Meditation and Reflection

Mrs Proudie

Mrs Proudie: Archdeacon Grantly should lead the 'Leave' campaign

  Goodness! There we were at breakfast, heads stuck in the Sundays (and me fiddling with my soldiers) when my Lord the Bishop exploded. “Just look at this!” he exclaimed, thrusting The Jupiter forwards and scowling like he’d just been…
prayer shawls auschwitz

The Prayer Shawls of Auschwitz

This is a guest post by Brother Ivo. ____________ Those who have visited Auschwitz are likely to find their thoughts straying back there on this day of Holocaust remembrance. A…
St Stephen funeral 2

On the Feast of Stephen

The funeral of St Stephen, by Filippo Lippi (1460). St Stephen – 'a man full of faith and of the Holy Ghost' (Acts 6:5) – was chosen to be a…