became King of England at the age of 36. He was crowned separately in both kingdoms, but the Union of the Crowns preceded the Union of the Kingdoms by some four years. Monarchy, which had long been a symbol of division if not the bloody cause since time immemorial through to the Wars of the Roses, had at last become the foundation of unity and the guarantor of increasing liberty in the United Kingdom.

It was and remains a Christian monarchy, built on the rock of Scripture and forged out of faith in God through Christ Jesus, and a nurtured sense of national belonging. It has brought us wealth, influence, stability, peace and justice. Some might call them blessings. When we sing Land of Hope and Glory, we pay tribute and give thanks for the ‘Mother of the free’, and encourage the continual progress of liberty “wider still and wider”. It is a cultural vision of a liberal social order which maintains a balance between the freedoms of Christ and the constraints of political democracy; between voluntary obedience to the law of love and mandatory allegiance to the nation state.

Most Scots seem still to appreciate the value of political unity and a combined monarchy. But as modernity has morphed into postmodernity, and our recently-unified society has fractured and fragmented into a series of atomised identity groups each vying for equality supremacy in the man-made hierarchy of competing rights, we cannot be absolutely certain or sure that Elizabeth will be succeeded by Charles, or Charles by William, or William by George. These things are, after all, constitutionally determined by Parliament, and Parliament is sustained by the sovereign will of the people. But we can be sure that no ephemeral politician is ever going to inspire the devotion or instil a unifying sense of national pride as our Queen presently does. It is not for nothing that the Oath of Allegiance is also made to her heirs and successors.

The patriotic Scots freely elected their nationalist messiah, Alex Salmond, to lead them to the Promised Highland, fully cognisant of his separatist instincts and insular inclinations. Having chosen the narrow path which leads to Caledonian salvation, he preaches a false gospel of political independence and fiscal autonomy, bypassing all the contentious questions and answering none of the known unknowns. Those who believe in absolute freedom should perhaps be prepared to march proudly alongside SNP-inclined Scots all the way to Bannockburn for the 700th anniversary of their First War of Independence. Together they might recite Burns’ Scots Wha Hae and sing with gusto Flower of Scotland in perpetual commemoration of the tartan quest for liberty.

But what kind of freedom is it which rescues the Scots from English oppression, only to subjugate them to French and German hegemony? What kind of freedom is it which liberates Holyrood from Westminster interference, only to open the floodgates directly to Brussels intrusiveness and intervention? And what kind of freedom is it which seeks fiscal autonomy, yet plans either to join a sterling area (with interest rates set to suit the English economy), or the eurozone (with interest rates set to suit no-one)? Both would necessarily involve the imposition of borrowing limits and pre-ordained levels of deficit, thereby negating any sense of economic sovereignty.

It is a curious quest for liberty which eradicates generous representation at Westminster (with ready access to Treasury ministers) in favour of no representation in the remote and democratically unaccountable ECB (with no access to anyone).

A free Scotland in the European Union is no kind of freedom at all. As a new applicant nation, the Scots would be in the same position as the Croatians were and the Turks are – obliged to accept all the requisite preconditions of the Acquis, with none of the tortuously-negotiated UK derogations. What manner of individual freedom is it which is subject to an overarching and inviolable Charter of Fundamental Human Rights with no respect for the religious conscience? What sort of personal responsibility may be manifest under the ubiquitously-imposed social teaching of the continental Christian Democratic tradition? What pattern of the rule of law permits supranational joint actions, common positions, conventions, resolutions, statements and other acts to nullify and negate those determined at a national level? What model of limited government is it which aspires to be ever closer, ever deeper, ever more powerful and ever costlier? What is the outlook for a free-market economy within a continental protectionist collective? What becomes of parliamentary democracy when elected representatives may not initiate legislation, and the demos may not vote out of office those who wield ultimate political power? And what defence of the nation state is being offered by the SNP which is dependent on and contiguous with England’s foreign policy?

