Cameron - Festival of Life2

Cameron: "As God's children, we are all one big family"

  David Cameron did a lot of God yesterday. If you judge by the Daily Mail photo splash, it was mainly about Sikhs, gurdwaras and Vaisakhi. But he also addressed the Festival of Life - the largest gathering of Christians…
Warsi - defiant2

What are 'Muslim values', Lady Warsi?

  The problem is her article's timing, and that when David Cameron stretched out his hand in friendship and promoted and indulged her time and again, there was impatience, irritability…
Nigel Farage - flag2

Has Ukip sold its soul for €2million?

  There is apparently a battle currently being waged for the soul of the Conservative Party, at least according to the Jerusalem Post: "..the natural home of British Jews, still…