We easily forget the God who made us mighty. Perhaps because we’re afraid of allegations of petty nationalism or xenophobia; perhaps because we’re afraid of constitutional selfishness; or perhaps, in this increasingly secular age, we’re afraid to express faith at all.

But God aside – as He is routinely shunted – why would the Scots seek to withdraw from the organic, historical, cultural, religious and political federation of the United Kingdom – in which they have been manifestly blessed and through which they have effective representation and real political clout – only to accede to the contrived, ahistorical, artificial and alien federation of the European Union, in which they will possess merely the façade of representation, and through which they will be rendered politically impotent? Why abandon the Treaty of Union 1707, which is concerned with cooperation, justice and fidelity, to adopt the EU Constitutional Treaty 2009, which is obsessed with enforcement, imposition and deception? Why jettison partnership with the democratically-elected British Prime Minister and allegiance to the Crown, only to swear perpetual fealty to the unelected and immovable President of the European Council?

Why is Alex Salmond intent on leading the Scots out of a union which they are manifestly better off in, for one which it is increasingly obvious we would all be Better Off Out?

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    • Yes, yes. His Grace is working on it. Please be patient. Bless you.

      • Robert Slowley

        Thank you.

  • DanJ0

    I’d rather Scotland leaves now that our three party leaders have pledged to sell the rest of us down the river in the event of a no vote. We all deserve a say in how the union works from here onwards if it comes to that.

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      • Happy Jack

        Lol …..

      • DanJ0

        I really don’t know what you mean! *ahem*

  • CliveM


    What we have at work is an unscrupulous and populist politician whipping up grudges and hatred for his own narrow political ends.
    As a Scot I am embarrassed and depressed by what is happening. I can understand why many in England will become resentfull of what is happening.

    Anyway the new technology is easier the I feared!

    • DanJ0

      I was pretty sanguine about the whole thing some weeks ago but having heard what it will likely cost the rest of us in money and effort to split, and what our politicians have pledged without the backing of the rest of us to not split, I’m actually quite livid now. For one man’s vanity project north of the English border, our whole system will have to change one way or another.

      • CliveM

        What can I say I agree. What I also find depressing is how easily he is able to manipulate people into a bovine stupidity and follow him.

  • Happy Jack

    It is wrong that 4m voters in Scotland (some still aged 16 and 17 years) will determine the fate of the whole of the United Kingdom – that’s less than 4% of the electorate. As an ‘exile’ in Scotland, Jack is praying common sense will prevail.
    On the up other hand, Independence will result in a perpetual Conservative government in the remainder of the Union. The pundits reckon this will lead to the ousting of Cameron and the inevitable withdrawal from the EU.

    • CliveM

      Are you voting or in hiding???

      • Happy Jack

        Already cast, along with my wife. Jack lives in Dumfries and Galloway so there is not too much independence fever. There is some in the smaller villages. This is the only Conservative seat in Scotland too.

        What’s interesting to Jack is the identity confusion he’s picking up. The more ‘hard line’ protestant voters are supposedly loyal Unionists and yet, at the same time, many are anti-English. Do you understand this? Jack can’t.

        (The edit function is cool)

        • CliveM

          Hi, bit of a shocker your reply ended up in my in box! The anti english thing started off as a bit of friendly rivalry, that got whipped up into unpleasant nastiness by petty minded politicians. Personally I hope they rot in hell! Why be pro union AND anti english? Because they haven’t worked through the logic of their position. Btw until recently I was in the same constituency!

          • DanJ0

            There’s an option for getting replies emailed or not.

          • CliveM

            Will try and work it out!

          • Oh my God …. a young monkey in a woolly cardigan !


          • Small world we live in. Jack lived in Moniaive for many years. He’s in Dumfries now but will be moving soon to either Kirkcudbright or Gatehouse of Fleet. Both lovely places. Has his eye on properties in both locations and will be deciding this weekend.

            Should the vote go the wrong way, Jack will consider returning across the border – Durham, maybe. This will be difficult as my daughter lives in the region and my two sons regard it as home. About to have a grandchild too – due in the next week – exciting – so Jack doubts his wife will tolerate a move.

          • CliveM

            Happy Jack

            You have no chance!

            I was in the north end of the constituency Peebles. Beautiful town. My wife is still n touch. One of the saddest things with this vote, is how it is turning communities against each other.

          • Yes, Jack appreciates the odds are heavily stacked against moving and, after 25 years, he would be disinclined too.

            Peebles is lovely a town with an interesting history. The Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale constituency is geographically huge.

            Is your wife a “gutterbluid” or an “incomer”?

          • CliveM

            We are both “Stoorifit’s”!!

          • Ummm …. Scottish “incomers”. Easier than being English.

          • CliveM

            To be honest Stoorifit is used for all incomers. My wife is English, poor dear 🙂

          • CliveM

            I should have also said, congratulations.

          • Thank you.

            You can edit replies and make changes to posts, you know.

  • len

    Both sides will be poorer in many respects if the Union is broken up.

  • DanJ0

    Someone has bet £900k on a No vote, according to the Telegraph. Odds were 2/11 for No and 19/5 for Yes so I guess the bookies have made their mind up which way it will go.

  • Jay Bee

    This can only end badly whichever way the vote goes. The party leaders
    never believed that there was the remotest chance of Scotland voting
    for Independence. They contemptuously regarded the no vote as a
    foregone conclusion. Cameron can’t survive as the Unionist who lost
    the Union and Milliband can’t afford the risk of being in perpetual
    opposition. In their panic to stave off constitutional disaster they
    have conspired to offer independence in all but name, not to preserve
    the Union, but to save their backsides. Never mind that English taxes
    will underpin Scottish socialist adventurism. Survival is all that
    matters to the Political Class. They are a disgrace of the highest

    • DanJ0

      Presumably Parliament will have a say on the extent of Devo Marx for Scotland? If there’s a no vote then I hope there’s a rebellion and Cameron is ousted.

      • Jay Bee

        As DevoMax Dave has already offered a pledge and Labour appear to be on board, it suggests that a cross-party deal exists to secure Parliamentary approval. A backbench rebellion seems highly probable. This episode is very damaging, perhaps fatal for the PM.

      • It’s a win-win for Salmond and the SNP.

        A ‘No’ vote and, whatever the extent of the bribe actually delivered, he’ll say England reneged on its promises. This will give him ground to continue pressing for Independence, especially if the vote is as close as predicted.

      • Graham Wood

        DanJo. Agree. But if a ‘yes’ vote, which heaven forfend, then negotiations and a series of parliamentary (English or rUK) discussions and votes will follow.
        Of primary importance is the unanswered question of the currency union.
        Remember, Salmond was totally unwilling to answer the straight question put to him as to his response should the H of C refuse to endorse a common currency with Scotland.
        Refusal must be a foregone conclusion and the question was, and is, left hanging in the air.
        There can be no common currency union with a foreign power.

  • bluedog

    As you and others have observed, Your Grace, the Scots may be on the brink of making a historic mistake.
    If they do award themselves secession from the Union and opt to become vassals of Brussels, the Scots will have ignored the reasoned advice of every Scottish newspaper bar one. They will also have ignored the electronic media, in particular the BBC, preferring instead the dissembling of Salmond himself and his urgers on the blogosphere.
    Is this therefore the precedent and the case study for the campaign to take Britain out of the EU in 2017? Of course, if Cameron is politically assassinated at the Conservative Party Conference, Brexit may even come before Scottish secession is ratified.

  • It’s the central belt that will essentially determine the outcome.

    The councils with the largest share of the electorate are Glasgow with 11.35 percent, Edinburgh with 8.81 percent, Fife with 7.05, North Lanarkshire with 6.27, and South Lanarkshire with 6.09. Together, they account for nearly 40% of the registered Scottish electorate.

    It’s going to be a long night.

  • IanCad

    OK, I’ll try this.
    (copied from where I last ended up)
    Hang the thread! Even if there is one.

    I had no idea quite how far this country has swung to the left until I listened to Gordon Brown’s “Brilliant”!!?? speech of yesterday.

    Good Lord! That he can cite one of the foundational planks of the Communist Manifesto as reason to stay in is making me think that if such tripe resonates with the public we can only look forward to even more constraints on our liberties, responsibilities and our individuality.

    Forgive the horribly long sentence.
    How we have fallen.

  • IanCad

    Great editorial YG
    Salmond, Connery and Murray are traitors.

  • Graham Wood

    “A free Scotland in the EU is no kind of freedom”

    I hope a few million voters in Scotland realise that fact today in the polling booths.
    Certainly the Great Scottish Bullfrog tried to ensure they were none the wiser.

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      • Owl

        Thank you DanJO, it worked!

  • Dreadnaught

    50% give or take want their ‘Freedom!’ and still want to be in the EU – Freedom? in the EU? they must have their brains in their sporrans. Oil be seein’ ya, ye daft Numpties y’are

    • Are you an extinct bird now, Dreadnaught? Very scary!

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        This is a test …

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          • CliveM

            So what are you saying??!!

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        Very much alive Dodo – a Shoebill to be precise. Cute eh!

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          Seeing just the beak reawakened old memories.

  • The Explorer

    Interesting new avatars. I can’t get used to the new Dreadnaught.

  • alternative_perspective

    I have pondered this somewhat and have concluded there is certainly the whiff of apostasy in the undercurrents feeding this growth.

    It seems to me that basic Catholic social teaching, namely the principle of subsidiarity, is fundamental to a Christian nation. The larger the state becomes the greater the interference between the people and their maker, notwithstanding, of course, the sword carried by said rules for the working out of God’s good purposes.
    This entire arrangement does though depend on trust between the populace and the government: that the people and society at large will order itself rightly without recourse to sanctioned force.

    As common belief in God declines, the state is forced to accrue the responsibilities previously afforded to God and his ecclesia. The consequence being an increasingly polarised: “them and us” nation characterised by a more and more authoritarian state. Trust is all but wiped away and the self ordering society is replaced by the threat of force.

    Where cause and effect lie, I don’t know but it is interesting to note that mass nationalisation came during the war period when socialism was in its ascendency.

  • The Inspector General

    It looks as if those perishers may actually do it – vote to break away. Oh what horror !

    Can’t see there being any happy ending from any of this. Without the steadying hand of English influence, and of course, the unifying effect that mass loathing of the English has achieved over the centuries in getting this highly belligerent crowd to desist from stabbing each other with claymores, they may now find themselves having to face life with no one to blame but themselves when things go wrong. And things will go wrong from the outset. And blame must be apportioned, lest someone rest it on your own shoulders, as weasel politicians are wont to do.

    Could get rather bloody then, north of the border…

  • CliveM


    The Scots will keep blaming the English for a long time yet even if independent. It’s how they measure their Scotishness.

    • Aye, but we’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns!

      • CliveM

        That we are HJ, it’s a pity that so many forget it.

  • IanCad

    IGIO wrote:

    “— the unifying effect that mass loathing of the English

    So true! They have a visceral hatred of the English; and when there are none of those around they will fight one another.
    I have a slight American Accent; that coupled with the profoundly un-English tendency to initiate a conversation, when in Scotland the natives open up to me.
    It doesn’t take long – pretty soon someone will say – “let me tell ye aboot the damned English” or something along that line.
    I mean, those guys are hateful, unreasonable, petty and stick together like glue.
    And don’t they ever like to talk of the Clearances! It’s rather fun to point out that it was the best thing that could have happened to those fortunate enough to get a free ticket to Canada.
    There will be big trouble down the road if they choose to desert.
    Either way take away Sean Connery’s knighthood.

    • bluedog

      ‘Either way take away Sean Connery’s knighthood.’
      Great idea, and the honours of other traitors to the Union too. Even the SNP wouldn’t let Connery into Scotland during the debate; a wealthy tax exile rather spoils the SNP’s working-class patriot image.

  • carl jacobs

    This is also a test ….

    Have I mentioned lately how much I hate IE? Foolish me. I thought I could download Chrome for a Windows phone….

    • bluedog

      Chrome is terrible.

  • Peasant Farmer

    Nice new place you have here Cranmer, carry on winnowing the wheat from the chaff!

  • RationalSpeculation

    Like the new look YG.
    As an diaspora Scot who is entirely happy with that condition, I’m always a bit confused about the “great” history which Salmond and his cohorts hark back to. So, in the interests of honest inquiry, can anyone think of “great” Scots who lived before the Union? I’ve got William Wallace, Rob Roy (although they were just tribal warlords from a global perspective) and Duns Scotus but there inspiration ran dry.

    • The Inspector General

      Sawney Bean ?

    • CliveM

      John Knox?

      • RationalSpeculation

        Thanks, he’d slipped off the list for some reason

    • bluedog

      Well, on the tribal warlord front there are also Somerled -, and Robert the Bruce. Both of whom were of Anglo-Norman descent to a greater or extent, but whisper it not.

    • Mary I of Scotland.

  • CliveM
  • carl jacobs

    So … A Question. Lets say you are a citizen of the UK and you live in Scotland. The ‘Yes’ vote carries. You don’t want to lose your UK citizenship. So do you move? Can you keep it and live as an expatriate? Duel citizenship? What happens to the loyal opposition?

    Who is at least functional on the weblog again.

    • The Inspector General

      Carl. The nationalists hope for full separation to take place within a couple of years of a Yes vote. That’s everything and anything sorted. Just goes to show what a bunch of whisky fuelled, Braveheart admiring amateurs the SNP are.

    • The Inspector General

      That said Carl, at least the SNP are doing exactly what was written on their tin. A bid for a Scottish independent state. Whereas the Conservative party has embraced gay marriage, not what we who voted for them expected. As a result one finds UKIP now better represents this man’s ideas of the future…

    • It’ll be dual citizenship – same as in Northern Ireland.

      Carl “Who is at least functional on the weblog again.”
      Ummm …

    • bluedog

      Interesting question and raises a point that goes straight to the legitimacy of the vote itself. The Scottish Government published a 600 page White Paper which canvasses citizenship issues. SNP bloggers have said they intend to keep UK citizenship (they’d be crazy not to), and presumably any child born up to the date on which separation is ratified will be eligible for UK citizenship. Once Scotland is a separate state, the White Paper provides that Scottish citizenship will be available to those ordinarily resident in Scotland or with a Scottish parent or grandparent. Thus both ius soli and ius sanguinis apply and the net is spread wide on something approaching a right of return basis.
      A large number of expatriate Scots live in the rest of the UK, like CliveM, and they will be eligible to become Scottish citizens. But the SNP deemed that these same individuals could not vote in the Indyref! Salmond was smart enough to realise the expatriate Scots had already voted No with their feet, but Cameron couldn’t see the significance. If the vote is Yes, these disaffected expatriate Scots could become a very angry and vocal constituency, ready to be exploited. It’s going to be like unscrambling an omelette.
      In a purely delusional ambit claim, the SNP government has announced that it expects Scottish consular and embassy premises to be collocated within British facilities. They don’t yet understand that independence means being out on your own in the big wide world.

      • CliveM

        If it’s a Yes vote, I won’t be taking out Scottish Citizenship. They will have got their last penny in tax from me.

  • Shadrach Fire said this;

    ALEX Salmond has voted ‘No’ to Scottish independence.

    “The idea of independence is quite exciting, but at some point over the last couple of days I just thought, ‘it seems like a lot of bother’.”

    He added: “I’m also a wee bit worried about my pension.”

  • Philip___

    “Why is Alex Salmond intent on leading the Scots out of a union which they are manifestly better off in, for one which it is increasingly obvious we would all be Better Off Out?”

  • CliveM

    Exit poll shows No 8 points ahead. Hope this has got the result right. Also hope gap is more then 8%.

  • Hi YG,

    I wrote this on the telegraph ;

    It’s a win win for the Scottish, but for no one else. I bet salmond is secretly chuffed he won’t have to live up to his promises and gets lot’s of cash pressies cause he’s lost. But the union is dead either way. English resentment at the economic subsidies to the rest will see to that, it’s already happened: free prescriptions, free elderly care,free university fees(but no for English students studying at Scottish universities). Plus the idea of Scottish MPs legislating on English matters.

    Unless, the Scottish vote SNP in 2015 Westminster elections. They say they don’t vote on English matters at Westminster, unless there’s money to be squeezed from the English… A minority lab or con government propped up by the SNP plus liberal democrats. That’ll be a laugh and a ukip dream.


    The Scottish either become independent or stay in the union. Devo max isn’t on the ballot, Cameron said no to that. Why is Brown, the worst ever prime minister getting involved now, the last person I’d ever choose to make a new constitution for the UK? If they vote no on the basis of this plan, then the rest of the UK must and will have its say. No guarantee on delivering the bribery that’s being offered. If I were a Scot I’d like to think I would see through the bribery and vote yes… if the vote is no and the 3 clowns try and push for this plan, I’d fight against it.(assuming I’m still in the UK, when it starts to get debated).

    • Rainbow Jewish girl

      Devo max = English UKIP landslide in 2015.

  • Rainbow Jewish girl

    The biggest positive is that an independent Scotland would allow a booze cruise for their whisky ?

    • CliveM

      You will find that an independent Scotland will tax alcohol even higher!! They will need to raise money from where ever they can.

      • Rainbow Jewish girl

        Just trying to show British Jewish pluck in the face of adversity. Hey, is it true Scots don’t wear underpants with their kilts?

        • CliveM

          Nothing, but their is a reason! On Rose St, Saturday night in August you will be surprised how many female tourists will ask to check!!!

          Me? I would always put on my thickest long johns. Don’t want to catch a cold!

          • Rainbow Jewish girl

            LOL! We’re all just watching carry on up through Khyber! Oh, British humour is so fantastic (we’ve got an Israeli relative staying and she thought at first we were watching an historic factual drama about the British empire and said to us why do the British not want to be British!).

          • CliveM

            A good question for which I for one don’t have a good answer.

            What Carry on Up the Kyber not a documentary?! Well I for one didn’t know!!!

          • Rainbow Jewish girl

            Well, it was at the end bit when they raise the kilts to the IS /taliban types… and they flee 🙂

  • The vote’s not in yet and already the Scots are falling out with one another. There’s talk of the Shetland and Orkney Islands seeking succession from an independent Scotland. Money on it too that the Borders and Highlands will also squabble with the Central belt. Here we go !

    “There’s naught so queer as folk.”

    • Pubcrawler

      “Shetland and Orkney Islands seeking succession”


      And with them, lots oil fields and fisheries . . .

      • Er … well …. that’s what Happy Jack wrote. Um … didn’t he?

        • Pubcrawler

          Of course it was. I’m due an eye check about now.

          Hefty vote for No in Orkney, as expected.

          • As expected … but looking good for the Union.

          • Manfarang

            And a good vote in Shetland.

  • And now the Welsh are at it, wanting more “weeelllthh and poowearrr” too.

    • Hi happy Jack, what about the Cornish?

      • Dydh da, Hannah. Piw godhvos? Ynsi mynnes anserghogeth keffrys.


  • Shadrach Fire

    First poll result. 54% NO. Let the rest be the same.

  • CliveM

    Things going well but nervous still, can’t sleep!

  • CliveM

    Happy Jack

    Dumfries and Galloway have done us proud!!!

    • The Borders went one point better. A good night its been too. Jack has been celebrating with a good Scottish single malt.

      • CliveM

        Mines some cheap bubbly!

  • carl jacobs

    An article over at Fulcrum makes the point that the ‘Yes’ campaign was written in poetry while the ‘No’ campaign was written in prose. It also made this hilarious point:

    Any political movement which almost entirely loses a nation’s writers, artists, musicians and creatives to their opponents is always going to be in trouble.

    I’m sure those artists and musicians and poets … (Really? Poets!? Who actually listens to poets in this age?) … will be really useful when the poetry of the campaign gives way to the prose of having to make a living. It’s like the young girl who says “It doesn’t matter if we don’t have jobs or money or prospects. We love each other and that’s enough.” It matters.

    Poetry. That is a perfect metaphor for the ‘Yes’ campaign.


  • Good old Pope Francis. His recent intervention cautioning against separation, clearly helped save the Protestant Constitution of the United Kingdom.

    God Bless the Pope!
    God Bless the Queen!
    God Bless the United Kingdom!

    • CliveM

      Where’s Wee Eck, seems to be in hiding. He should man up and admit defeat. Coward!

      • Got to admire Nicola Sturgeon. The women of Scotland women are running the show. There’ll soon be leading all three of the main parties.

        • CliveM

          I had forgotten that. I can hear John Knox spinning wildly in his grave. A monstrous regiment of women!!

  • CliveM

    Oh well it’s No! Very relieved and quite emotional. At least some dishonest politician hasn’t robbed me of my country.

  • CliveM

    Watching Wee Eck how much more ungracious and petty can a politician be?

  • bluedog

    A blessed relief, Your Grace, and a great and unexpected victory for the UK. Truly, what does not destroy us makes us stronger. An exceptional opportunity for constitutional reform beckons, giving people in all parts of the Union a bigger say in how they are governed. Only by reforms can the Separatist challenge be defeated. One can only be incredibly impressed by the determination of ordinary Scots, in the privacy of the ballot box, to say: we’ve been British for 307 years and we’ll not be changing that just now.

  • Manfarang

    The Free Church of Scotland said it is time to turn away from the “self-interest” of the two-year campaign and instead start to “focus on the needs of others”.

  • CliveM

    Now it is over the Church of Scotland is asking politicians from both sides to attend a reconciliation service on Sunday. This will be badly needed as you can see from the link below about the service. Some of the comments are very bitter.

  • IanCad

    Let’ not get overly excited.
    We’ve dodged a bullet on this one.
    Looming over us is the prospect of another referendum likely to go the same way.
    That of our membership in the EU.
    Most probably it will also result in a “No” vote, and will effectively bind us in chains to the EU until we have to fight our way out.
    Again I must say it – Referenda should have no part in our system representative government.
    There is a lesson and a warning here to be remembered..

  • JayBee

    It’s all over bar the consequences.

    The Mother of Parliaments now faces the mother of all hangovers in the wake of referendum partying. Now the implications of extra devolution by panic attack start to sink in. Constitutional change commitments made at the 11th hour without consulting Parliament. Promises regardless of practicality are an implementation minefield.

    We, the English, are not going to accept the balance of power remaining in the hands of Scottish MP’s (+Welsh & NI) on English matters, nor are we going to pay a disproportionate share to keep Scotland afloat. Standby for the rise of English Nationalism and a surge in support for UKIP. I can’t wait to see what happens in the Clacton by-election.

  • Hold your horses! New blog up..